Thank You for Joining Us!

We will see you tomorrow for the Good Friday module.

In case you feel moved to do so, please post a prayer or a comment below.

Post a prayer of thanksgiving or petition, so that the rest of our online community can include it in our prayers.

Tell us how today’s retreat went with you. How did you feel? What do you think was the blessing that you received?

See you tomorrow!

And in case you’d like to watch last year’s Zoom Holy Thursday retreat, “Letting Good, Letting Evil, and Letting God,” click Part 1 and Part 2.

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238 replies on “Thank You for Joining Us!”

Loving Lord,

Keep my heart welcoming and keep my mind open so that I can continue to break bread with every individual that becomes part of my journey.

Always allow me to see Your reflection in the face of every person I will encounter.


Dear Lord,
I joined this retreat with the burden of my mom’s passing. Day 1 makes me realize I’m more broken than I thought. Thinking about those who hurt me and my family in my entire life makes me realize I still harbor so much anger and resentment and bitterness. My heart has grown hard, and yet it rages with all these unresolved, unprocessed feelings.
No wonder I had to go through the retreat all over again. I have no focus this year.
Please, I can’t go through this retreat on my own effort alone. Please guide me and enlighten me as to how I can move forward from all of these. Please renew my heart and give me a new life under your wing. I will try to listen more, be open and obedient to you.
Please help me forgive and live the rest of my years happily, forward. I don’t want to be kept behind by all these painful, bitter experiences. Please give new life to the ashes of my life. Thank you, Lord, for listening. I pray you will help me with my petitions.

Ipinagdarasal ko na patuloy kong hanapin ang Diyos sa kabila ng mga hindi kaaya-ayang tao na nakikiisa sa piging at hapag ng ating Panginoon.

Huwag sana akong panghinaan ng loob sa kanilang mga pagbabalatkayo at gawaing hindi tumutugon sa paanyaya ni Hesus.

Thank you everyone! May the Lord bless us all and all the people working behind this DIY Retreat to reach more people and help them with their spiritual journey with the Lord! Ad majorem dei gloriam!

Thank you Lord for a good, spiritually healthy and soulful cry and for a simple but wonderful Holy Thursday retreat.

Thank you, Lord, for Fr Johnny and the fantastic team for the gift of a wonderful Holy Week retreat every single year, and for the guidance throughout the rest of the year as well.

Thank you for teaching me how to forgive and make space for those who have betrayed me. Through God’s grace and mercy I am able to open my heart and forgive.

Thank you Lord for inviting to break bread with You, even though I have hurt You several times. Thank You for not forgetting about me, that You care for me. Thank you Lord for giving me my family, that though may times I have forsaken them, they let me feel that I am still welcome in them. Thank you Lord for giving me a loving community that though I have shortcomings and even excluding them, You let feel Your love through this community.

I am heartfully sorry for those I have hurt in the past and to those I have excluded before. Grant me as well, o Lord, the grace to fully forgive those who have hurt me, and be open to break bread with them as well in the future. We are all sinners, yet You continue to love and provide for us. Thank you Lord God. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praying for my co-retreatants this year as well.

Thank you Lord for sending instruments of peace, love, and understanding in the person of Fr Johnny and his team. Thank you for provoking me to love you radically — it is never about me nor my loved ones but ultimately it’s about those I hate, I despise and I ignore–what I’ve done to the least of my brothers and sisters…Amen.

As a first-timer, this experience humbled me by reminding me to share God’s love to not just a few but to a lot more – to welcome everyone like how God embraced all of us including our flaws/sins.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to realize there is always space and a choice to welcome others. And to appreciate those who we have.

Thank you Fr. Johnny and team for being part of this blessing and help for so many.

I am a first timer here. Thank you to everyone responsible for this retreat.
I am amazed that this kind of retreat can be as powerful, as thought provoking, exciting & a humbling experience just like the traditional retreat. Grateful to a dear friend who shared this with me.

Thank you Pins of Light team for creating this opportunity to pause and be ‘disturbed’. Praying for the God’s Graces to complete all 3 modules.

Thank you, Fr Johnny and Pins of Light Team, for making me stop, think, and get to know how I really feel. Thank you for bringing me back to a point where I may yet again encounter God.

Thank you, Lord for showing me how the list of my enemies has grown shorter and that I pray for them that they too might find healing. And to those who remain on my list, gather us in your care.

Thank you “Pins of Light” for puncturing a hole in our lives to let the light shine in dark places we’d rather not be. May God continue to give you the grace to find joy always in your ministtry.

Thank You, Lord, for this opportunity to reflect upon what you are calling us to do amidst this chaotic world and our busy lives. I pray, Lord, for the long lives and good health of my parents, my husband, my kids, and myself, and for a united and peaceful family, and for your strong guidance for us to do the right things always so that one day my loved ones and I can be reunited in heaven one day. Amen.

Fr. J, thank you for taking the time to share this DIY retreat. I felt like I was nudged into realizing that I have to get out of my comfort zone, to open my heart to even more suffering and pain by opening it to those who have wronged me and severely hurt me and through forgiving them. This is a huge feat, but one that the Lord has done and that I should learn to do to hopefully enter God’s kingdom one day.

Maraming salamat for this day being able to get in touch with my self deeper and to the persons around me whom I experience love comfort and care and also to the person I experience deep pain and suffering.

But because of this person I was able to decide what matters most to me. And I thank her for being the instrument of my freedom and independence!

The fruit of our deepest suffering is our ultimate freedom and liberation!

Thank you very much Fr J and team for this 1st day of the DIY Retreat 1th season. I pray that you may all be well, esp. Fr J. Thank you too to all the co-retreatants for your sharing.

I ugly-cried a bit when making my initial guest list. But thank you for the challenge to include more people at the table—although I still can’t imagine what they’d talk about.

Jesus, help me extend longer my table so I can share more the food of life prepared to the “unlovable” ones i feel I to be so.

Na-LSS po ako sa Don’t You Forget About Me. Should we make a Spotify playlist of Pins of Light med songs??? 🙂

Thank you, Fr Johnny and team!

To be “INCLUSIVE”. This is the most important realization that I should get out beyond the norm of just being confined to the people I love.

Thank you.

Thank you Fr. J!

My song was Safe covered by Moira dela Torre

I’ve found my fortress in You
And my soul is anchored with You
My resting place is in Your name
Forever safe

You are never far away
Always reaching out to save
My weakness covered by Your strength
And I am found forever safe

God will never leave us especially in times of struggles and challenges in life. We just have to hold on to Him and trust Him.

Thank you Fr for being an instrument of our being a better self.. that we may do good, and let God always in our lives.

Thank you Father J for another inspiring retreat. It is very soulful. My prayers for everyone joining this. May we remain united in prayers. God bless us all.

In a world that is so divided, may I spread seeds of real love and hope that despite differences, we can still see each other’s humanity. Despite being broken, help me Lord to be able to help mend even just a small part of that brokenness in my own little way, and always remember You as my Guide

This part of the song struck me:

“Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets to your heart, baby.”

A optimistic line for me, although it says will we be apart but His “light” will get to my heart.

Thank you for you light, Jesus. For teaching us not only to forgive but also to love in a new way. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

my heart is full. thank you for making my tears form part in all those things that ive always wanted to say but cant…God is and will always be able to move me in His directions…

First time to join. Still feeling my way around. I still find it hard to “break the bread” coz of the pains i carry in my heart. I pray that in due time i can finally overcome that.

What a beautiful day 1 of our DIY retreat.
Thank You LORD Jesus for all the realisations and the gift to reflect and be with You.

Thank you Lord for this gift of a pause and virtual silence. Thank you for the grace of letting me see where I am. Thank you for the gift of tears.

Thank you Fr J and the pinsolight team for preparing this for us. Praying for your recovery Fr J.

Thank you Fr. J. 1st day pa lang, Chords were struck in a good and relevant balance. I feel calm and the song was a perfect closing prayer for me 🙂

Not sure if this is the alcohol working (probably), but I feel moved by today’s retreat. I believe today’s focus has been apt with my personal life so far as I try to exact forgiveness to certain people who have hurt me intentionally or not. And probably one of the first steps to actually do so is to break the bread, indeed. Show that you are open to talk to them, hear them out, and facilitate reconciliation. Definitely a tall order but worth taking.

Also, I found this online retreat years ago–and I never looked back ever since. I felt that my Holy Week for the past years have been truly meaningful and I genuinely looked forward to this exercise year after year. Surprisingly the Zoom retreat last year kinda didn’t work for me, and I’m glad this format is back!

Thank you, Fr J! Hoping and praying for your speedy recovery!

Grateful for this thought-provoking exercise Father J! I would like to pray for you and your health (hopefully your surgery was successful).

I pray for guidance that hopefully we as individuals (and as a nation) can have the grace to “invite those who have hurt us in the past” in our “dining table”. Of course, this is not to totally forget about the past, but to keep our communication lines open.

Praying for a successful wrap-up to the current schoolyear, and for a succesful transition to flexible face-to-face set-ups. On a bigger note, praying once again for good health for everyone (may the pandemic finally end!) and for wars like the Ukraine war to end.

Thank you for allowing me once a again to have a place in this “Long Table” of yours.

God bless and heal us all!

I thank God for you Father J 🥰the simplicity of these meditations helped me to discern my inner strenght to accept situations in front of me..Thank you so much
iI ask for miracle healing and full recovery from cancer..Thank you🙂

I am very thankful that a friend shared this online retreat and that while I expected something different, I actually found myself feeling peaceful and enriched at the end of this first module.

I pray for Fr. J’s continued healing and good health and for this community’s growth in Christ. I also pray that I will continue to find my worth in Jesus Christ.

This is my first time to join this online retreat. Thank you for a meaningful one. It made me think of where I am now and who I value in life. There is so much to be thankful for, despite some disappointments in life. God is good. I pray for healing of relationships as I extend my table. Thank you again, Fr Johnny and to the team. God bless you all.

Thank you, Fr. Johnny, for this soul-stretching experience. May we always be reminded of the unparalleled love of our Lord for us. His unconditional love knows no boundaries, despite our sins and shortcomings.

I pray for courage to care for those whom I don’t want to care for.

I have plenty of things to reflect on tonight. It’s a tough invite to do as Jesus did and I hope I can do it but if I can’t, I’m sure He will find a way to give me the courage to do so.

Salamat po for today, Father.

Grateful to God for the healing given to you, Fr. Johnny! All of us have our wounds and thank you, Fr. J for showing us how to keep moving forward and not let any tragedy pull us down. The recollection style is very personal and relatable and one will have no fear of expressing our own vulnerabilities. Please pray for my sister who passed on last year and that all of us still here may learn lessons from grief. Praying for all those in this community.

Thank you for sharing your experience re: brain surgery. I pray with you for continued healing. Thank you for organising this retreat….And I am happy to join again.

Praying with you all for safety and well-being, for healing of selves and others, our nation and its peoples.

April 16 is a full moon night. I hope you get to dance with the moon.

Fr. Johnny, I am so happy your surgery was a success and that you are healthy and still with us! We need you! I have been a suki of Pins of Light for over 10 years now. Thank you for this online recollection. It’s the first time I saw the Last Supper through Christ’s perspective— what a bittersweet night it must have been for him. I pray for the health of my family, especially a young member of our family whom I adore and is suffering from severe depression and PTSD. And for the healing of two friends possibly dealing with long Covid. I also pray for clean and peaceful elections, for the flood victims in the Visayas, and for an end to the war in Ukraine.

Thank you. That song unexpectedly reminded me of my grandparents who’ve passed away & other close relatives, I teared up & prayed for them. Also thought someday I’ll have that played at my funeral. Thank you for the insights & the guidance. Bless you all 🙏🏻

The invitation of the Lord is – “harden not your hearts. If I can forgive anyone, so can you”. I have to work harder at loving those who have wronged me and finding or learning about forgiveness. Lord grant me the grace to be more like you. I am a work in progress.

Fr. johnny and team and my friend who shared this online retreat with me are Blessings to me. The Meaning of the Breaking of the Bread is truly touching and a great reminder of Our Lord’s teaching about Love and Forgiveness. I love the song “You Raise Me Up”. God Bless you all

Thank you Lord for always loving us despite our wrongdoings…Thank you for this online retreat which is such a Blessing to each one of us…My heart is overwhelmed with Your Love Lord…I continue to pray for the safety and good health of my family especially for my mom and my husband and older aunts and uncles and grandparents…I pray that more people will go back to church and experience Your love Lord🙏❤🙏 I also pray for Peace in the World and the people of Ukraine…protect and save them Lord…These we ask in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen❤🙏❤

Thank you for this retreat and the invitation to prepare a longer table. Thank you, Fr. Johnny and the Pins of Light team. Prayers for your good health, Fr. Johnny.

Thank you very much for organizing this retreat. I was able to have really nice and meaningful reflection on this Holy Thursday. God bless.

I am grateful to the person who shared this in our CG. I am grateful that there are people like the people who are truly guided to conduct these retreats. I am so confirmed in my everyday mass prayer and reflection:
“on the night he was betrayed. . . same night the Eucharist was instituted.
and he entered willingly into his passion’
God always has a plan for each one of us. Salamat, salamat. God keep you in his care.

Thank you for this Holy Thursday session. While I know my thoughts and sharing were not what was asked, it gave me a chance to remember special meals with friends and with family. It is in these special moments where we see the goodness and love of God as we break bread. Love you Lord.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to experience this online retreat, “Finding God in Torn and Broken Places.” This is my first time and I find it very interesting, purposeful and meaningful. A million thanks!

I pray for my folks in Sigma, Capiz, who experienced the worst flood ever in the history of our town, after 2 days of relentless torrential rain. My heart bleeds for them. With ricefields still under water, there’ll be no harvest and they will surely go hungry. Help my people in the town of Sigma, in the province of Capiz, O God. Amen.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to reflect on how my heart is at present and to allow my heart to grow and stretch in gratitude and forgiveness with God’s help.

I also enjoyed the exercises that engaged my heart and imagination. Very helpful in guiding us to be creative in prayer.

Thank you Father Johnny and POL team. God bless.

I look forward to this retreat every year..thank you Fr. Johnny for always helping us to “see Jesus more clearly and follow him more closely”.

Thank you, Lord, for your Agony in the Garden for each one of us. I am sorry you had to go through that. With a grateful heart, I am blessed to find my soul singing “I Can See Clearly Now” with the cool voice of Johnny Nash! I love you …. but …. you love me MORE!!

Thanks much Fr. Johnny and Pins of Light team! I enjoyed the retreat content and much of the sharing. I didnt get to read all but believe that I got to read what I was meant to read and vise versa. Realized there are people I may not be ready to break bread with. Ok na siguro ako to meet them in the next life…or if I decide to invite them to My last dinner, may I be assured of not meeting them in the next life? 😂
Prayers for end of war in Ukraine and that God grants us the favor of having true servant leaders during the next elections.
Seriously so refreshing and impactful. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Blessings to all and good night! 🙏🥰

It was through a link in the tweet of a person who annoys the f out of me that led me here. The Lord used an unexpected person in my life to reach out to me. He knows I needed this. Thank you for today’s retreat.

Thank you Lord Jesus for reminding me how precious Your Presence is in the Holy Eucharist. You are always with us, food of our spirit

Thank you for this online retreat, for allowing me to have a meaningful Holy Week even if I am just at home, giving me some points to reflect on about my life and deepening my relationship with the Lord.

Thank you for this! I always look forward to this every year ever since the pandemic started. I pray that everyone will be well and that they may find peace and love in their hearts tonight.

Maraming salamat po. I discovered your annual retreat during the pandemic. Again, this retreat is giving me new insights and new perspectives. God bless po.

It’s nice to read other people’s comment and know their stories. It makes me realize that we all have our own path , we are all searching AND I am not alone.

I pray that with all the uncertainties going on , I would just learn to let Go and let God. I look forward to tomorrow’ Retreat

Thank you po! This is my first time joining this online retreat and I am already looking forward for the next days! Thank you for the wisdom Fr Johnny!

Praying for spiritual and emotional healing and the strength to forgive seventy times seven times. Praying also for a kinder self and a kinder world.

Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in a very meaningful Holy Thursday retreat. I needed to carve a space to be silent and to reflect on my life thus far and you provided it. Fr. Johnny, I pray for your good health. Thank you for blessing us with your ministry. May you continually be blessed.

Thank you, Father Johnny! Your reminder to love our enemies was the one I needed today. I have been healing but I still carry resentment in my heart. Considering to invite them in my own last supper reminded me of the good they have done in my life. God bless you and take care!

Thank you po Fr. Johnny for this Do-it yourself Retreat that in spite of being hospitalized last December, you still managed to spend your time to prepare these modules. Praying for your good health.

Thank you, as always, for this online retreat. It was a particularly relevant reminder, as forgiving people who have done me wrong is something I still struggle with, especially as fighting for justice is something I truly believe in. But seeing Jesus and His example of mercy even to those he knew would betray Him was particularly eye-opening. I pray for the grace to forgive as He did, even as I still fight for justice. May we all find this balance, and always in the end to choose to love.

I pray for my in-laws. That they may choose good relationships over money. That they may choose joy and life in its fullness.

I pray for my husband who is suffering from depression. I pray that the Lord will lead him out of it. I also pray that the Lord will grant me the strength, patience and unwavering love to support him every step of the way.

I also pray for my tween, whom I have lost connection with. I don’t know how to reach out and reconnect with him. All he wants to do is online games and youtube all day, everyday:(

I also pray for the May 9 elections that good will win, that Leni-Kiko will win. Lord, please don’t let evil prevail. Guide and enlighten the minds of the Filipinos to vote for good and not evil.

I also pray for the people of Ukraine, that the war will stop and they will be able to rebuild their lives once again.

Thank you Fr. J. Love your enemies is one of the hardest teachings. It is easy to go away if someone rejected us, betrayed us, or simply hurt us. I think it is easier to be with the lost, the last and the least than to welcome someone who betrayed me back in my life. But I guess that will make me a better person – patient, kind, loving and just. Talaga naman pong radikal and totoong pagmamahal.

Thank you Lord for using Fr. Johnny as an instrument to walk me through this Maundy Thursday . Thank you for allowing us to take a closer look at what happened to You today at the Last Supper opening up areas in my life right now that I was able to bring to the table with you.

“Breaking bread means stretching our guest list to include our enemies and preparing a longer table so that even they will be welcome to a place at our table.” Before I came to this point, the exercise gave me good feelings. I was willing to welcome one friend who ghosted me. But came other people in my life whom I am not sure I would like to share my last meal with. I pray for the grace to welcome them in my table/in my life as well.

Oh my, the song. 🤗
Hindi pa ho kayo kukunin ni Lord, Fr. Johnny. Marami pa ho kayong tutulungan! Praying for your continuous healing!
Thank you to the Pins of Light team for preparing the Holy Week retreat every year. You have made Holy Week something to look forward to!

Thank you for guiding us this Holy Week through this wonderful online retreat. Praying for the grace to be inclusive and to lengthen the table.

Thank you Fr. J. What a fitting theme this retreat has for me. There’s an invitation for me to stretch for a longer table so I can be ready anytime should my time to go comes. I’m grateful I am still given the the chance to attend this retreat. When I got diagnosed with cancer in June 2021, I realize I’m not ready to go because I feel I still have some unfinished business. This retreat is full of insight for me especially on how to prepare oneself for death.

Thank you for this retreat Fr Johnny, and prayers of health for you to continue your good deeds!

For our world, our country and our loved ones. Praying to be able to do more good things on His behalf without selfish intent (struggling here) while balancing providing for loved ones. Give us this day our Daily Bread.

Beautiful song choice. Still hesitant to set a longer table, I was/am still hurting.. The feeling of being betrayed (by a friend) is still quite fresh.. but I will try my best.

Lord, thank you for this retreat, amidst my realities of no quiet place in our home, you still speaks to me and reminded me of who I am and you meet me where I am…indeed you are just there….it is only me who forgets about you…Sorry Lord and thank you.

That last part. That song selection.
“Don’t You Forget About Me” clinched it for me.
I was about to conclude this day’s retreat without shedding tears—which would have been one of the few times since I started attending Fr. J’s yearly online retreats —when it hit me!
Come to think of it, that song captures my emotions over what I’ve been going through the past few months.
Thank you!

Thank you, Fr. Johnny and team, for this year’s and the previous years’ Pins of Light online retreats. They continue to bless me and many around the world.

Thank you for that acoustic James Morrison version of the song “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” It’s the first time I heard this soulful acoustic version, and in this context, the song has taken a deeper meaning. I looked up this acoustic cover online and learned that it’s in the soundtrack of a movie called “Mum’s Life” which is about a mother who learns she is ill and may be soon preparing for her own last supper. I am a mother and while I found peace in imagining having the time and resources to plan my ideal going-away party, I would not enjoy planning it if I were leaving behind very young kids. My kids aren’t that young anymore but I would still want some years with them (and with my husband). Still, today’s retreat has been a poignant reminder to try to always be ready for that last supper, to express our love as much and as often as we can, and to be ready to extend our table.

Thank you for sharing the context of this version of the song! Makes it even more perfect for today’s theme.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Fr Johnny and team . I always look forward to this every Holy week . Thank you.

Asking prayers for my momsy . We totally drifted apart . No communication at all . May the Lord touch her heart to welcome me in her life again. Amen.

Thank you.

I pray that my children will be safe and happy at all times. May the people around us understand our situation and care for them genuinely. May God heal us with our health issues so we can have more time with our family. This we ask in Jesus name, amen.

Just like last year, it has been soul-stretching and mind-blowing. Thank you Fr. J and team. I am grateful for your dedication. All for His honor and glory.

Thank you for this beautiful guide, it has made me reflect the essence of Holy Thursday very unique! I would say that the message of Jesus’ Last Supper for me at this moment is “stretching my table longer…an inclusivity of invitation!”
God bless your heart Fr. Johnny and your team!

Thank you for this chance of doing the Pins of Light 3-day online retreat once again – may God bless you, Fr Johnny! prayers for all broken families – for healing and forgiveness to reign in their hearts, to do the right thing.

For Leni-Kiko to win and bring true unity in our country.
For the victims of the Ukraine-Russia war; for conversion of the Russian leaders to stop this senseless war.
For peace in our hearts and to be close to Jesus always.

Lord, you have invited me to the Last Supper with You and I accepted. I accept the mission you have given me. I know You will always be with me to guide me to fulfill this. THANK YOU!

Thank you for letting me sit at your table. I pray I am able to follow the example and open myself to a more inclusive table.

breaking bread.. and giving this to others.. meant to share God’s mission with others – even those who can betray us or can hurt us or can make the journey difficult. but we should keep our eyes on the prize! eternal life for us, good governance through good leadership for our country, repentance from those who have abused people, systems & the environment. pray for us.

Thank you Lord for this retreat. Thank you for reminding us that we should not only love those who love us back but especially those whom we have not loved or accepted for one reason or another. This is honor your commandment “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Our neighbor is everyone & not just a selected few. Give us the strength & resolve to have an encompassing love. Amen

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for leading me to this retreat.

Thank you, Fr J. This retreat truly touched my heart. Like you, I also had a brush with death. I was filled with so much emotion when i imagined myself having my last supper with my loved ones.
Had my last chemo during the lockdown and the online masses and retreats kept me going. Praying for all of us here. God bless us all. 🙏🏼❤️

Thank you Jesus for inviting me to sit in your table eventhough I have betrayed you in my own way, in the things I say (or don’t), in my actions, in how I often value other people’s and the world’s opinions more than you. I am unworthy, and yet you sacrificed yourself for me. Who am I now to refuse others a seat at my table? Thank you Lord for this timely reminder.

Breaking bread has given another meaning.

The format or sequence of today’s session is very much appreciated. I also liked the DIY idea. The 1st pins of light retreat I joined was last year’s zoom retreat which I also liked. But the DIY gives everyone more flexibility.

Thank you and may God continue to bless and protect us.

P.S. Please include the repose of the soul of Marila Revilla who joined our Creator this morning.

Thank you very much, Fr. J.
Truly, “I Will Not Forget about you JESUS, for you know Better than I.” Thank you, God, for the love, and the reminder to be more mindful of your presence.

Thank you , Fr. J. Go! Thank you Lord for this encounter. May you give me the grace to stretch my guest list to include my enemies and prepare a longer table so that even they will be welcome to a place at my table.

Thank you very much for this retreat. Similar to my experience with last year’s retreat, it catches me at the context where I am now.

Lord, help me to forgive those who have hurt me and to love unconditionally – no IFs, no BUTs. To be more inclusive in loving.

Choosing to take this retreat rather than do my usual mundane work is the best decision I’ve made for this Holy Thursday. Even after the Lenten recollections and prayers I’ve done in preparation for Holy Week, I’m happy to look inward, weigh my feelings and readiness to “partake” in Jesus’ sufferings. Thank you pinsoflight!

I felt my spirit lighten up! So grateful for this retreat, for having survived, for the gift of life, for feeling once again G-d’s love

Thank you for this retreat. My heart is contented and full. In the simplest of words I was able to reflect on many things. I like this format as well for I am forced to slow down and reflect on many things. I also enjoy reading the messages here. Thank you Fr J and the team for this.

I didn’t know that you needed surgery, but I’m so glad you’re ok, Fr J!

I would like to pray for the country, particularly with the coming elections. I pray that the people’s voice be heard and that the elections are conducted in a clean and honest way. So many rumours are going around about how certain camps are mobilising to make sure their candidates win by whatever means. May God enlighten the minds of everyone so that the good will always prevail.

Thank you for this retreat. Looking back since the pabdemic starts I realized the blessings me and my family received. Getting infected with covid with comorbidities, surrendering everything to the Lord kept my sanity, allowed me to focus on the Lord and get healed.

This is my first time to join. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to look at my life, how I feel about it and what God is calling me to do. He is telling me ” Go and do likewise.”

Thank you for this retreat. It was able to allow me to reflect on my vocation as well offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me. Lastly, it reminded me to be humble as Jesus was.

Thank you Lord for being with us always and reminding me to be forgiving even if it is very difficult for it is truly the Way that leads to you which is liberating and soul-cleansing.

I’d like to pray for the many people who need prayers – for those who ask for them, and for those who keep it to themselves. And I’d like to ask for prayers, too, to trust in His plan and to let go of fears. Thank you, Fr J as always…

Thank you Father J for guiding us in today’s recollection. Through the pandemic so many things has happened to me – with my marriage, our business and relations. Truly unimaginable. But however my situation is, I felt our Lord’s presence through each adversity. I am continuously thankful for His grace and blessings.

In the table, I might be one to betray our Lord when I sin. Each day is a way for me to be like Him. I need His loving mercy to help me in each step to be closer to Him. His mercy and love gives me hope. And this Hope keeps me going.

Thank you Fr. Go. It is my first time to attend such a retreat and I truly enjoyed and benefitted from it. I like the idea of posting (anonymously or otherwise) because you get to unload your innermost feelings without fear of judgement or tsismis. Greatly benefitted from it and already looking forward to tomorrow’s reflection.

Thank you Fr J for this online retreat. One of the meaningful results of this pandemic, at least for me, is being able to attend a retreat even while home. Please include on your prayers my family, esp my children, that they may prioritize their spiritual life above everything else. Praying for everyone’s well being and safety, our voters and country and also for peace in Ukraine. God bless us all. 🙏🏽

Thank you, Fr. J. I always feel refreshed after joining your online retreat. I also pray that you continue to recover from your surgery so that you are able to touch the lives of more people.

After going through a really challenging time this past month, I thank God for letting me see the blessings from the challenges. I felt that God was testing my patience and wondered why he would test it but now I realize it’s for me to BECOME MORE

Thank you Fr Johnny. I am going through a situation like Simon of Cyrene – not volunteered to be a caregiver but pushed into it. Praying that the Lord will help me to realize that I am blessed rather than resent it especially during the times like this when I have to make difficult decisions that will impact my older sister’s (she had a fall and needs an operation)life. Going through the retreat today has been comforting and consoling. God is assuring me that I am not alone. He is with me through this season of life. I just need to lean on Him as did John at the Last Supper. He asks that I hold on to His Hand as He opens doors for me.

Coming from your soul-stretching December, all the more- thank you Fr. J and POL team for sharing this gift of community. May we ourselves be God’s hints of hope for each other. Feeling quite raw now.. reflecting on my capacity to give more outside convenience and the usual people I show up for.

Love the songs- always an enriching addition to my Spotify playlist (and a great way to recollect indeed :-))

The last song was a revelation, I never listened to the lyrics in that way. Thank you for a wonderful start to our Holy Week retreat. Praying for protection for our family and country, and that God’s light and love will triumph in our life.

Thank you very much Fr. Johnny! I have always been blessed by the Pins of Light retreat. May God’s love continue to keep us all healthy and safe.

Thank you Fr J! Simply at peace and felt wonderful with a good thought about how good of you to show your love to those whom you do not know personally by leading them(us) to this retreat.

Thank you so much for this! Day One and I already feel so moved by the words, reflections, and songs on this module. This is so well done. Praying for everyone’s intentions in the comment section and I’m so glad we can come together virtually this Holy Week with words of support and affirmation for one another —It’s a beautiful and rare thing to see on the Internet. Thank you for this space 🙏🏼

Thank you Fr. Go for another uplifting moment. Several reflection points like you used to do for me in every online retreat. I dwell on them, repeat some parts and learning from the community. Today, I had a long list of songs to reflect on and a long list of people that I should pray for.
The Lord speaks to me this way. Thank you!

Thank you Fr J & your team~ its my 8th yr attending your Retreats & Recollections & you never disappoint to strike a chord in my 💓
God bless you more🙏

Genuinely glad you are on the mend, Fr. Johnny. What a challenge this has thrown to me. Forgiving is tough; you think you’ve done it, but there’s negativity lingering still. My Mom passed in 2020, and we had a difficult relationship. I actually still find myself resentful of things she has done, which is terrible, but I am praying so I can work it out. Looks like God zeroed in on what I have to fix up.

Thank you Fr. J and for the Pins of Light team! I enjoyed my first retreat with Pins of Light. This is the enlightenment I need. Looking forward for tomorrow. 😊🙏💖

Thank you Fr. J and the community. I had a good cry, coz I think God is speaking to me through this retreat. I look forward to tomorrow’s part.

Please include my bestfriend’s mom, nanay Violeta who’s suffering from dementia, for healing, and the whole family for peace and continuous provision.

God bless you all.

Thank you Lord for constantly reminding us of your goodness. For letting me think of inviting in my last supper all those that I have wronged and those who have betrayed me.
Thank you for carrying me every time that I feel giving up. I Believe, Trust and Surrender everything to you Lord!

This touched a raw nerve: trying to forgive people who launched “black ops” against me – lies/slander/detraction/destruction of reputation – and caused me untold suffering. The retreat surface the issue and is helping me heal, by trying to see and follow Jesus’ example of forgiving those who hurt and harmed me.

i believe we are coming out of this pandemic.. and ascwe do i am just sooooo GRATEFUL to the LORD for SAVING US!!

The song I chose was Gary V’s “I will be here” and listening to the last song “Don’t you forget about me”, I felt, was God’s way of telling me that He is with me every single second of every minute of every day. We turn to God in prayer in the critical moments of our lives, in sickness, in grief, or when we fail but He is reminding me now that He is with us all the time and we shouldn’t ever forget his presence in our lives. We need him to be with us in the good times just as much as we need him in the difficult moments.

This is my 6th year of attending this 3-day Lenten DIY retreat. But this one hits home solidly that the previous ones. First screen pa lang tagos na tagos na. Thank you Father Johnny for the simple yet thought provoking and humbling guided reflection about making our table longer to include our enemies and the marginalized. Mahirap gawin pero nakaka inspire to be like Jesus. Moreover I am grateful that Fr. J is well and has recovered to be still able to guide us in this retreat this year. God is working through you.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers for a success with Dad’s surgery this morning. We ask again, for his strong recovery and rehabilitation.

I pray also for all afflicted in body, mind, and spirit. That they may find a way to You through their suffering.

My heart is full… and its just day one… looking forward to tomorrow… thank you… Praise God indeed!

Thank you Fr. J for the wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect on how we can share the Lord’s suffering in our own little way. I pray for understanding and patience so I may also be able to “feed the mouth that bites me”. Thank you Lord for the Holy Thursday grace.

Thank you so much for sharing this. A blessed and peace-filled Holy Week to all. May the Holy Spirit fill our lives, our country, and the whole world during these times. God bless po sa lahat.

Today is the nth anniversary of my First Holy Communion. Such a fitting exercise to celebrate it. God’s timing is always amazing! Ang galing talaga Niya.

Salamat to the team for today.
See you tomorrow.

Bless us all, Lord.

The words are so simple – Love your enemies – but to do it is so difficult. It requires radical love. It can be done because I am a beneficiary of God’s radical love. Mahirap ho pero kakayanin. Nagdudulot ng kapayapaan sa kalooban pag niyakap at tinaggap sa puso ang pagpapatawad.

I pray that God continue to help me in forgiving those person who hurt me.. Healing for everyone..

Thank you, Fr. J. 🙂

I thank the Lord for bringing me here today, for this chance to be still and be with Him, to sit down and break bread with Him. Despite my desire to sit down and break breas with the people who love me, I hear God’s call to sit down and break bread with those who don’t like me, who have plenty of things to say against me. I can hear God’s call for openness, acceptance and love, for those whom I think are not worthy of these things. It’s difficult call, almost impossible, I might say. I then pray for God’s grace, that He helps me and guides me as I go on my way to real inclusivity.

This retreat has truly made me look into ME. I took my time… I reflected… in the middle of it, my sister called. It felt good knowing that there’s someone who truly cares for me, willing to listen … then another bad encounter with my husband happened… so now I feel the hurt and anger overpowering my desire to be at peace with him.

I pray, Father, that you forgive me for falling short of your expectations of me as well as the things I have done that offended you. I pray that Your will for me during this retreat overpower this hurt and anger I have in my heart. Grant me the grace to look beyond hurtful words, indifference, and actions (not violent, though) I perceive to be hurled at me, so that I can have the courage to do the “first move” at reconciliation for PEACE to reign in our hearts and ripple to our family. May this Maundy Thursday wash away my anger and hurt as we commemorate the Washing of the Feet later.

I ask this in the Mighty Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

Thanks so much Fr. J for this retreat.
Love the secular songs you choose. I always relate with them easily. Prayers for your complete recovery.
Truly grateful for this Maundy Thursday retreat. Good to have reflected more, participated more, prayed more. Thank you also dear co-retreatants for your reflections.
I pray that this retreat will continue to bless me with the right momentum by God’s grace and help me bring fruits through the journey. Despite distractions, despite uncool heads, despite not so good reactions from other people.
By God’s mercy, everything will be smooth sailing. Amen.

Thank you so much, Fr Johnny and to the whole PoL team!
Always looking forward to your online retreat which never fails to move me in many ways. I am also in awe that you find such touching secular songs that you are able to connect to this spiritual exercise.
I hope you are feeling much better now, Fr J.

Lord, mahirap po ang ipinapagawa Ninyo with the “Last Supper” exercise, but since I have surrendered myself to You, I will do so.

Thank you Fr Johnny. This made realize I am so blessed with people who love me BUT also I realized how “inclusive” I may have been as I chose only those I thought who loved me… i should have invited as well whom those who were unloyal to me

My heartfelt gratitude for this wonderful journey. I had many realization.. ❤️ Godbless! and congrats po.. ❤️ 🙏

I thought I was being generous when my original guest list for my going-away party included some people who may not meet the approval of my other guests.

But Jesus shows us that there should be no limit / restrictions on whom we should love and care about. And these include the people we don’t like, the people who hurt us, the people whom we don’t even want to look at.

Lord, teach me and stretch me to love as you love, to be always inclusive.

Forgiveness is the bane of my existence. Whenever this topic comes up in retreats, I go “AARGH!” God understands.

It is something different. I find it a truly personal retreat. The comments are also helpful in my reflection.
May I ask for prayers for God’s protection from all kinds of danger even attacks from the evil one; God’s provision body, miind and spirit; God’s peace … restored health especially I am on my own here.
Thank you for your prayers.

I am grateful for this retreat! I was able to make the time for this even for just a bit which puts my heart more at ease than before I started this. I feel grateful to have been given the time to reflect on “bigger” things than the everyday hustle and bustle and I wish to bring more love and light to those around me and more just as Jesus did. I pray for the grace to be able to do that, for people around who’ve taken this as well to do the same, and for all to know what it means to be loved so they too can pay it back in turn.

Thank you for today. What i am taking away is how to view and handle relationships around me. My immediate circle needs improvement snd i pray for guidance for all of us. The outer circle relationships are plentiful and today has made me aware that in many ways, i am still connected with them somehow and i must not ignore them.

Thank you, Fr. J, for this opportunity to be still and experience Jesus in the Last Supper. The long table metaphor…that’s a call for me to stretch my soul. With God’s grace, I will no longer complain, but be more understanding, kinder and patient. Finally, we thank the Lord for healing you, Fr. J! See you tomorrow.

I had quite a lot of distractions throughout but I was still able to “feel” this retreat’s significance. My take away: I am not alone. I may have my own journey but I am definitely not alone treading the path. I just have to be consciously aware and connect to our Lord and the people who are there just ready and waiting for my invitation to be together.

Coming from Cardinal Tagle’s recollection asking who I might be tired of that I have become indifferent to….. maybe He is telling me something…..

Thank you Fr Johnny and the Pins of Light team, you never disappoint me with these heart rendering experiences that liberate me and stretch my soul! Thank you Lord, for inviting me to your Last Supper too, it is a privilege that I always will be grateful for.

Thanks Fr. J and Pins of Light team. It’s good to be back here as you continue your ministry. As expected, it is simple yet surprising. Brief yet heart felt. Less is indeed more. Till tomorrow then! 💖

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The scripture readings and points for reflection – I will be pondering for the rest of the day. Let us keep the faith alive. God bless everyone.

Thank you, Fr. J! I praise and thank God for your continued ministry in delivering God’s Word and His message every Easter Triduum. Today’s reflection has jolted and moved me, just like the past years. Grateful beyond words to you and to the Pins of Light team. God bless everyone!

I humbly pray that I be included too in His table. One only needs to remember how unworthy he himself is – to be able to forgive others. Oftentimes, we are actually party to ugly things that happen – like broken relationships- by just being a fence sitter or doing things to forget or just looking away or just being far away- in order to avoid the worst.. Many times too we are quick to judge and quicker to act on impulse and emotion. So many times, we do not know how TO CARE. I ask for forgiveness for all these times.

This is my first time with this kind of self-paced, WRITTEN retreat. What a revelation and how refreshing, this format! Perfect for introverts like me, and I can also see the potential to reach those who don’t like energetic, charismatic, noisy, sharing-your-soul-with-strangers in-person group retreats, or those who are still very new to their faith and seeking God (especially those who found Him in this pandemic!). THIS IS A VERY INCLUSIVE AND LOW-BARRIER APPROACH to drawing closer to Him.

Thank you for this. I’m looking forward to the next modules 🙂 God bless you and your team! <3

I couldn’t agree more! This format really has let me feel more comfortable undergoing a retreat thanks. I’m not very religious so this has been very comforting on that end, as well.

Soul stretched. Forgiving is like eating durian for dessert, it is horribly disgusting at first but quite refreshing after. Thank you for the experience. Looking forward to tomorrow’s retreat.

Thank You, Lord, for the chance and the time You gave me so I can attend this retreat again. Thank You also for speaking to me throughout the day 1 of this retreat. Help stretch my heart, allow me to face the uncomfortable and from there, see that You willed it so I can love others more. I pray always that my heart takes a shape after Yours. Guide us for the remaining days of Lent. Jesus, love. Jesus, love. Amen.

Beautiful & moving retreat for me. Goosebumps when I heard the song of simple minds as it’s a song in my play list. Now I look at it with a different meaning – extending my table to others 😍🙏

You never disappoint, Father. Maraming salamat po 🙏.
I was wary at first of this DIY format but it is good, too, and I liked it and look forward to tomorrow.
My husband’s first time to experience an activity with you po.
I pray that our children will go through this as well in their own private time.
Thank you, Father.
Continue to be blessed 🙏

My husband and I enjoyed this Holy Thursday retreat,we cant wait for tomorrow.Thank you for this,Father Johnny!

Thank you for this retreat! It gave me a chance to reflect on so many thing! It has given me again time to reflect my wonderful life with my husband who passed away recently. I was able to release the heavy emotions in me right now.

Thank you Fr. J and Pins of Light! Since participating last year, I looked forward to this year’s retreat and day one provided just the right amount of quiet (physical, mental, spiritual) that I needed. Despite reading the same passages, it is fascinating how different and special the messages of the Lord are at different periods of your life.

May the Lord give me the grace to heal, especially from the pains I caused myself and those caused by the people closest to me. May I be an instrument of God’s loving mercy. Amen.

Thank you, Fr. Johnny, for this annual retreat. Until tomorrow then. God bless po!

I am grateful for this chance to reflect on life’s struggles and see it in the light of the Lord’s. I am thankful

This is my first time joining an asynchronous retreat and it feels great to be able to share my thoughts and feel anonymously with other people. I ask everyone to pray to give me the strength to finish my school work and completely forgive my enemies. I will also pray for my co-retreats. See you all tomorrow :))

May I always include those in the peripheries and those who hurt me, for I myself am in a periphery and I myself cause pain to others and Christ, for which I seek His mercy and pardon for.

Thank you so much Fr Johnny. Nice to be back in the loop and to see you back. As always this virtual retreat is timely, relevant, simple but touching. It moves my heart and inspires me to look deeper into my life.
I welcome this spiritual exercise and appreciate it well.

Thank you, Fr. Johnny and Pins of Light team. ❤️ how you made Jesus “talk to us” through a familiar song..

Thank you for the insights from the community and Fr. J. Now I know that I will have to set an extra space at the table for the marginalized in society and for those whom I find hard to get along with.

Thank you so much for this experience. I enjoyed and was challenged by the proposed exercises. God has His ways to work in us. Thanks be to God.

Thank you Fr J and your team for always preparing such a deep, incisive, and soul stretching retreat. God bless you all. Hi to Nacho!

Thank you for this soul searching retreat!
I am still praying that God touches my heart to forgive “the other woman”, as it has been a very heavy load to carry.
And I pray that after this retreat, may peace be with us all.

Thank you! And this was timely. I’m preparing to meet some very difficult people after Holy Week. I’m now called to think of how I can welcome them into my table.

Thank you for this retreat as it focuses on Jesus speaking to me in the current events in my life specially focusing on the depth of His love of desiring to have a last meal to His loved ones, expressing His love beyond the pain of betrayal and denial. To appropriate His love even in a small way is the grace I seek this Holy Week.

Thank you… I have not been able to join a retreat for some time and I am glad I participated in this one. I look forward to tomorrow… Thank you again…

Thank you for this opportunity Lord to appreciate all the blessings and blessings in disguise that you have given me. Thank you for inviting me to your despedida, even though I am not worthy.

Thank you very much for this blessing of pause. I did this Thursday session together with my husband and we shared a lot of meaningful insights with each other. Truly, we may not all be able to literally prepare for our own last meal or party because we really do not know when that will be. The Lord is telling us that the “party” is here and now and we need to be able to make meaningful encounters with everyone (including the Lord!) to express our thank yous, sorrys and I love yous.

Thank you for a time of reflection and soul-stretching this Holy Thursday. Grateful for the reminder to include in prayers those who have hurt me. Hope everyone has a good and holy time for the rest of the day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s module.

Thank you so much for this reflection guide leading and preparing us for the real celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

Thank you Fr. Johnny…the Scripture reading on Breaking of the Bread gave new meaning to me of the Last Supper…rightly, Jesus invited His apostles who would betray, deny and abandon Him…still He invited them…He gave freely of Himself with the breaking of the Bread, not only to His apostles..but to us..which made me realize that I would perfunctorily receive Him in the Eucharist without realizing the true meaning of It.

Thank you for this pause in our busy lives and giving me an opportunity to plan for my last meal – to think of the people to invite and what to say & do with them. Yes, my tendency is to invite only those who have been positively significant in my life and leave out those who have been negatively significant. But come to think of it, the 1st people I included are my family members and they were the first ones who have hurt me & have deeply impacted my life. Thank you for a different way of reflecting on the Last Supper. It was such a blessing.

Grateful for being able to attend this retreat;
To be able to realize how Christ loved each one of us… saying goodbye yet leaving us His Body in the Holy Eucharist!
I realize that I should find Christ even in the most unpleasant relationships because He showed us the way. All our trials put together is nothing compared to what Jesus went through

Thank you for the pause in the busyness of life. There is surely much to work to be done but assured that Jesus walks with me every step of the way. He never forgets me.

It is difficult to forgive and forget … All your life you go through it several times in many ocassions, wd diff people… And I have done it many times. Lord I am willing, but I couldnt fully give it for now. . I know in time hence I am praying you take away the hurt, the pain. I lift up everything to You… Calling out your name , to help me. Amen.

I feel the same way, Jay. I see a clear pattern in my life. I easily walk out, leave and give up on people who are ungrateful, deceitful, opportunistic, and malicious. I do not have the capacity to understand and forgive them. It is only GOD’S GRACE that can make me change. I hope this year’s RECOLLECTIONS that I am attending online which have the same thread of teachings – unconditional and all inclusive love- can create a change in my perspective and attitude in dealing with people I find obnoxious and difficult.

My prayer would be for God to help me be “inclusive” in all things, pray for my enemies and those who throw stones at me. I hope to be able to receive them at the prepared meal with the longer table, where forgiveness and love is being served.

my prayer is that i would be able to invite as many friends, not-so-good friends, those who hurt me badly, all of family in the near future… I can see the long table … very long table… break bread and share the wine, beer, water…

The last song is an invitation of Jesus to call on Him always, be it good times or bad

Lord Jesus, here I am. Teach me to love as You do

Thank you Father Jphnny, the Pins of Light Team for this very innovative way of taking a pause, looking deeper into myself, reliving the Passion of Christ, with hope and prayer that this would lead me to a more meaningful life ahead, for myself and for others.
A special thank you, God, for giving us Father Johnny, knowing too well that we almost lost him last Dec 2021

Thank you Father for today’s reflection. I love the songs you have chosen….I never thought of inviting people I don’t like in my last meal… Thinking back on the time these people hurt me I found out the inner strength I had within me to understand their actions and react calmly. Maybe I can eventually invite them….
Thank you…

Thank you for the invite.
Praying that you are well, Fr J.
Hoping all will be ok, now and soon, especially those who are sick. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for speaking to me through this online retreat. A soul-stretching indeed and a very timely one. Help me to imitate Your example of being open and loving to everyone even those who have and will hurt me. May I continue to be a loving person in all ways, always. Thank you, Lord!

Lord thank you for this meaningful and fruitful time with you. Thank you for I really felt your presence. Thank you for reminding me to love my enemies. I admit that I am having a hard time because of the painful experiences they brought to me. But, I know that you will restore me with your love, grace and mercy. Help me to love others without expecting anything in return. May I always learn to forgive those people who hurt me and will hurt me.

Thank you Lord for inviting me into your going-away party. I know I don’t deserve a seat at the table but you have reached out and refused to accept no to your invitation. As I come to you with my lame excuses and doubts, I receive your bread of forgiveness to heal me and make me whole. Thank you for bringing me back to the fold every time I stray especially when worldly cares drown me and make me see You less. Thank you for giving Yourself in this meal. May we acknowledge that in this meal “You are all that we need. You are more than enough for all that we long for.” Amen.

Thanks Fr. J! Why is it that every time I carry out your online retreats, some things in it serendipitously hit squarely and directly?

Perhaps the Holy Spirit at working overtime with you.

The first song and final song hit home this first day.

I must set a longer table.

My song is Seasons of Love : ) Thank you Fr Johnny – I am very grateful for the reflection of today regarding planning my going away party

Grateful for this well thought out “do it yourself” recollection. Teaches one the discipline to concentrate and spend time on each section as it matters. I also appreciate the sharing of everyone. Gives you a chance to see God in everyone’s lives and how He works in His ways. Thank you Fr J and to the team!

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