Every retreat always starts from square one.

Where is your Square One?


Your Square One is wherever you are–here and now,
whatever is going on in your life,
whatever season you find yourself in–
regardless of what you wish or prefer.

It’s not about where you should be,
but simply where you are.

So, where’s Square One for you?
Take a moment to think about it,
and think of one word or one phrase
that describes what that space is like.

Play this instrumental piece
while taking time
to think about where you are.

What thoughts or feelings rise
to the surface as you pause
and reflect about your life here and now.

Wherever you are,
whatever kind of space you find yourself in,
note that it’s exactly where God will meet you.

So take a deep breath,
and plant your two feet solidly in the present moment.
Here’s where it starts.

If you wish,
write under COMMENTS below
the word or phrase that describes
your Square One as you begin this retreat.

When you’re ready, click NEXT.

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Anxious of the future ahead of me but also trusting of what God has planned for me. I feel blessed that our God has never taken me for granted and I pray that I will be able to spend more time with Him

Between hopeful and hopeless.. Fearful of being alone and lonely..Surrendering to God’s will and plan for my life..

Square One for me this Holy Week is starting a life journey with the man I love. This is my second time around, and I know the road is never easy. But I have faith in God that He has put me here accordIng to His plan.

I am “breaking in.” I’m settling into a feeling of peace, gratitude and trust when I’m so used to finding something to worry or be anxious about. I’ve been struggling to stay “awake” instead of putting aside my feelings and distracting myself with everything else but what truly matters.

Ready to do what the LORD calls me to do in one hand and a bit of hesitation on the other hand because I feel so unequipped. Need a lot of catching up to do especially with the familiarity of the SCRIPTURES, the WORD OF GOD and my lack of ability to articulate well.

Emptiness? That’s what I thought where I am. But the Lord says,
“No, you emptiness is filled with yearnings for the my inexhaustible treasury of Divine Mercy in the sacrificial love of My Son. My Holy Spirit will anoint you and will abide in with you all the gifts to rejoice in the mysterious love of GOD. I created you in ‘Our Likeness’ to be with Me always and eternally. I sent My only begotten Son, solely for the purpose of brining back to Me. Be not afraid! I will not banish you from my presence. Don’t look back, do not allow the snares of the devil to fool you through the ‘forbidden fruits’ of the world. Believe and rejoice in the ‘Blessed Fruit of the womb of Virgin Mother’ and My Son and your Lord Jesus!”

There exists a sadness in me.

It greets me whenever I go into introspection. I have mostly felt ungrateful to myself for things I have accomplished, often unforgiving. But perhaps there is light. I’m young, and I have yet to know myself fully through my faith.

I welcome it.

In between darkness and light.

Darkness for my continuous sinning. Against my mother, my vices, the lies, the curses, hateful of some people. I’m in nowhere near a solid relationship with God. I’ve began reading the scriptures again but I have yet to learn how to really immerse myself in the scriptures.

Light because I just recently rejoined my Catholic renewal community. And in small steps have began serving.

Square 1 is not where I aspired to be at 44 when I was as a young girl. I am disappointed in and resentful of my husband. I was a better person in my past. I need the grace to forgive and love my enemies. I need more strength to do good in God’s name. Square 1 is where I feel blessed yet unworthy. I want to feel blessed, worthy, energetic and full of love to share by God’s grace.

I am with Him! I am Thankful Grateful for having Him in my life .. for my life … for everything .. for everyday .. for everyone! I love you Jesus!

Grateful and content with everything God has blessed me with. He accompanied me from darkness to light. Keeping my hold on Him, not wanting to ever let go.

Away from home. in between feeling free / independent and alone / lost. it’s an interesting place to be in – an unusual feeling of being so in between.

I have gone through all these and still going through at times. Lord Jesus taught us the way to salvation and freedom from all the suffering we think we are undergoing. The brokenness of the human nature are unavoidable as long as we do not ‘let go’ our feelings which we think are paramount importance in life and that is why we retaliate or tempted to retaliate whenever we are hurt. When we curb our feelings of retaliation for different reasons, we remain ‘hurt’ inside ourselves. Apply the balm of our Lord Jesus into the wounds in yourself. ‘Do to other as you would have them to do you.’ – Luke 6:31

Cramming before Easter. Distractions and procrastination won again. Through God’s grace there is this ‘space’ every year. Therefore, blessed and grateful.

Just had dinner after 7:30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper. After a busy week of work, Community Day of Recollection, and birth of first grandchild., a time of quiet.

So distracted that I can seem to find Him and His message amidst all my struggles. My thoughts continue to rage even in my solitude. My waking moments are filled with agitation and anxiety though I know where these are coming from. I am thankful for graces that came my way but disenchanted with the challenges that came along with it.

Anxiety is unnecessarily consuming me. Though I’m really grateful for quite a lot of things… J just can’t shake off the worry.

I am grateful at this very moment that despite the challenges of depression, I am able to reach out to those who are also feeling isolated and lonely. I feel that God is healing me and turning my pain into joy. I surrender myself and trust that I can overcome this phase.

In a workplace that I am no longer happy and because of that I am not effective. Debt that needs to be settle. Doing so many things just to earn money to support the medication of my grandmother, needs in the family and the study of my siblings. Longing to study a degree course to improve career. Investing feelings to a person that I don’t even know if he is the one for me. having a health concern.

I am in my deep in my thoughts worrying about my children. They each have their own concerns and problems and i am truly wishing i could help them. I can only offer them my prayers.

For the first time in my life, I can feel that I am in the right place. I have had this unexplainable joy in my hear that just keeps on asserting itself. Believe me when I say this has never happened before. I am just at peace with almost anything! ♥️

Struggling to find relevance in what I do. Struggling to find who I am. Struggling to be the strong one when everyone else is not. Struggling to be the one to step up because I had no choice. Struggling through life.

I’m very grateful for what the Lord has done in my life. I’m at a point that I have forgotten myself and surrendered to the Lord by serving and loving my neighbor. Grateful for my wife, daughter and family. Grateful to the Lord! Laudato Si!

Stuck, wanting to embrace and follow His teachings but cant seem to move forward. Lost. Anxious. Many things to be grateful for but still ..with worries Inadequate. Seeking help, have sought help, still stuck. …

My square one is my life with my husband in America and living our retirement years putting our faith and trust totally in the Lord.

I am grateful for where I am now but, I am not truly happy as I feel there are a lot of things missing in my life.

I am undergoing depression. I cannot afford the medicines that the doctor prescribed but I am hopeful that God will take me through this. He has done so before and I know He will not forsake me this time. I am grateful for my family and friends. Indeed they are my greatest blessings. I pray for peace of mind.

I am undergoing depression. I cannot afford the medicines that the doctor prescribed but I am hopeful that God will take me through this. He has done so before and I know He will not forsake me this time. I am grateful for my family and friends. Indeed they are my greatest blessings. I pray for peace of mind.

I am happy where I am now…with family. I know I could be happier here and that’s what I am hoping, praying and believing in. I sometimes fear this will all be taken away. But I trust that God will has His plan for me.

First time in my life I feel very uncertain and unsure as I am turning 50 this year. I don’t have financial stability yet and I cannot take on employment as I am have life-threatening condition. But I am very rich in experience and memories of God’s faithfulness and miracles in my life.

Grateful that I am where I am – at peace with my life now and preparing to leave for the Next. I look forward to it but not eager to leave my here and now knowing my here and now will determine my next life so it is best to leave it “in order” so to speak.

Lost. I feel sad and alone– like I’ve crawled into a bottle. Closed off from the outside. At the same time I think I shouldn’t feel this way because everything is going well for me.

Been feeling lost and insignificant. But keeping my faith that the Lord will be merciful to me and lead me to a life of promise, of hope, of purpose.

Been feeling lost and insignificant. But keeping my faith that the Lord will be merciful to me and lead me to a life of promise, of hope, of purpose.

Home for my nanay. Grateful for my nanay and family. My world revolves on my widowed mother on her twilight years.

I’m empty. I feel numb about everything. I feel guilty of my past. Bad memories haunt me every night. My friends left me and they made me feel that I’m alone and helpless.

I am down but not out,still hoping things would get better. Asking for a leap of faith, even thou things go wrong,praying for more patience,courage and endurance. Trust in the Lord always no matter what happens.

I am at the gate of the Father’s house.

Like the Prodigal Son- badly beaten, worn out, condemned by friends, my wife gave up on me, lonely, broke, anxious, confused, tired- I am begging the Father to welcome me again.

I want to rest and feel secured in His love.

I am afraid of being alone. I too, am anxious of the future. My consolation is knowing that God is by my side and listens to my prayers.

I am in a state of fear of beaing alone and anxious of the future. My consolation is knowing that God is near and listens to my prayers.

im as if relaxed…finding time to sort things out in preparation for exam and in preparation for bigger opportunities

Messy. @.@ Literally. I am in the bedroom I grew up in, since I went home to my family for Lent. So many different things around from different parts and requirements of life. I guess madami ring mga ginagawa.

I’m in a pretty good place career-wise, but not when it comes to my personal life. I have realized that I am no longer happy with old friends and their outlook in life.

cross-roads… just finished contract from 7 years job…jubilee year… familiar places closing… threat of death of a loved one…

I am caught in the middle of a conflict between family members. I feel desperate because I don’t know how it can be resolved.

I’m in a place that is a bit dark. Sometimes the place gets brighter but turns darker again. Want to go back to the previous place I have been but there is already grills blocking the way.

Maximizing each day to matter … be significant … to make a difference … bring joy to my lived ones and friends … touch people’s lives as I approach the winter of my life … to honor Jesus in my life … as I near the end of the line …
“I can only imagine …”

I am trying to get back on track after I wander away and got lost in the darkness of my soul where there is hatred, hopelessness, and so much insecurities.

I feel like there is still a lot that I need to accomplish and that can only happen if I provide myself with the proper self-care–body, mind and soul. This is my focus now so that I can, in return take care of the people I love and my community

Senior life. Feeling tired (mentally, physically) but still wanting to do more. Fearful of death (more & more friends, relatives passing away) but also grateful for God’s mercy. Grateful for how children are growing & developing.

God has led me to discover this through google.
Doing this for the first time!
I am a leaf clinging on a tree being swayed by the wind.

thankful to God, but I feel sometimes sick and easily tired, overwhelmed and blame myself. But I counter with smile and love because that’s what God wants. I’m waiting for His promises and I am struggling to do things to make these promises real.

My spiritual life. My relationship with the Lord. Everything in this life that seems to be heavy weighs nothing compared to the eternal goal that we inevitably need.

Right now, i am afraid of impending death…My closest tita is diagnosed with liver cancer two weeks ago..entering the end-stage… The parameters are low. The docs are ordering she may go home today…but am not sure if the going home is for the better or for the worse…i fear going to the hospital but she is alone with her only child..i would also like to go to the services today..but the ambulance is coming at 5pm..almost at the same time with the parish services..i feel torn between the ritual and the actual needs..hoping to encounter Jesus in the suffering of those who are in their sick beds…and the love ones who are taking care of them but are also anxious, fearful, worried about many things…this is gethsemane inside..i feel like closing my eyes to impending doom…but Jesus pleads to stay with him…


tired provider. losing the battle to keep hopeful and faithful.

yet, new beginnings, new perspectives to something old.

Lord, help me to see your hand in this design that i might do what you desire, what is your will in all this.

My square one is this wobbly state of discontent (for not being the best me yet). I’m financially insecure, spiritually vague, socially awkward, emotionally unstable..

My square one is im at a crossroad. I’m financially unstable, emotionally unstable but never giving up despite life’s stormy paths and seeking God to be my guide and companion from now onwards.

Full of gratitude. But uncertain. A time-consuming project had to be set aside due to a crisis. Past the crisis now but find it hard to restart and get back to the project. And other commitments.
Should senior years be spent doggedly spending long hours to finish this project or a commitment? Or be free from worries and anxiety and just live for the moment?

Tranquility: Amidst life’s hardships, struggles and worries, I find my current space to be peaceful and quiet, which is perfect for this season of bringing myself closer to Jesus.

Crossroads — not quite knowing where this will lead to, but trusting God that wherever it is, it will be for the best of all concerned. I believe He is listening to my cry for help, comfort, and guidance in these trying times.

I don’t know how would I describe my life right now. Probably disappointment is the right term to define what my life is. Just this month, I’ve faced consecutive defeats and downfalls of my journey as a student and a son to my parents. I tried my best to do everything I could, I tried to balance my time, everything but I guess, my best is always and will never be enough.

Trying to do God’s will as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, tita, missionary, and handmaid of the Lord.

I’m at a loss. My world is shaken and sudden changes are taking place. Our small business of two years is being attacked before it even picked up. I feel exhausted and discouraged inside, but outside, I keep telling people that I’m still okay. On the other hand, I have aging parents waiting for me to go home and asking me to stay for good.

Grateful and blessed to have a wonderful family; mildly concerned about my health and physical well-being; feeling exhausted but motivated to work; can further deepen relationship with God

Right now, I am more content and more sure of myself than I was a few years ago. I feel assured, comforted, and secured with the choices that I have been making. For that, I am very thankful.

My whole life flsahed in from of it and it seems that I have not accomplished anything. I am still at a lost.

Spouse with a great love language of service. Kids who are far better. Kids who share their blessings. Frustrated with an inability to focus on opportunities. Easily distracted. Satisfied with a simple life. Strong desire to be like Christ.

At Square One I am tired and spent yet eager to push on. It’s that twilight moment of giving birth, almost there but not yet. The contractions are strong, the fears present, but I know the moment is almost here. I feel this on several fronts: a book project, our business, my son moving up to Senior High, my aging body.

My square one is my job…I’m happy where I am right now yet still I feel I’m lost with my track like my life is unstable.

Starting on a new mission service that is so overwhelming. Where to start? Thank you Lord for showing me Square 1.

My square one is this wobbly state of discontent (for not being the best me yet). I’m financially insecure, spiritually vague, socially awkward, emotionally unstable..

So many square one in my life. Unfinished tasks that need to be done.
They come in various sizes. But, if its answering where i am now, as me, i can say its a start of being able to do what needs to be done. What should have been done.

in that corner where i am desperately begging for one final chance to complete a degree which have been left hanging for several years…begging for that grace to finish this thesis and graduate…feeling spent, scared, swinging between hopeful and hopeless…and its my birthday today

Isn’t it nice that God is meeting you on your birthday? He’s meeting you where you are, in your broken self, not just waiting where you should be.

My square one is my regret that I am not able to serve my community as much as I want to and that I feel I am a failure in raising my children to be good Christians.

My square one is returning back to the Philippines to work after almost three years outside, where I don’t feel it is safe enough for the family and it is like the country is regressing further. It is about reuniting with family yet bittersweet with our country’s situation.

My square one is my current situation with my family. Should i stay because they need me or should i go and find myself? I feel confused and sad because I wanted us to be complete but the longer I stay, the more i get hurt.

My square one is my new job, starting anew from a 9 year career that I left. New job, new environment, new people to encounter. Since most of the time, I’m alone in my work post, one thing challenges me ia how to do my work and maximize my time.

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