Let us do an exercise of imagination
as we pray over our Lord’s descent to Hades.

Everyone who had ever lived
would be down there–
including the prophets
and even Adam and Eve.

We can’t even begin to imagine everyone’s joy
when they realize that their Savior had arrived.

But we imagine, each of those souls still had
to make a choice whether or not to follow Jesus.
Those who said “No”–if any–would, in principle,
be the ones in the hell of eternal damnation.

So here’s the question:
Did Jesus meet Judas there?

Remember, Judas had taken his own life
after realizing what his betrayal would lead to
and regretting what he had done.
Judas would have been one of the newcomers
to hell,
arriving there only one day before Jesus.

What kind of reunion would that have been?

The Gospel makes no mention
of such a reunion.
Even Church Tradition has said nothing.

Let us pray between the lines.

For this exercise, two songs have been picked
that might be helpful.

Feel free
to choose one of these songs
depending on your taste and mood.

(Michael Shimamoto)

Indie Folk/Pop