What would happen
if upon his descent to Hell,
Jesus meets his old friend, Judas?

Listen to the words of this song.
Who, in your imagination,
would say which lines?

Would you like to share below
what came up in your prayer?


Here’s a version from a virtual choir


I love this song very much because the words are a reminder for us that hope will always be present in our lives through the warm embrace of Jesus’ self-sacrificing love. Despite all our sinfulness, Jesus never leaves our side and is always ready to welcome us back with open arms.

Our God is a forgiving God. No matter how much you have sinned, He will never judge you nor leave your side. God is Hope. God is Love.

Jesus, you are beyond our circumstances. You are my only hope. My dreams, my future … all in your hands. It is dark now … but You are with me. That is enough.

Jesus is talking to Judas. Assuring him that despite everything, there’s a far Greater Love. It’s the simplest way He can explain of His Infinite Mercy. That no matter what he has done, find that inner peace in his heart (where the Holy Spirit still resides).

I think Jesus is there and Judas so Him. All he has to do is reach out. Knowing how humble and forgiving Jesus is, HE did talk to Judas. But he was so ashamed that he felt unworthy.

Sayang. Jesus is just around the corner. His Mercy is just so great.

Lord, make my heart be like Yours, always ready to forgive. May I always be courageous to receive Your blessings, love and mercy. May I always think I am worthy of these gifts.

I just felt that Jesus had been singing to Judas the entire song! And this left the latter in awe due to shame, embarrassment, guilt, and hate for what he has done to the Lord. Yet I would like to believe that Judas will not renege on the Lord this time.

I am not a Catholic scholar neither a Theologian, but by the way this spiritual exercise about God’s “far greater love,” it could only suggest that even in hell, Jesus offered Judas the last ride towards forgiveness, I think? I do “believe” that those who saw the face of Jesus the Messiah had a great privilege of joining him for all eternity in heaven. Judas not only saw Jesus’ face, he also had experienced washing his feet by Our Lord.

Just a thought..

God’s love is far greater than Judas’ sin indeed. This song is a song of reconciliation. God is always forgiving. We might have felt abandoned as we become sinners, but all that matters to God is we reunite with Him. His arms are always welcoming us.

Jesus turns his head this way and that for a glimpse of Judas because Jesus loves him. But Judas hides.

Since Jesus is Merciful and loving, as long as Judas seeks forgiveness, he will be forgiven. Jesus has a far greater love…

We are ruled by a far greater love and I am sure when Jesus saw a repentant Judas, Jesus would have forgiven him! That’s how great Jesus love for mankind!

I would like to believe that the meeting of Jesus and Judas in Hades will be a story of love and mercy. I mean, here I am in love with the Lord and yet I betray Him everyday in my thoughts, my words and my actions. I feel like Judas everyday inspite of the many chances the Lord has forgiven me and blessed me. All the grace that I have wasted and continually overlook. Knowing how loving and forgiving my Lord is, I certainly hope for a happy ending for Judas.

Lord I am ashamed of all the things I have done for betraying you inspite of all the goodness you showed me, the love that no one has given me I still turn my back on You. I prefer to be in a world which I thought i will be happy, i thought if i could be one of them it will my emptiness and yet it even buried me to this darkness. Lord Im sorry You know me more than I know myself please forgive me , take me away from this darkness I want to be free…

I would like to believe Jesus extended his mercy to Judas, saying to the latter “There’s a far more greater love than what is in your heart, it is My love.” Now I’m not sure whether Judas accepted Jesus’ invitation of mercy.

On another note, the song and the scene (Jesus and Judas in hell) is so powerful since it shows that no abyss can separate us from the love of God. Jesus will go the distance, at great lengths, to extend His mercy towards us. It is on us whether we will accept His mercy.

Jesus meeting Judas in Hades is a game-changer. Here is Jesus, who has emptied Himself on the Cross, who gave His disciples His Body and Blood to eat and washed their feet the night before, who forgave His executors on the Cross; here is Jesus, giving Judas a bonus round, ONE MORE CHANCE, chasing him even in Hades, as the Good Shepherd of lost sheep. This is unfathomable Love.

The ball is in Judas’ court. Will he let himself be overwhelmed by grief and shame yet again, and reject Jesus’ offer of forgiveness? Or will he finally relent and accept that nothing he did can surpass the Mercy of God?

I would like to believe that he finally relents, and accepts Divine Mercy. This would mean that despite his betrayal, and his villain role in the Passion narrative, like the Good Thief, he was able to spend eternity in Paradise.

This teaches me not to condemn anyone (and say things like “there is a special place in hell for corrupt officials who take advantage of this pandemic”), because no one is beyond Christ’s Redeeming Love.

Forgive me, Lord.

Jesus would have forgiven Judas. Jesus’ heart is so full of love that it can never harbor any ill feeling to anyone. Judas himself was so stricken with grief from his betrayal. Jesus would have known of his grief & forgiven him.

I saw the shock in Judas’ face when he saw Jesus in Hades. But Jesus gave him a greeting of peace, as he’d always do, smiled at Judas and gave him a warm, tight hug.

My Jesus, you alone are capable of that kind of love. Just when we thought You had emptied Your Heart at the cross, you still have a lot of love to give even to unworthy sinners. Teach me to love as You do, especially when it is most difficult to love. Amen.

Truly dear Lord , the storm we are in right (covid, suffering & death) has shaken man’s ground in many parts of the world BUT if each one believes that there is Love far greater than this , we will all Be healed. No virus, no sickness, no storm, no war, NO sin or Evil can outdo YOUR Love & Mercy for those who Believe & seek you. Thank you & may you give us the grace & opportunity to likewise show our love in whatever small way just like the selfless fronliners who continue to serve at these trying times in our life?

I believe that Judas had no choice but to betray Jesus. It was God’s plan for him to do so in order that the Divine plan will come true. As such, Judas deserves our sympathy. His participation was crucial to make the Divine plan happen.
There are many Judases in our midst. May we be reminded that the Lord may have put them there for a higher purpose and therefore they are deserving of forgiveness and our prayers.

Lord God, help me to be steadfast in my faith and trust in Your far greater love . And in the love in the hearts of still many Filipinos, who will offer and share our blessings with those who are infected, rejected, and misunderstood. Amen

There was no blame nor bitterness, as He is a God of eternal forgiveness. I believe that Jesus forgave Judas even before his betrayal and wished to save him despite everything. Truly, His is a far greater love. Teach us Lord to forgive as you always do, especially to those who have wounded us deeply.

I believe in my heart, even though how Judas was undeserving of his master’s love, our Lord, Jesus had forgiven him for He has a love far greater than our hearts . He is a God overflowing with merciful LOVE that he cannot take to heart to condemn us even though how unworthy we are. If only we repent from our sins and return to His fold, He will always welcome us with the warmth of His loving embrace. There is always HOPE in our risen Lord.

God is greater than any strongholds.

Lord, let me take action. make me prudent of time and wise in life. Someday, I can show me, your creation, abiding Your Will.

There will be peace in our hearts because we believe that the love of Jesus is much more greater than what we are experiencing now. We pray for all front-liners, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist, nursing assistants, pharmacist, people behind who helped the sick, priests in the hospitals, volunteers, families affected may they be protected and shield from any harm . Amen

Thank you, Lord, for our dedicated and committed servants and servant leaders in the private and public sectors. Please continue to bless and take care of them.

Like Jesus, may our front liners who do not keep a distance from the patients, continue to be strong & un-infected for the sake of their families.

And may the infected, like the leper, be touched by Jesus’ healing hand.

May both the infected & the front liners feel God’s “far greater love.”

Our Lord is the God of mercy. If I, as a human being, can believe that Jesus forgives even the most condemned sinner, how much more our merciful father.
I can never thank you, Lord Jesus, for your immeasurable love and mercy.

Most of us have never or have refused to sympathise with Judas. He’s a villain in this story whose greed led to the nailing of Jesus on the cross. But I imagine the words of this lovely song sung by him, remarkably believing that Jesus, a far greater love, has overcome his wickedness. Judas took his own life from immense guilt. Imagining that he was reconciled with Jesus even after everything, gives me hope that anyone can return to God.

In spite and despite all our sins and iniquities, all the trials and burdens of life, all the fears and anxiety brought by this COVID 19 virus, there’s a far greater love – Jesus triumphs on them all. He is our hope, our savior. His love is greater than all our sins, problems and fears. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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