To choose Easter,
we need to work on our relationship
with the Risen Lord.
And yes, it’s hard work!

This poll we took last Holy Thursday
made us examine that relationship.
As of this morning of Holy Saturday,
one third of us (34%) described our relationship
with the Lord as intimate.
If you’re one of them,
say a prayer of gratitude
because such a relationship is a gift
not given to all.

But note that half of us (53%) observe
“spiritual distancing” from the Lord–
almost as if we were afraid
of getting infected by him.
If we feel this way,
we need to ask ourselves:
“What are we afraid of?
What changes or losses do we fear
will be the consequences
of a closer relationship with the Lord?”

When asked for our usual reasons
for keeping our distance from the Lord,
a third of us again (34%)
appeal to our weaknesses,
our shortcomings, our sins, and vices.

If that’s the case with you,
the most important thing is
not to give up and to keep trying to get better–
one day at a time, one step at a time.
The evil spirit will tell you that it’s useless,
that you’ll never change.
You must resist him.

For this second question,
half of us (54%) blame busy-ness
and a lack of time.
Hopefully, by now,
after weeks of this global lockdown,
we’ve been disabused of the illusion
that our work–and we–are indispensable.
Hopefully, this forced quarantine has shown us
the possibility of slowing down,
of changing our priorities,
and of making time for things
that truly matter.

To choose Easter,
we need to close the distance
between us and the Lord.

The good news of Easter is
that he has already done that:
He has already built the bridge,
and all we need to do is cross it.
He has already unlocked the door,
and all we need to do is open and enter it.

But we need to do our part
to close the distance
between us and the Lord.

Take a moment to think about this.
What can you do
to nurse your relationship with the Lord
–and whenever that will be–

Again, make sure to formulate baby steps
small, realistic courses of action
that you can commit to.

“Theme from Jurassic Park” (Piano Guys)

Feel free to share your baby resolutions below.


129 replies on “CLOSING OUR DISTANCE”

I will give a 5 minute daily time of silence for me to constantly feel Your presence. To give a 30 minute daily time for my community works. To giveway and forgive, even though it hurts and remember the sense of forgiveness that You have provided us. Lastly, to be grateful for your mercy.

I will continue praying the rosary and other prayers moving forward. I will instill in my memory Christ carrying the heavy cross with thorns on his head to save us from sin. Most importantly, I will try to be more sensitive and help the needy and poor.

to make time, to slow down for prayer. to not be lazy about my faith. to be humble and ask for the Lord’s graces when tempted. to ask for forgiveness.

Please lord give me strength to make it easter everyday may the baby steps be sustained and not be forgotten, I should start with putting a cross in my house to serve as a reminder.

I will dedicate each day to the Lord. I usually see every day from the perspective of work. Like it is my life. But my life is the Lord. And I should look at things from that point of view. How do I serve the Lord today? How do I make Him proud? Is it through doing a good job? Or being a supportive partner? Or taking care of my family? Everything should be about God.

I will re-do my schedule to make more time spent with the Lord, in the morning, And in the evening. Being more aware of the thoughts and actions I do, that affect others well -being.

1. Start a prayer journal – write down prayers every morning and end of the day
2. Be willing to meditate and reflect on God’s presence in your life, and how you yourself are making his presence more visible (e.g. reflect on a passage, song at least 10 min of the day)

I can start by setting aside a prayer time – a quiet time of the day just to talk to him, to be honest with my feelings, to seek for advice. I usually start and end the day without praying, thanking the Lord for the blessing received. Yes, I am grateful for of all these but I do not speak to Him directly about this. And this is what I want to work on to close my distance with Jesus.

To feel His presence each moment of my life..and to always remember that He wants the best for me & never again give in to what the enemy is saying to deceive only focus on God’s great love & pray without ceasing.

Lift up my heart and soul to the Lord first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily. Be patient with others, in order to remove A THORN A DAY from his crown.

To make myself closer to You, I will try this technique: to consider you as my big brother (or my best friend) who is a huge part of my every day life. Whenever I see you, I will greet you, talk to you about what happened to me, good or bad; cry to you when I am hurt; laugh at my mistakes; seek comfort when I am uncertain; thank you and share my happiness for the good things that happen. That will be like my prayer, my time with you any time of the day. I know that you are always there for me, more than a brother and best friend combined.

Everyday I will try to be kinder to my husband and children and friends. Every second, minute, hour, day. So hard, so, so hard. Almost impossible, why can’t I love them? Please God. Help

I hope and pray that I will put aside my pride and trust the Lord more…. I will listen to His voice when He tells me to slow down and be more mindful of what is going on around me and inside me. I will try my best to love Him more by forgiving those who have hurt me badly and not let foolish pride get in the way of showing love, kindness, and compassion towards others, particularly those that are difficult to love.

Set aside my pride and ego to be able to serve other people the way Jesus did, with humility, openness, selflessness and love. I’ll start here in my home; simple acts like volunteering to do the household chores and making more time to listen to my loved ones; limiting my time for social media and choosing to be on the now, focusing on what really matters. Changing my mindset from seeing being inconvenienced as something to avoid of to something to embrace and to ask for to be closer to God and to learn more.

I’m unsure if this would pass off as one. But I just felt that I need to devote more time for the discipline I have chosen. Read more. Take my studies more seriously. Be more knowledgeable of my discipline. Then later on, after graduating from Ateneo, explore career options in which I could be of help for others, something that’s close to understanding poverty and suggesting policies to reduce inequalities in this society.

I honestly don’t know how it would take shape later on. But You, Lord, know how I have been yearning for something that makes an impact for others. And I have to start building the foundations by doing these little things at home — all under the context of serving You, my God.

We’ve started praying rosary at 9 pm everyday. I will continue this even when the pandemic is over, adding at least 1 minute of my own personal prayer afterwards.

In addition, before doing or saying anything, especially if in anger or irritation, I will stop and reflect if this is something God wants me to say, or if this is something Jesus Himself would say or do.

I often take time to be grateful, but I too often stop in the feeling of gratitude. I would like to act on my gratitude – to respond to it, demonstrate it, pass it forward…

Never get tired of thanking the Lord. For every morning that we wake up is a miracle. It is a gift that God presents to us each day of our lives, a gift that is ought to share. To bring people closer to Him especially in this country where I am now that people are so lonely and don’t have genuine happiness because they know, we know that something is missing in them. To share the life that Christ freely gave to us and His presence in the Eucharist. May the Lord strengthen us each day and keep us from sickness. Happy Easter!

Praying the rosary everyday and to a lot more time to prayer. In situations wherein that can’t be done, I should push myself to pray, and spend a short moment with the Lord, no matter how small. There should always be a time with God, a time for Him, while not neglecting the needs of other people, and loved ones.

After we flattened the “curve,” we should start “crossing” the bridge to close all these “distant spaces” created by this pandemic. It shouldn’t matter anymore who gets infected or not. Fear is infecting us right now, not the virus.

It’s Easter time! Collect all the missing pieces! Choose life! God has risen!

The Lockdown has improved my prayer life significantly: prayers upon waking and before sleeping, reading a passage from the Bible and the saint of the day every night, reading all the prayers received on social media, online Masses, saying the rosary as a family after dinner, including our staff and even our dog who lies down in our midst.

May these continue after Easter and after the Lockdown. May I manage my time properly to continue the newly formed prayer habits daily if possible.

Baby steps would be: always set a time for prayer, and even for silence. I should always trust the Lord that He has something good in store for us all. Continue to do good in simple day-to-day tasks without worrying too much about the big picture and the future.

Thank you, Lord for inviting me to a bible study group of women. It has been an amazing spiritual journey with you.

My baby steps would be: to truly devote a time for prayer, scripture reading, online masses (thank you lockdown!); to make a conscious effort to resist temptation (having the mindset that I’m better than this!), to bridge my relationship with my mother; to be more open to the ideas of others (not to be envious and bitter when others have better ideas than mine or can express their thoughts better or are more listened to than me); to choose to love my spouse every minute of everyday.

My baby steps would be to start my day with a timed prayer of 3 mins. Baby steps. I realized in this retreat that Jesus speaks to me through music. I’ll try to incorporate this in my 3 min prayer. I’ll also try my best to do a 3 min prayer before bedtime. I have been so remiss in prayer time. God please give me the will and the faith to speak more regularly to you. It is a to-do-list now but with your grace it can turn into something deeper and more meaningful. Amen.

To trust the Lord more especially in most uncertain times.
To be thankful for all the blessings.
To be more forgiving, to myself and others.
To be faithful and choose to be closer to the Him.
To love and be kind always.

So help me God.

To regularly do good to others, and resist temptations of committing sin. Firstly, a baby resolution of not complaining in a day is already a simple act of kindness. Secondly, keeping silent instead of responding to negative comments whether on social media or at home. Thirdly, to be obedient, especially to my parents. Lastly, to be of service, in any way I can. 🙂

Pray especially hard to Him, especially in my moments of weakness. Pray daily, in the morning and before going to sleep. Promise with all this fragile heart of mine that I will fight temptation and live my life according to His Holy Will. Set my heart and life to the direction He has led me to. Amen.

Instead of singing Happy Birthday every time I wash my hands, I will pray The Our Father! A small thing, yes, but a baby step towards awareness that we need His help every single minute of our lives.

To include the Lord in my daily routine and to be mindful of my own thoughts and actions and to be truthful to Him in our conversations

To forgive myself and others. To strengthen my faith in the Lord by making time to communicate and be with him every day. To make small acts of kindness that will make a difference in the lives of others. To focus on God, family and nature as things of greater value in my life.

I want to start with being more honest with myself and others. I need to let go of my own pride so that I can humble myself and openly talk to the Lord.

I think this will make my relationships with people around me much better, and loving them will naturally follow after.

Lord, I don’t want to stray far from you but alleviate my fears of negative experiences as instances of You calling me again. You are a God of Love and not punishment. When I am at peace and comfortable it is your work and I should relish it and TRUST that nothing bad will happen to disturb this, to jolt me back into your arms. Help me to stay with You always. Thank you for the love I feel with those around me — my husband, though away from us because I’m he is a Frontliner, my family, our loyal staff who are like family, and most especially my son. The love he gives me and the joy he brings us in this time of quarantine is Your presence Lord. For these and all the “Easter blessings” you’ve given today and everyday, we thank you.

Make a conscious effort to deepen my relationship with our God by:

Starting my day with prayer, thanking Him for the gift of life , thanking Him for all the little things that I took for granted in the past.

Seeing God’s hand in the events of my daily life and constantly ask Him to guide me to the path that He wants me to take

Not going back to my old habit of praying only when I am desperate.

I think the easiest will be being consistent with my prayer time, with “Lord time”. I also challenge myself to stretch my heart more to people, especially those difficult to agree with. I will constantly examine myself if I am growing in virtues as well. Hope this works out in Jesus’ Name, amen.

To have a daily conversation with you, a lot a me-time, attend personal retreats and perceive others as you Our Lord.

I know You are always here with me, that you are always by my side. Thank you for Your love, Your protection, Your guidance.
Keep all my loved ones safe.
Help us be kind to each other.

I would like to honor and be more honest and open about how I feel, my thoughts, desires, and dreams; become more accepting of myself as I am and who You created me to become; and become more compassionate and forgiving towards myself. I would like to continue what I have, by Your grace, started doing this year before the lockdown (You know what those are already, Lord!), and develop the habit of sprint-running to You the moment my fears, worries, and anxieties threaten to overwhelm, paralyze, and discourage me once again from believing in my capacity to be and do good. AND asking You to teach me day by day how to let go of my pride by learning to ask help from others and learning to tell other people that I need them and I love them. Thank You so much Lord! Amen.

Making time for things that matter will become a priority, as it has slowly become one for me these days spent at home. Reading His word and seeing how it can apply to my life is something I also want to go back to. I’m grateful to have the chance to make things right in my life and to be well and safe in this time of great trials and fear. Thank you, dear Jesus, for saving a sinner like me! I love you!

to pray more, to talk to Him more
to pray as i leave the house
to pray when i get to work
to pray when i leave work
to pray when i get back home
to pray for others
to pray for others because so many are in need of Him

Spend quiet time with God everyday.
Listen more, talk less.
Understand more, judge less or not at all.
Be kind.
Be generous to those around, not just with material resources.
Love, love and love some more.

I will pray every day for someone I hate: someone who has hurt me or someone I love, someone who is misguided and choosing to side with evil by being blind and apathetic to it, or someone who is willfully leading people astray. I will pray for them, and myself as well, that I will not be blinded by my own rage, that I can still show mercy when called for it, and that I will continue to work for change, in hope and faith.

To put God first.

To pray and thank Him first thing in the morning and before going to bed. To include Scripture reading daily.

To go back to serving Him through Elim Missions every Saturday.

To be kinder and more loving.

To help spread the Gospel by living the Gospel and serving Him in family life, corporate life, and community life.

Talk to Him when I wake up. That way, I will win the day already. Then thank Him before I go to bed and look back on my day and examine how many times I have encountered Him and ask for His mercy for the graces that have been wasted. I love You, Lord. Stay with me daily ???

1. Have a conversation with the Lord, first thing in the morning.
2. Refuse recurring negative thoughts and urge to condemn others.
3. Take up my cross. Take the pain. Ask the Lord to take the lead.

pray more. try to make it a daily habit. even if it’s as simple as telling Jesus about my day.
be kinder in thoughts, words, and actions.

i will try to bring out the child in me again truly dependent on Him, i will try not to make my job my second world there should be only one ,one with the Lord. As much as i thought that evwrything i do is fine now i know it is not i let my life to be away from Him, i never thought how far am I already from Him,
my Lord is open for second chances i will try my best to be that child again and it is more peaceful even i feel soo weak in the eyes of the world

My baby steps would include :
1. Start the day with gratitude.
2. Re-introduce YOU to my daughters
3. Be more patient with my mother.

Lord, please help me with these small steps so I can big tasks for others.

Sana maayos ko na ang prayer time ko. Lagi ko nalang nirarason na wala akong oras, pero Kung nanaisin, kaya naman.

Grantme the grace to never be apart from you again. Staywithme and help me make time for You and me everyday, just You and me.

I want to be able to carve out consistent quiet time with the Lord. I want to stop making excuses such as being too tired or too busy. Even short amounts of quality time spent with Him would help me in my spiritual journey.

I will try my best to live as Jesus lived; to love as Jesus loved. Be more accepting of people around me, less judgemental, and put more action into my good intentions. Pray, pray and pray. Thank you Lord!

to be more caring and loving.

This may be a time of survival of the fittest.
But be compassionate and survive with the poorest.

To continue my ‘thirst’ for the Lord . To put my prayer into action> bring at least 1 person closer to you, bring another person, and another… until your flock grows & people pay it forward…. Choose Easter -choose to be kind , Help the the needy! Not to be afraid of being ‘infected’ -get out of my comfort zone, out of my safety net!!!

Lord, please help me take these “baby steps”:
– Stop being judgemental. To accept people as they are…not as we want them to be.
– Whenever faced with a difficult moral decision, to pause & ask “What would Jesus have done?”. To accept that difficult decisions are like our mini-Calvarys. That there is light thru the pain & difficulty.

Trust Your will

Allow You to change my perspective, my heart, my patterns, my schedule, my work, my love

Embrace You and be not afraid to invite others into the protection of Your love

Be a willing channel of Your goodness

Post Easter
Early morning prayer aside from thanksgiving: Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to resist temptation to sin

Prioritize God! Have a daily conversation with God not only by saying a prayer but minimum of 15 mins a day- quiet time to read bible/spiritual book.

Be MINDFUL of my CHOICE to embrace a post-Easter life: to think , love, and do the way JESUS thinks, loves and do even in simple ways.

To appreciate the little things of life as gifts from the Lord starting with morning thanksgiving for gift of new day.

To refrain from being critical of others and be more patient.

I will not allow busy-ness to get in the way of my relationship with God, even if this means simply feeling God’s presence as I do what I need to do. And since this retreat has made me see how much I need to grow in the art of genuine loving, I will make an effort to do everything as an act of love rather than an obligation or a measure of productivity.

To be thankful… To keep in mind that the Lord God will always provide, that He will allow things to happen according to His greater plan… To trust and continue believing… To see others in Jesus’ eyes…

To start my first waking moment with a thanksgiving for being alive and then invoking the power of the Holy Spirit to come into my life and order the rest of my day to give glory to You.

I would want to push through with my new year’s resolution to stay present and be more mindful of everything. I will do my best to avoid distractions when praying to have a more intimate conversation with the Lord. I will also see to it that I give time to be with others – talk with them and truly listen and be interested in what they say. Whenever I get the chance to walk in nature, I will appreciate the things around me – the trees, the grass, the animals, and the people. I will do my best to help other people as much as I can in any way possible.

Lord, grant me the grace and discipline to do all these so I can nourish my relationship with You, with other people, and with all of your creation further and deeper. Thank you. Amen.

To be kinder and more patient especially to my family, to make time for them over things that keep me “busy” but do not matter as much. To stretch myself a bit more to help others by using skills and talents that have been “dormant”. Most importantly, to ask for greater faith and not give up trying because He is ever near, and always equips those He has called.






Upon waking up, give thanks for it is God who did it for me. Mindfulness of His presence at every thing that I will do with my life. Praying first before doing or deciding on something
Be on guard to always do what God wants me to do towards His children. Take care of every grace that has been given me and never give in to temptation at any point in my life. Gratitude should be part of my daily reflection and try to include every person that needs my prayer too. Constantly ask for His forgiveness because I fall not thrice but several times. Know that God forgives and gives a chance for me to renew everyday. What a great God we have. Thank you Father for everything because without you we are nothing.

Be kind and loving. Control my reaction to the actions of others; instead of me praying that they will change.

Be more prayerful; continue what has been started during the quarantine.

Be honest, in my words, thoughts and actions.

Be more patient, especially with the people I love. Realize that I should spend every day as if it’s the last one with them.

Be always grateful, esp for each new day that we are alive and given the chance to follow Jesus. Thank God for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and numerous chances.

I love you, Lord.

Try to give time to do Examen every morning.
Start to let go of non-essentials in life.
Try to be more accepting of others especially the “infected” people – the dregs of the society.
Try to sleep earlier than usual. Trust God that He will see me through in my not so healthy moments.
Help others cope with the effects of the pandemic.

Hoping, forgiving, giving and loving are not all easy. The words are easy to say but difficult to act on. Praying everyday to ask for His grace to act on with love will keep the distance closer. I ask for His grace not to forget to pray and call His when it is both difficult n comfortable.

– start the day with a prayer, reminding myself that I am a child of God
– extend kindness even more
– each person could be going through something, we may need to pause before reacting, pause from being judgmental
– offer a helping (and clean) hand to a stranger
– pray during the day, Trust in God’s love for me
– don’t hesitate to give (no matter how small)
– don’t expect anything back, but be gracious in receiving
– end the day with a prayer of gratitude

I have to start with committing to and protecting my prayer time. I haven’t been faithful to my covenant with the Lord and always come up with excuses. Then, I need to work on my patience with strangers. I’m very patient with friends and family, but when a total stranger crosses a line, I tend to act negatively. I also have to avoid worrying too much about my aging parents, finances and the future, coz if I do, it means I don’t trust that God is in control of my life. I must practice generosity more often rather expecting people to be generous to me. I must have that concious-effort to live a truly Catholic life.

To be grateful for “little” blessings and and to remain hopeful because “all things are passing away”.

Making time for prayer.. be it spontaneous or scheduled. Being more aware of God’s gifts and presence in my life for it is His plans that matter and not my plans. Believe… always. Try to be better… always

For the longest time, I have gone through my day without consciously praying. I always find an excuse not to. I want to begin incorporating prayer again to my daily activities.

“I heard it said
That people come into our life for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow if we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true
Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes the sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better
But because I KNEW YOU,

from “Wicked”

“The Lord is Now Here.” I choose to celebrate Easter everyday and believe that “The Lord is Every Where and Forever”. With this thought, I am encouraged to:
~ Talk to our Lord more frequently, even in short spurts during the day. A simple “hello”, “help me”, “what should I do?”, “can I do this?”.
~ Read a portion/chapter of the bible at the end of the day, before my prayer time as a constant reminder that He is with me even in my sleep.
~ Share the goodness of the Lord through acts of kindness to others, no matter how small.
~ Continue to consecrate my family in the service of the Lord.

Lord, may your ever-present love and mercy be our source of strength and hope as we journey in this life.

Will work to improve my relationship with my mom. I have a deep resentment with what I perceive are her controlling ways. But I cannot change my mom and since I do love her, I need to make the change in me. Will strive to call her at least 3x a week to check up on her and to allow her to have someone to chat with. Will try to resist to cringe every time she criticizes or judges me or anyone and attribute it to her own way of loving – wanting everything and everyone to be perfect.

I choose to resist the evil spirit when he says “You can never change”. I will way no to sin that separates me from God. And I choose to trust God amidst suffering and “to accept it only when it comes and to choose it
only for the purpose of helping
or saving others.” I will always believe that after Good Friday comes Easter Sunday.

Oftentimes, doing things to past the time like social media fills our day with different kinds of information we do not need. My baby steps is being mindful of what i do by doing things with purpose and always ask the Lord for guidance.

I will choose to always find time for Him in prayer.

To let go of my bitterness, resentment and anger accumulated over the years.

To allow wounds of the past to heal and not cling to them because it felt comfortable.

To learn the grace of true forgiveness.

To give more of myself to others. ♥️?

As I say my morning prayer, I will always stare at the cross to remind myself of the great LOVE He has given me…by dying for me. I will focus on that LOVE and try to pass it on to every person that I encounter beginning with my family, the kasambahay, the neighbor….greetings of the day, praises instead of criticism, a smile when my eyes come into contact with the person in the supermarket. Say Thank you for every good deed by somebody….

To be more patient, less judgmental and more kind. I know I have been impatient with check out people in supermarkets in the past. Let me remember what they have sacrificed during this time of the pandemic. Let me count my blessings and share more.

My first baby step would be to be more aware of God’s presence in everything I do in a day. I will do this by stopping during times in a day and think about how He is there for me in whatever it was I have been doing. The obstacle though is that it would be easy to forget this. So to make it easier, when i stop to look at my phone, whether going home from work or in between patients I see, i will try to make that a habit and be grateful always.

I will start and end my day in prayer. I will not give up doing examen even if there will be more dry spells. I will ask for God’s graces as much as I can instead of just relying on “my” will.

“Consume content” that will deepen my understanding of Chirst and what he wants me to do. Whether this means watching movies, daily readings and reflections, etc. – ONLY in understanding the will of God for me can I be brought closer to him.

I would want and i pray fervently that i may be able to be a worthy follower of God. Like what you said,baby steps. Just praying as soon as i wake up, give thanks to the Lord for another day and thanking Him for what will be in store for that day is already a start.Pls pray with me that i will be able to so that.

I will always choose to stay close to God, to show up regularly during my prayer time, even when I cannot pray, even when I don’t know what to tell Him. Just be there, beholding Him, in silence. Waiting patiently. Full of faith, full of hope.

By improving the content of my prayers to be always blessed with spiritual awareness of how to do an extra act of kindness,

Thank you Lord Jesus for my life,for your blessings and love. Forgive me Jesus for forgetting you somedays amidst my daily chores. Increase my faith in You Jesus. Help me ! Have mercy on me.

i will continue my habit of offering my schedule for the day & asking his blessing on my plans that i may know & do His will according to His schedule; i will offer thanks at the end of the day & discern when i was able to do His will & share in them.

I will continue with what I have started during this lockdown. I will make a quiet time for Him every morning, to talk and listen to Him and just be still content and happy knowing that He is seated beside me.

adding more time in my daily prayer with God. More time in listening rather than talking.
strive to attend daily Mass.

I will think less and less of myself and more and more of God – His unconditional, forgiving and suffering love for me and for all His beloved creatures.

With God’s grace, I beg for the grace to be more generous with my time and resources to those in need and to others and be generous to God in my prayer time.

I will choose to follow the Lord (it’s easier said than done) but I will try.

I know that I might fall time and again, but I would not stop following him to where he leads me.

I will start having more prayer time, conversing to the Lord and telling him about my daily life and thanking him for the blessings and trials each day.
I will also be more attentive during the mass, especially in listening to the gospel.

Always make time for him and develop a more personal relationship. Man being weak and sinful should all the more have a close and intimate understanding that only he is all knowing and understanding.

I will start with a review of my day every night. Look for everything i should be grateful for. Think of persons i might have hurt or neglected and promise to do better the next day .

One tiny step: I’ll be honest with the Lord about my thoughts and feelings, and to speak truthfully to Jesus about them.

I will continue to have prayer time with the Lord and pray to Mary as well to lead me to Him. For my part, I will continue to help spread Gods Word by sharing my prayers and inspirational words to his flock, to all that want to experience spiritual healing and love. In Jesus name.Amen

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