Because of Jesus, everything indeed has become a door. After all that he has done and undergone, there no longer remains any door that is closed to him.

None, that is, except one.

There is a famous painting by William Holman Hunt called “The Light of the World,” where Jesus is shown knocking on a door, lamp in hand, but the door has no visible lock.

It is the door of the human heart, and the door can be unlocked only from the inside. The Lord can enter the door of our hearts and bring his light in only if we ourselves open the door and let him in. Until then all he can really do is wait.

Even if the door of God’s heart has been flung wide and permanently open, we will remain separated from Jesus unless we freely choose to unlock the door of our hearts and let him in.

Even if our Lord wants to find every single lost sheep, save every single lost coin, and welcome every single lost son, it’s not enough. Our own freedom still has the power to keep him away and to ward off God’s mercy.

If Hell ends up occupied, it will most likely be only because of the frightening power of our own free will.

The door of our own hearts is the one door Jesus will never force open.

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Image sources:
“Light of the World” (William Holman Hunt)