Like a true disciple of Jesus,
all her life Mary fumbled after her son.

Her mantra was the same response
she gave the angel Gabriel
when she was first extended
the invitation to be the “mother of the Most High”:

“Let it be done to me
according to Your Will.”

Jesus–like the God that he is–
couldn’t be confined to any box.
He, like the God that he is,
kept breaking out of boxes.

To keep up with him,
Mary his mother faithfully kept
letting him out of her boxes–
one after another.
Each time they met,
it was like she would see him
for the first time.




Mary kept on following Jesus–
often without understanding
finally finding herself
at the foot of his cross.

Contemplate some of the highlights
in Mary’s life and be with her
in her uncertainties and pains.



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Image and scenes from “Son of God” (2014)
Song from George Michael (“First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”)