Dance with the Lord

Here we go
with our final prayer exercise…

No matter what you decide to do–
whether just to watch,
or to dance in your seat
(yes, that’s completely possible
and acceptable!),
or–best of all, of course–
to actually get up and join the dance,
remember that we are celebrating
God’s compassion and love.
This is us dancing with Him.

Because of the gift of His Son,
no matter how bleak our days,
no matter how broken our world,
we can alway choose to dance,

to find ourselves
in a place of hope.

And isn’t that worth dancing for?

So, here are Anton and his friends
to lead us in our closing prayer exercise.

Now, get up
and join the dance!

Dance like no one’s watching–
because no one is,
except for the Lord.

Make sure to turn up the volume,
and have fun!

If you’re up to it,
send us a screenshot or photo–

of your dance.
Even better:

Send us a video!
If you’re too shy,
wear a mask! 🙂
Email to [email protected]

Thanks to Anton Fausto for his choreography and his friends for their participation: Ken Caliwara, Kiko Guzman, Samantha Javier, Rolf Lamela, Winette Siy, Lexxel Tanganco. and Jao Vinluan.

For the curious thinkers who want to see the joy and meaning in the little details of everyday life, Anton Fausto is a conversationalist who brings out each individual’s unique story that’s worth sharing through his interview podcast, Anton on One Podcast available on YouTube and Spotify.

Watch his interview with Fr. J HERE.