Get Ready for Our Final Prayer Exercise

Advent is an eager looking forward to Christmas,
when the world received God’s irrevocable gift
of His Son.

For this reason, our closing prayer exercise
should of course be some kind of celebration!

It will be–for a change
and just this once!–
an invitation to dance!

people raising their hands up

The good news is,
of course you can just remain in your seat
and watch the dance–
but even better,
why not join the dance?

It will be an opportunity for us to express
our gratitude, our joy, and our hope physically
to pray our gratitude, joy, and hope
with our bodies.

If you’re shy, you can lock the door
and draw the curtains
so you can dance with freedom
and even abandon!

If you happen to be doing
this recollection with others,
well, you can have an impromptu
virtual dance party among yourselves!

If you’re thinking,
“But I don’t know how to dance!”
no worries!

Here is a quick instructional video
from our friend Anton Fausto,
who has come up
with a simple, easy-to-learn choreography
for the chorus of the song.

Even if you plan to remain in your seat,
do make an effort to learn the choreography
so you can still join us.

The song, of course, is
Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Game? 🙂

Take as long as you want
to learn the choreography
before you move on
to our Closing Prayer Exercise.