As we come to the close
of our Good Friday Retreat,
let us gather all the graces
that we have received today:
the ideas we learned,
the feelings we experienced,
but most importantly,
the memories that we have created
with the Lord Jesus.

After all, it is through prayer
that we are able to create
new and personal memories with the Lord.

For our closing prayer,
we will once again contemplate
the mysteries of Good Friday.
Allow the images and scenes of Calvary
to touch your heart.
This is yet another time for you
to allow Lent to go through you
and do its work.

Watch this prayerfully,
and let it lead you to prayer.

Linger here for as long as you like
and share your prayer below, if you wish.


Music: “In Him Alone”
(Composed by MV Francisco,
Performed by Bukas Palad Ministry)

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Lord, we thank you for sacrificing for us and for our sins. May we always be reminded of the sufferings you’ve gone through as we go in our daily lives for us to live as true Christians. Amen.

“What have we to offer, that does not fade or wither?”

You bore our sufferings and carried our sorrows. What can we offer you to ease the pains we have caused you? Remind me to always look at you in the cross that we may be able to bear and carry our own sorrows and sufferings.


Lord, the crosses you chose to carry and to suffer with are nothing compared to what we have in our lives right now. May we seek to understand that beyond the sufferings we experience in this day and age, is You, Lord, working in every detail of our lives. You are never absent in the background and in the details. May we allow ourselves to love You in full circle.

Lord, let me never forget, everytime I complain about the heavy crosses I have to bear in my life, how you DIED carrying the cross that bore my sins.
Forgive me please, dear Lord.

Oh Lord Jesus the Christ in as much as i know that you will always win at the end but i cannot easily take the trials ive been through, my pains and difficulties which i unite to your sufferings as an offering for the remission of my sins and those of my loved ones (if it may merit). Knowing that there is is always a consequence everytime i sin, i still continue to commit so. Oh Lord please do heed my pleadings. In Jesus name Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ you are my hope and my strength.
You called me, you chosen me, you Annointed to bring the good news of salvation, of love which is you Jesus Christ. In you calling for me to bring good news to the poor in wealth and spirit. Bring you to them – into their heart – – – see our Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, who became Man like us knowing all our pains and experienced all the most deepest pains and suffering of man that feel, understand all our cry, pains and concerns. Jesus Christ know and understand it all.. In prayer, in all our cry petition to Jesus, He knows it all.

Thank You Lord. I hope to honor You and love You everyday in my life. Fill me in and never separate me from You.

Lord, thank You for the grace of knowing you more deeply every Lenten season and beyond.

I am comforted today by the grace of Your selfless love that you poured out upon us when You died on the cross.

Your death is irrefutable proof that I am never alone in my suffering. I suffer greatly nowadays with my health concerns, my stressful job, and my family whom I could not be with during this time.

Continue to bless me and my loved ones and whoever else is going through their own Calvary and carrying their own cross. Let Your humility and grace be with them as they strive to overcome life’s greatest trials. Amen.

Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang, walang sinuman ang namamatay para sa sarili lamang. Thank you Lord for setting the greatest example of love and friendship to us. May we grow closer to you each day. May we think not of ourselves more often, but of others, especially those who are in need. May we see the joy in your face every time we give, every time we love, until it hurts. To give and to love until it hurts no more. Amen

Inialay mo ang Iyong buhay para sa amin. Ikaw ang nagbigay ng kaligtasan sa amin lahat. Sa pamamagitan ng Iyong kamatayan sa krus, may panibagong pag-asang nabigay sa sangkatauhan. Nawa’y ang pagmamahal at pag-asang ito’y iyong pagyamanin sa aming mga puso nang maibahagi namin ito sa mga higit na nangangailangan sa mga panahong ito. Patuloy po ninyong ipaalala sa amin ang kahalagahan ng pagbabahagi ng aming mga sarili para sa ikabubuti ng aming kapwa.

Lord, there are a lot of uncertain things now going on. Can our healthcare system locally and worldwide handle the surge of covid-19 patients, how vulnerable are we to this disease, what happens now to the economy, especially with the vulnerable sectors, now that the world is practically at a standstill? And so on. But in the end, we know that it is in You Alone that we will be saved. Amen.

In You alone, God, do we find refuge. Forgive us for having caused you pain. It is painful to see our Blessed Virgin Mary hold you lifeless. You have saved us, O God. I pray that people will be worth your pain.

As you emptied yourself, dear Jesus, you made us full – full of love coming from You, full of grace coming from the Father, and full of inspiration coming from the Holy Spirit. Truly, only You can truly satisfy the deepest desires of our hearts. Thank you Lord Jesus. Grant me the grace to be always mindful of this and not to put Your death in vain in my life. Help me to fully cooperate with Your grace. Amen.

Yes, Lord…in You alone can I find strength and hope. Thank you, Lord Jesus for sacrificing your life for me. I love you, Lord!

Thank You again, Lord. I can’t say more, all I have in my heart is sincere gratitude for what You’ve done. I’m sorry for everything. Again, thank You and I praise You.

In you alone is my strength, hope and safety dear Jesus. Thank you for sanctifying me and the entire world with your precious blood. I believe that you would cleanse this corana virus with your sanctifying grace. I trust and I surrender our humanity which is suffering. Our emptiness of heart be filled with your love.

“What is good about Good Friday?
It’s Jesus on the cross.
God’s answer to all our questions. Amen”
– – Fr. Roseller Atilano, SJ during Good Friday mass, April 10

I’m sorry to be so bitter that I can’t take out those thorns yet. Please teach me to love a little more like you so I’ll be able to pull out all your thorns.

Thank you Lord for your great love and sacrifice. Thank you for saving us. Help us to share with others this great mystery of your Passion and Death. Help us to imbibe the lessons and never to forget how much we owe You. Help us to love others as you have loved us. We love you Lord!

Jesus, thank you for loving me and for saving me from my sins. Thank you for giving me hope in life.

I don’t fully understand why you need to die in the cross and go through all those unbearable pain and shame. Is it not possible for you to love and save me without dying on the cross, without hurting yourself? One thing is clear for me at this time: love is demanding, to love could mean losing and hurting myself for the good of another. This is hard to do. To love the way you do is hard for me. I beg you to give me the grace to love, to love you as I should, and to love the people around me as I love myself. Amen.

In Him alone are we saved. May this line remind us that if you saved us from our sins and eternal damnation, what is covid19. We just have to trust in You completely. We believe in your Lord and thank you for dying for us. We love you

In You, O Lord, we are safe. In You alone we are justified. Forgive me for the times I have forgotten how You suffered and died for me…for us. Thank, dear Lord, for not leaving us, especially at the moments that we needed You most to feel Your loving presence. I love You, Lord.

Lord, grant us all unwavering faith and bottomless hope in this time of despair. Please take care of everyone especially the sick, the dying and those who selflessly look after them. Please help us to believe and to pray that this will end soon. May the angels keep close watch over the little children all over the world. In Him alone truly is our HOPE. Amen.

In my heart, Lord, I heard You calling me to surrender to You all my fears, my worries, my doubts, and my anxieties about my earthly pilgrimage in life. You are calling me to trust in You completely, with all my heart, my mind, and my soul, leaning to You unceasingly in prayer as I strive to show up every single day, accepting my gifts, and doing my responsibilities both big and small, with greater love than fear. My dearest Lord Jesus Christ, my deepest gratitude. Amen.

Heavenly Father,

Most especially during these scary times, in You alone is our hope and our strength.

Thank you is not enough & never will be for the Blessings you give me , for the graces , for the second , third, fourth & Nth Chances you give me every time I fall into sin. Let the Image of you Cross, your Face, your Blood … come to my mind every time Temptation comes again~ let those thorns pierce my head that the Holy Spirit guide me to choose good over evil!
Remind me always of your LOVE ❤️

With you o Lord, we are complete, we are healed and we are thankful. We will be forever grateful for You, saving us from our sins. We are deeply sorry for causing You so much pain.
We will put all our trust, love and faith in You. Allow us to give ourselves fully to You.
Please continue to look upon us and heal Your land Lord, Jesus.

Oh Lord, this is too painful for me to see you die again and again and be reminded of your death for us all – when we remain indifferent and not care about your sacrifice, done for love of man who is so unworthy of this love. May this pandemic teach us the hard lesson of contemplation of. return to the faith, of complete and absolute reliance on you for all things. Let my life proclaim your glory, Lord.

Thank you. For all things, for all that will be, thank you. I will put my trust in you. Thank you for what you sacrificed for me.

Thank you Lord for having felt your presence once again. Thank you for making me feel that you are always with us, I am now ready to face this life again. Thank you for the grace of renewal. There will be new meaning when I face others. There will be new meaning when I face you in the Eucharist. There is a new meaning in my life. Pour forth your Holy Spirit for me to sustain it all the days of my life. Amen.

O Jesus, as I view the suffering & agony You experienced, I feel so unworthy of Your love & sacrifice. How weak am I that I continue to sin against you & my fellow man. Yet, You are still there to love me & forgive me.
Lord, please give me the grace & strength to do better. Please guide me & comfort me as I live with so many doubts & fears.
Please also guide & bless my family, relatives & friends. They especially need it most during these difficult times.
Thank you Lord Jesus for Your sacrifice.

Dearest Lord,
We do not know how to repay you for your sacrifice and for your love for us sinners. And yet, we know this is not what you expect. With a heart full of remorse and repentance, forgive us. With a heart full of gratitude, thank you. With a heart full of love, we love you. May we find our way back to you and may we bring others in our journey towards you. As you had said, you are the way, the truth and the life.

Maraming salamat, J. Mahirap, sobrang hirap ng pinagdadaanan naming lahat ngayon pero alam ko na hindi mo kami papabayaan. Alam kong ikaw lang ay higit na sapat na. Nawa’y maghari ka sa mga puso namin upang lagi naming piliin kung ano ang naaayon sayo. Salamat at mahal kita. Bigyan mo ako ng lakas upang magampanan ko kung ano ang gusto mo para sa ‘kin. Huwag niyo pong pabayaan kami lalo na ang mga doktor, nars, mga mahihirap at lahat ng nag-iisa sa krisis na ito.

Each time I receive you in the Holy Eucharist Lord, let that be a reminder for me of your great love for us, your people and not take you for granted. May we choose to lighten your burden and accompany you to Calvary with a renewed spirit.

Jesus, may your passion be a constant reminder of how great your love for us is. Clearly, no one can surpass to your love to the Father. You endured the most excruciating pain and humiliation for our salvation. I’ve known about this and I’ve cried many times, yet I still fall to sin. There are still times that I let worry consume me. I’m so sorry Lord. Please forgive me. I know I’m not worthy, yet you call me by name. Thank you Jesus.

I lift to you our fight against this pandemic, Lord. I know Covid19 is very powerful, but we have the most powerful God in you. Your love for us is so great that you died for us. I have faith that you will heal this world completely. I trust your process as you trusted the Father with your human life. I cling to the promise that whatever I ask in the name of his son, Jesus, the Father will answer. ♥️

Dear Lord,
Today I see You again carrying the weight of the Cross weighing down on the world today with this pandemic. I see You carrying the weight of those suffering- the victims of the virus, the dying left alone to meet their end, the front liners with their fatigue and anxieties that they could be the next victims, and the continued zest for power and money of some leaders that are causing so much suffering. Mama Mary, you were such a strong person despite the sufferings you underwent. No wonder Jesus has given you the honor of being the Mediatrix of Grace, being always by His side. Lord, Mama Mary, I lift my personal intentions to You today with all faith and confidence that You will answer my prayers. Amen.

Thank you Lord for enduring all the pain and suffering to save us. It is humbling to think that the problems I am experiencing now are nothing in comparison. This is teaching me that it is You alone that can see me tbrough as long as I put my trust in You. Take control Lord; Your will be done.

Thank you my Lord for allowing me to experience you today in a powerful way. It took a lockdown to have this opportunity and gain this experience which i pray will linger with me always. Indeed, your ways are not our ways.
I pray for my family. Grant them the grace to experience you in a personal way. Have mercy on us all. Amen.

We adore You, oh Christ, and we bless You, because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world. Because of Your great love for me, I have been saved.

Forgive me Lord for I have sinned.Stay with me Lord as I watch and pray your passion and death. Thank you Lord for my new life in you.

My Lord, my God.. I look at Mama Mary’s face of sadness and sorrow and I can only imagine the pain she felt..

Your journey was not an easy one Lord and I am reminded that my problems and struggles are nothing .. the thorns the pierce your skull, the lashing on your skin and your crucification .. I surely would not be able to do all that, but you did for us..

This pandemic I know is God’s way of knocking at our doors to let us all know that all came from Him and as sure as He gave what we have, He can also take it all away.. we are not in control, He is in Control and I know Thru you my Lord and Savior, You will walk w us and carry us thru this pandemic.. I pray that when this is all over, that people will not forget, and have renewed attitudes towards You Lord.. I want to be sitting w You, accompanying you while you wait.. keeping you company even in silence, I want to be w you to help you and ease the weight of your cross and I want to be someone who picks out the thorn slowly off your head .. not one who adds to it.. I pray for the courage and strength to be someone who you would want me to be.. so that when my time comes I pray You and Mama Mary would remember me in Paradise .. pls forgive me Father God. Pls forgive us all, so that we may apeace your wrath upon this earth. In Jesus name. Amen

Save me, save us, o loving savior.

May we able to be free from sins, never forgetting your crucifixion on the cross for our sake.

Grant that after this our exile, we meet you face to face in your divine court.


Thank you, LORD JESUS, for CHOOSING to suffer and die for me, in order to redeem me from MY sins and giving me a chance to, one day – GOD willing – make it to HEAVEN, AMEN.

Lord, I am very very sorry for all my sins, I have been proud, I have humiliated those who know less and have hurt their feelings countless times. Please forgive me.
When my automatic reaction is to belittle those who cannot see what I see, help me to remember that you accepted your Father’s request to be human and to be exposed to earthly life with all its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and challenges… and to go through the most difficult path of betrayal by one of your apostles and all the way to your most painful and humiliating death on the cross in Calvary ! I cannot fathom your deep LOVE for each one of us… help us to have a heart like yours!
Lord, today, please be at the side of all those who are struggling to survive this COVID 19 infection….make them feel your presence and strengthen them both physically and spiritually. Heal them completely so they may testify to your mercy and goodness. Please give hope to their families who are almost lost in desperation.
Protect our heroic Health Care Workers who are doing everything they know and every equipment they have to save lives. They have transformed themselves into your countenance and likeness… sustain them, Lord, with physical, emotional and psychological strength as they continue to care for their patients and give them hope. We continue to put our trust in You, our ever loving God. Thank you for the gift of life and LOVE !

Lord, I cannot imagine what your Mother may have been thinking, but my thoughts are:
Why is my son suffering like this? What has He done to deserve the beatings, the heavy cross and the nails through His hands.

You are helpless, Mama Mary. I feel helpless, too, but it is for my sins that Jesus endured all of this.

I am sorry.

Lord, today, I am reminded that all my problems and struggles are insignificant compared to what you went through to save me from my sins and bring me closer to God the Father. I am reminded to surrender to You and to trust in You.

Words seem so insignificant as a response to what You’ve been through for us. Thank you for the grace of this retreat, it is encouraging to believe that we can do small acts to reduce the thorns in your crown. Please continue reminding us of your presence and of your love as we also struggle to live a life that won’t cause you further pain.

The Lord knows very well my struggles as he went through the most painful experience in Calvary. I just have to trust His process; I believe He is with me in my struggles/thorns. He was, and is, and will be with me until these struggles are overcome. Amen

Dear Lors and ABBA Father. You loved me so much that You gave up YOUR only son to free me from sin and to save me. Help me Lord to repay your love and generosity by radiating your love to others, by willingly carrying my cross to affirm you and to give you greater glory. Amen

Thank you for reminding me that “it is through prayer that we are able to create
new and personal memories with the Lord.” Since the lockdown started, I haven’t been able to pray meaningfully. Until today, I have been feeling blocked. While I have been trying to follow various prayers and reflections I’ve seen posted, there remained a heaviness in my chest. Maybe it’s guilt that I’ve strayed so far from God, from how I used to be so many years ago. Feeling so unworthy of His forgiveness and love. I am grateful for this retreat, that it has helped me realize that it is I who have distanced myself from God, and not the other way around. I still have much to work on, still have many thorns to remove. But now, I hope I can move forward and feel that my prayer is not useless.

Thank you Lord for washing away our sins with your own precious blood. Your love for us gave us our new life. May we be continuously be inspired and reminded that YOU alone is our hope to get through in most trying times.

There is nothing that we can do that can equal your sacrifices up to Your death on the cross. But, in your infinite love and mercy, you embraced Your cross and kept Your love known to us, day by day.

In this Covid 19 crisis, I know You are here with us. May I embrace that truth and listen to Your voice always.

Thank you for reminding me that it is in YOU ALONE that we are saved, forgiven, and loved unconditionally. My heart has been humbled with the reminder of your great sacrifice for us and I am opening my heart to receive you fully, Jesus. I can be strong knowing that your presence is everlasting.

Jesus, Your death brought us redemption and hope. May we carry this hope for our brothers and sisters who are afflicted with COVID-19. May we carry this hope, along with our frontliners, who are facing this pandemic. May we carry this hope, together with our leaders, so we may be able to help one another in this crisis. And may this hope be our source of strenght to overcome Covid-19. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, I am very thankful you come into my life. May we reach and be with You in your kingdom. Have mercy on us, remember all those frontliners and grant them Your blessing always to be safe together with their love ones. Amen.

Lord, I pray for people with COVID-19 who are now suffering, for those who have died alone without their families beside them… for people suffering from hunger because of the necessary lockdown…have mercy on us, O Lord. Amen.

Thank you Lord for your death it has brought us life. In this trying times of the pandemic. Lord help us to seek only you and trust that your holy will be done in ourlives and in the world.

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