is a fitting prayer
that we can say to our Lord on the cross.
But it could also well be
our Lord’s prayer to the Father
uttered in both anguish and faith
especially as he feels the distance from the Father.

Say this prayer
or listen to Jesus say this prayer,
asking him what his message for you
might be this Good Friday.

Linger here awhile.

When you feel up to it,
share what you thought
and how you felt.
You may write your prayer
to our Lord below.


51 replies on ““I LOOK TO YOU””

Lord, thank you for the past 10 years. The last time that I had a retreat as impactful was 10 years ago. Thank you for your faithfulness in my life. I release to you my pain, my feelings of bondage, my weaknesses, the things that spell death for me. Renew me, so that I can follow you again with replenished vigor for the next 10 years. Please continue creating miracles in my life, so that I can continue being a channel of miracles for others.

“When melodies are gone, in you I hear a song.”

LORD, you are my music. Help me to sustain the challenges, difficulties, struggles, failures, uncertainties, fears and doubts happening in life. Let your love flow and shine on me.


You took my place

Jesus I know I cannot be able to fathom the pain, humiliation, the sadness you have felt.
At the foot of thy cross, I know, You took my place.

in all those times of feeling physically and emotionally pained, humiliated and disturbed.
In those times I felt the cross is so unbearable
At the foot of thy cross, I know, You took my place.

I would always longed to be redeemed on challenges I face,even if it is of my own doing – But you always took my place, you held my hand and by your assuring embrace, Thank you Jesus, Thank you for your saving grace.

Jesus, THANK YOU! For saving me, that I may be made worthy of Your kingdom in heaven. I look to You oh Lord when I am going astray. When I am full of myself and succumbing to the negativity of the devil that it is feeding in me, I look to You! Please have patience on me oh Lord. I am humbly asking for Your mercy and grace to overcome the struggles that I am facing inside of me. You know the deepest corners of my heart and I long to be filled with Your love. Create in me a clean heart oh Lord. I LOOK TO YOU!

Lord I am so sorry for not being worthy of your sacrifice for us. I look to you and mother Mary daily for strength to be a better man and follow your teachings. I pray you give me strength to help my brothers and be an example to children to follow.

It’s you who gives us strength in times when we feel helpless. It’s you whom we turn to when we need guidance and protection. And no matter how far we distance ourselves from you, it’s still you who we seek everytime we feel lost. And you always find us, ready to welcome us with open arms.

No words will ever be enough to explain how grateful I am for Your ultimate sacrifice, Lord. I will always look to you. Even if I am sinful and unworthy, I will look to You, Lord.

I look to you, Lord. Only YOU. With your death on the cross, you saved me from my sins and the sins of mankind. You went through the sufferings because you love us. Help us to be worthy of your love, Lord.

Lord, I’m so sorry. Thank you for the love you gave and continue to give me, you suffered so much for me…you gave your life for me, thank you, Jesus! I love you, Lord and forgive me for the countless times I put you on the cross. Strengthen me and teach me to trust you.

I look to you, Lord… But I want to look away from the brutality of your crucifixion … it’s much too painful … help me not to look away …

True, I have oft overlooked the small but most essential detail of Jesus’ side being pierced by a lance after He died. Water gushed out as he already expended all His blood for us. Even in death, He continued to give of Himself, down to the very last drop of water in Him. I am now all the more appreciative and grateful, which is nowhere near His great love for us.

In You, O Lord, we put all our needs, concerns, fears, brokenness, and even useless anxieties. Please bless us and make us whole. Keep us always ever so close to You as You are to the Father no matter what. For, we trust in Your loving kindness and mercy for us sinners. When and everytime we fall, we are sincerely sorry. Please forgive us.
I love You dearly, Lord, and grant me the grace to always look to You in good times and even moreso, in difficult moments.

Dear Jesus, thank you for enduring such a cruel, cruel death to save all of us sinners. Thank you, Blessed Mother for bringing Jesus to us. The anguish that you had to go through at seeing your Son suffer must have torn your whole being apart. Please continue to inspire us, guide us and help us in all our needs. We beg for your graces as we look to you now in this time of great sorrow and anxiety for mankind. Please save us all, Jesus and Mama Mary. Amen.

Thank you Lord for enabling and saving us to be closer to the Lord. Your sacrifice gave us the strength to withstand challenges and trials, including this pandemic and even death itself. I look up to you.

May everyone affected by the current pandemic draw strength and comfort from Your sacrifice on the cross. May we our worries be washed away by Your holy blood. May we be sustained by Your perfect love for us. Thank you Jesus

After all my strength is gone, in You, I can be strong. When all the melodies are gone, in You, I hear a song.

Thank you, Jesus, for thinking us even at the point of Your death. Amid not understanding why You had to die (that way) and why this pandemic and suffering happen today, teach me to trust that You are in full control. Amen.

Lord thank you for paying all my debts, when you said that ” It is finished”, you mean it. There is nothing to worry about you set me free from everything, but I am not worthy to receive such gift. Im sorry… I know in every sin I make i added into the pain that you receive because of my redemption. May I always feel that love everytime I look to You.

Jesus gave all of himself for me. Down to the last ounce of energy in Him, until he breathed his last exhale. He endured every shot of pain thrown at Him. A lot of the pain surprising Him, beyond how he imagined them to be. As he puffed, and shouted in pain, and went thru the crucifixion, I imagine the Lord never for once, turning his gaze on me into anger… I can only see compassion on his face. A look of love and forgiveness even as He undures all the pain being thrown at His human body. Even as he grimaces at the excruciating pain he experiences, not once does His gaze become that of judgement, of disappointment, of anger… but always a loving and kind gaze towards me, saying “I love you. I do this all for you.” Not hearing even of my apologies. Not even waiting if I even want to apologize. But dying for me just the same. “I love you, and that is enough.”

Lord, I look to you during this difficult time for faith, hope and love. I pray that my brother and sisters will do the same. Thank you for pouring your love on us through your own death. I love you, Lord.

Heavenly Father,

I’m sorry for looking away from You during this weird time. But thank You for always looking at me, at all of us. Thank you for showing me how to love.

I’m sorry, Lord for being weak and hurting you over and over again with my sins. I look to You. Let me never be separated from You. Grant me the grace to always choose You above everything. I love You. Thank you for loving me despite of all my shortcomings, inspite of me.

Lord, I am not worthy of your love and sufferings, I look to YOU and ask for forgiveness for all my sins. A lot of realisations have taught me in this trying times, where we all stop from our routine and plans. We should be reminded that in everything that we do, it is only YOU that is the most important in our life that we should regarded first.

Thank you Jesus and I will look to You and feel your presence in my life.

I LOOK TO YOU … dear Jesus , let me Always focus on you, when everything is gone, when the whole world does not know what to do, when everyone is at a loss in this Crisis- – –
Thank you Lord?

O Lord, I know that You will always be there for us. Your sufferings on this Holy Week show that You know the agony, fear, doubt & sufferings we go thru. You are letting us know that You will be there for us. I pray that I never forsake You. Please comfort us during this difficult time & to trust in You. That You know what is good for us & will show us the way.

Thank you for everything that You have done for us. There may be times that we feel lost and weak, I know You will always hold our hands and guide us to You. I may sometimes fail to pray everyday, but always remember that my Faith in You will not wither away. I will always love and trust You. My heart will always be Yours. Thank you for everything

Jesus, I can only imagine how you felt as you went through the culmination of your life and mission here on earth. You had to distance yourself from Your Father. You had to undergo everything alone. The darkest part of Your life, you had to be on Your own so that we will never be alone. Thank you for washing our sins with Your own blood. Thank you for being man and showing us that God can walk with us on earth. Thank you for bridging man and God so that we never feel excluded. As we go forward with our lives, especially during this crisis, may we also serve others as how You have served us. May we be instruments of God’s love even in our own ways and may we always remember Your sacrifices and what they mean so that everything we do will be to extend God’s love to all. Thank you. Amen.

Lord, I look to you, I feel so weak right now, I dont know what next step will I take, I am so lost but knowing that you are there gives me this courage that you will lead me in the right direction and all the rejections would mean redirections. Thank you Lord for the strength and love that gets me through everyday. I will forever praise you. ❤️

Thank you Lord for your love and mercy. I am filled with sorrow just thinking of the suffering you went through. I also think about your loved ones whose hearts were torn. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing love. Forgive me Lord for the times I hurt you. Help me to love. Help me to share you to others. Amen.

I look to You my Lord. You are my strength and my salvation. I am thankful for your great sacrifices for the whole world. Please look upon the world with mercy and save us from this pandemic covid. Have pity Lord. Hear our pleas. Amen ?

Dear Lord,
As I remember how you looked at us on the cross, I can’t help but feel consoled by your loving gaze. I pray that in times of doubt or fear, I remember you seeing me from the cross, as you make the ultimate sacrifice of love.

Dear Lord, when we feel heartbroken, dejected, fearful, let your light shine upon us. We look to you, Lord, for strength, courage, and hope. You unwavering, unconditional and eternal love allows us to continue following your path as we journey through life’s challenges and trials. For we know, at the end of our time in this world, You are there. Amen.

Lord Jesus, I am sorry you had to die for us. And even more sorry that I do not seem to give importance to your death by continuing to sin. I do not know if I will win this constant struggle with sin, but I pray that each time I fall I will choose to look to you.

Praise YOU, MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST & THANK YOU from your most unworthy servant. I am extremely sorry for my sins and how these added to your sufferings and pains today. At the same time, I have never felt SO MUCH OF YOUR LOVE FOR ME as I do now.
LORD, I beg your forgiveness and ask you to give me YOUR GUIDANCE, MERCY AND STRENGTH not to sin again, AMEN.

Dear Lord, i look to you for forgiveness of my sins, i look to you for healing my soul from pains of losing loved ones and i look to you for being with us through this darkness.

Thank you for your love and for giving up your life for us.

Dear Lord, as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I can only imagine the pain that your mother and your dear friends must have felt as they watched you go through all that suffering. It hurts like hell, but as I look to you, I know you want me to be strong, to have faith, to trust in you. As hard as it may be, I will continue to struggle, I will try to be brave. I am here for you, as you have always been for me. I love you.

Dearest Lord, thank you for being with me and for sacrificing everything for my sins. I pray for forgiveness in times when I doubt and question your plans for me and your existence. I pray that you will continue to be with me and hold my hand in my journey in this earth and in heaven with you.

Lord, thank you for giving up your life for us to save us and cleanse us from our sins. I will always look to you for strength, courage and hope. Love you Lord. ♥️?

Oh Blood and Water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us, I trust in You.

Help me, Lord, to live these words.

I LOOK TO YOU ONLY, JESUS with so much tears in my eyes. You are my strength and my fortress, my Saviour and Redeemer, my one and only God! Words are not enough to express how much sorry I am for all my sins and the sins of mankind. i and We areHeal me Lord, heal us and heal the world.

I look to You Lord. When all my strength is gone from fighting the battles in my life, I look to You. But why wait when all else is gone, before we look to You. You have always been there just waiting for us to look up to You and to say Jesus, You take over.

Jesus, have mercy on me, please forgive my sins shortcomings wrongdoings weaknesses that hurt you. Am not worthy of your love. From today on, please help me to live a worthy life of your love. Teach me to trust You always, teach me to do best in my daily life by following your Word. Thank you Jesus, thank you amen.

Lord, may we continue to look to You, during this time of the pandemic. Our walls are shattered (our ordinary life), we have lost our strength (in things beyond our control). In You we give our fears, anxieties, worry for the future. I believe that everything that is happening now has a purpose, we just have to be still and trust in Your way, Lord. Strengthen our hearts and minds, keep our faith in You.

Watching that on video is so painful already. I’m not sure if I can endure looking up to you at that time first hand. Thank you Jesus. No one can match the love you have given all of us.

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