Good Friday is the day when we see
just how far the Lord Jesus was willing to go
to find us and save us.




We already know Good Friday isn’t
just about the obvious physical pain
that our Lord Jesus endured.
He also went through great emotional
and especially spiritual suffering
to get the work of redemption done.

But if we think about it,
we can’t help but ask one nagging–and disturbing–question:
“Did Jesus really have to go that far?”

Why, for instance, didn’t God do for Himself
what He did for Abraham?




Recall how in the Book of Genesis,
God sent an angel to Abraham–
at the very last minute–
so that his one and only son Isaac could be spared
from being sacrificed (Gen 22:11-14).

Why didn’t God do the same
so that His one and only Son could also be spared?
After all, God has full command
of the entire heavenly angelic host!
Why didn’t He give out the order
to spare His Son from such a terrible death?

If you let it,
this question can disturb you.


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image from “The Passion of the Christ,”