The boy in the story could well stand for God.
When, for whatever reason,
we go into hiding,
God never gives up looking for us.

But when it’s God’s turn to go into hiding,
we tend to throw up our hands
and give up.

Sometimes we just want to tell Him:


When we are surrounded
by God’s apparent absence and silence,
one thing we can do is
say the prayer of desire:
The prayer of desire is simply the heart
longing for God Who is hidden and silent,
Who seems far away,
even absent.

Do you have a desire
to experience the Lord?
How strong–or weak–
is this desire?
Do you want to receive
such a desire?

Here is a song that expresses this sentiment:
The song is a prayer to God
that expresses a deep longing to see God
and a wish that He wouldn’t play “Hard to Get.”

Pray over this song
and make the words your own,
speaking them to God.

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