He Will Not Give Us Up

Spend some time
reflecting about what God has done
and what it means.

For this is what Advent is about.
It is what we are invited
to look forward to during this season:

That singular compassionate act of God
in the Incarnation
of investing His entire Self
in humanity
by giving us His only Son.

By doing this,
God “broke the rules” of being God
choosing to be one of us.

He did not only look down.
God came rushing down!

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It is a gift
He will never take back.

Because of His Son,
our Lord Jesus,
God will never desert us.

He will never give up on us.

And this enduring truth is
the unfailing source of our hope.

Let us take a moment
to gather our gratitude
for this wonderful and undeserved gift!

Let us pray with this song
as we contemplate the image of Lot’s wife
in that very moment
she turns around
because of compassion.

Listen carefully to the words of the song:
They could very well be the words
that God wishes to speak to you.

Please take a moment to share below
how you feel and
what you think.
You may also just post a prayer,
if you prefer.


42 replies on “He Will Not Give Us Up”

Thank you for Divine Compassion, for the love song of God to me, of His always being with me and promising never to give me up, let me down, or desert me. And what a striking insight that the Divine Compassion of God looking down on mankind, could have a similarity with the looking back of Lot’s wife, because of compassion.

I personally think that Lot’s wife turned around because of regret…regret of leaving everything and everyone behind. Hence, she turned into a pillar of salt. Is human compassion greater than God’s compassion? I don’t think so. God wants us to trust Him unconditionally. Lot’s wife chose to use her free will and defy God because of her earthly attachments.

Thank you, Father God, for Your undeserved gift of Divine Compassion to us, to humanity _ for sending us Your only Begotten Son Jesus to be with us to eternity!
May we continue to be blessed with the grace to honor, praise and love You despite our brokenness.
Jesus, I trust in You, in Your Divine Providence!??

Now I am feeling its ok to be weak, not effective, not perfect, not good at tasks, not efficient in every move but the call to serve and to be with others is the true hope and the truth.
Jesus remembers the Lot’s wife as she was compassionate.

I want to pray for those victims of loneliness, distrust and social pressure especially those who cared too much and thought too much of others and killed themselves internally or physically, may be given a peace and to understand that they are understood by God.

It is also in our weaknesses that God is present.. that it will show that He is our strength.

For if someone imperfect, weak, sinful and shameful, can show compassion to those who are suffering, how much more can God?

Father, we thank you for this undeserved gift — this unfailing hope that only You provide. You make us see that all our pains and sufferings are felt by You too. That we are not alone in this and that You are our strength. I pray for those who are searching for meaning amidst the hurt, that they may find You and feel Your loving and comforting presence.

Is Lot’s wife in Heaven?
Despite her “disobedience” with the instruction not to look back and she did?
I think she very well may be there.
Because God did understand her act of defiance that came from compassion.

He did the same, radically, and to the ultimate end that is His Son becoming Man and giving up His life in the most brutal way.

The image and symbolism of Lot’s wife and what happened to her really struck me. If it was compassion that made her look back, why did she turn into salt? Was it because her compassion wasn’t drawn from God? Is it possible not to draw compassion from God?

What i learned from this recollection is to be comfortable with questions, and being uncomfortable, to fear but still be able to move forward and not look back. Thank you God for this opportunity.


The last song took me by surprise. It’s been one of my favourites; one I used to dance and sing along to long after it had gone off the hit charts. I never imagined it would also draw my tears and make me think of God’s deep love for me. I never took those words seriously, knowing no man can make that promise and be true to it. But God can … and does! Thank you for this nice surprise.

Thank you, Lord, for this assurance of not just looking down on us, but being with us as you become human. This is your own way of defiance of compassion. This is your way of being with us, never giving us up, never gonna turn back to dessert us. Everyday, I feel your presence. In the midst of this pandemic, you are felt, you are here, we beg for your name.

Thank you for this timely reminder that “surely God is in this place”. It need not be profound, not even solemn. He is in the common, the every day, the least expected. I just need to see Him.

Note to self to be shared to all:

St. Teresa of Avila’s Bookmark

Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you.
All things are passing. God never changes.
Patience obtains all things. He who possesses God wants nothing.

Lord Jesus, thank you for being with us throughout the awful year that was 2020. Please increase our trust and faith that you will continue to see us through and let us cooperate with your will for us. Bless our government and people, let us know that your hand guides and protects us.

This song struck me… a popular song that i would sing along with.. Thank you Lord.. Thank you God… I know you’ll never leave us alone and you will see us through this pandemic.

I never thought of it as God saying those words to me. It was always just a popular Rick Astley song that we used to dance to. But with this version and with the context of the Incarnation attached to it, it gave me a whole new and different perspective on it and suddenly the song became more relevant to me.

A surprise indeed that this danceable music (actually, a favorite) could take on a new meaning.

Yes, Lord, I have always known, You will not give up on me, despite my disbelief and little faith.

I am reminded Lord that you will always be by our side and that you will never give up on us no matter what happens.

The story of Lot’s wife has given me a different perspective. It is not about she being disobedient to the angel. It is about her compassion for those left behind!
What a beautiful revelation of God’s compassion! And now, He gives the assurance… “I will never give you up, I will never desert you…”

Lord, I am so humbled! Help me to have the same compassion towards others. Help me see through Your eyes, and love through Your heart. Amen.

Lord, I am starting to question myself if I can still fulfill the tasks bestowed upon me. I’m tired, and I’m losing the drive to continue my dreams. Please, give me strength. Give me determination, make me feel your love, and bring back the hope I once had. Please help me get through every day. Please help me hold on a bit longer, for I know, and all this would end in your perfect time.

Thank you my Lord for never giving up on me and for constantly reminding me that I am never alone. I truly love you Lord.

Thank you Lord. I am humbled. I am in awe of your Love for me that I cannot simply fathom its greatness nor I why deserve it. May i be able to translate that same love and compassion to others around me esp those who are in need.

Dear God, I would like to thank you with all my heart for not giving up on me. Thank you for loving me again and again, for the many “second chances” you gave to me. Whenever I felt like losing hope or whenever other people gave up on me, you continue to stand by me and lift me up. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for reminding us that You will never give up on us. All we have to do is to count on you. Stay faithful, remain hopeful in You, Our Lord God and Savior.

Thank you, Lord for not giving up on me. You’ve held me real tight especially in these trying times. Thank you for covering me with your love and protection. My heart is so full of gratitude for You.

Thank you for the Divine Compassion… It ia my faith that flickers but You always share your divinw light… To ignite the fire of hope in me again and again… I miss your presence Oh Lord..

Despite and amidst adversities, my heart remains hopeful. Thank you, dear Lord, for planting that seed of hope in me and for assuring me of Your great love – that whatever happens, You will never give up on me!

‘This, too, shall pass’ is my refrain everyday since this pandemic (and I’m not just referring to COVID 19) started. But these words are built more on optimism than hope. My struggle is to hold on to what remains of hope in my life — that indeed the impossible will happen. The pandemic will end. The killings in this country will end. The government will finally put Filipinos’ needs first.

Lord, thank you for never giving up on me especially at times when i have doubted your presence in life. Thank you for always being at my sides during difficult times.

Thank you Loving Father for the gift of HOPE.
Thank you for sending your Only Son Jesus Out of your great love and compassion for us.
Thank you for not giving up on us.
This I thank, hope and pray for this advent season…
May this advent season grant me a renewed hopeful life of an adventure with You.

This moved me to tears. Just what I needed to hear – “Never gonna give you up!”

I could have been dead but God kept me alive.

Jesus, please please make my heart like yours.

This is a perfect reminder of what Advent means amidst this Pandemic ~ that no matter how bleak the situation is Someone IS ACTUALLY WITH US BEARING THE SAME PAIN WE ARE EXPERIENCING ~ We are never alone, He is working out a Solution & HE WILL NOT GIVE UP, …therefore we owe it to Him to remain faithful, hopeful & most of all Grateful ❗️

I will step to a post-pandemic life, bearing all gifts, realizations, lessons learned, to a new life of faith and hope.

And yes, looking back, not with my own little compassion, but with God’s Divine Compassion!

Thank You Father for giving us Your Son Jesus!

Thank you for reminding me that Advent and Christmas is your great compassion showing, not only of the good feeling of we experience during the Christmas season, but the culmination of this in Jesus’ passion, death and ressurection.

It’s difficult to work from Hope, but the readings, the reflections reminded me to hope in God because He will deliver, He is with us.

Thank you for reminding me that Advent and Christmas is your great compassion showing, not only of the good feeling of we experience during the Christmas season, but the culmination of this in Jesus’ passion, death and ressurection.

It’s difficult to work from Hope, but the readings, the reflections reminded me to hope in God because He will deliver, He is with us.

Thank you Lord for not giving up on me. Thank you for being with me every single moment. Thank you for your protection and provisions. I have hope because I have you. I have a God bigger and greater than this pandemic and whatever comes my way.

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