Write Your Check to God

What will be your response to God?

If you were to write a check to God,
what would the check be for?

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Think about the virtual check
that you will issue to God.

Who would the PAYEE be?
You may opt to write “God”
or “Lord” or “Jesus.”

You may use any name of God
that is most meaningful to you.

What would be the AMOUNT?
Obviously this is not about money,
but about what you are willing to offer up to God.

It may be something specific–
something you value
or something you’re attached to,
but is, for some reason,
hurting you in some way
or getting in the way
of your relationship with God.

It may be a possession
or a relationship.

You may also simply write
a prayer to God here
telling Him how you feel.

Or perhaps you’re one of those
who are actually willing to try to do
what God Himself has done?

Are you willing–are you prepared
–to issue God a blank check?

You may choose to do that,
but please do it if and only if you mean it.

Finally, SIGN this virtual check
by affixing a name for yourself–
it need not be your real name.
You may use a pseudonym
if you prefer.

Like all other sharing in this recollection,
your identity will be kept anonymous.

Do take your time
to fill out your virtual check to God.

The following instrumental pieces are provided here
to accompany you as you go through
this prayer exercise.

Serenade (Julian Lloyd Webber)
Jurassic Park (Julian Lloyd Webber)
Emanuel (Manoling Francisco SJ)

Make sure you click SUBMIT
before proceeding to the NEXT section.

Thanks to Galvin Radley Ngo for designing the virtual check on Google Form.