“GRENADE” is a contemporary love song
that expresses one’s willingness
to go to great lengths
out of love for another.
It is exactly what our Lord
has done on the cross.
And this is what he may be trying
to tell you.

Listen to the song
as you contemplate what our Lord went through
for us, for you.

Linger here awhile.

When you feel up to it,
share what you thought
and how you felt.
You may write your prayer
to our Lord below.


27 replies on “GRENADE”

“I will go through all these pains, I will die for you but you won’t do the same.”

LORD, you know everything about me. Strengthen my heart to carry the cross you have given me. Walk with me all throughout this journey.


I am reminded by this quote – “May we be found chasing God’s heart, only to realize that God, in His infinite mercy, has been chasing us far longer.” – Joel Stepanek

Pain beyond the most excruciating pain, pain beyond all measure… How much you suffered, dear Jesus, because of me, and for me.
I am very, very sorry.
And, thank you.
How you love me so…
May I love you back, as best as I can. Grant me the grace to love you deeply for the rest of my life, until you call me home to you.

Thank you for dying for us. Thank you for always lifting us when we are down. Thank you for always forgiving us for the sins that we commit in our daily lives. Please continue to guide us, protect us and bless us from the Covid19 pandemic. We love you and forever will be grateful to you. ?

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving yourself fully. May we also give ourselves to you, no matter how small and sometimes imperfect self, all for you.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me, I do not deserve it but you did. May I be a little bit worthy each day. Amen

Dear Jesus,
I am so sorry that I have not loved you enough. Even when you poured out everything for me, I have been slow to reciprocate. I have failed you and failed my loved ones by not doing my best to bring them closer to you. Help me, Lord, and increase my faith. Help me to open the heart and mind of my daughter to accept you in her life. Thank you for saving me and all my loved ones. We love you Lord.

Jesus, the pain you went through was real ?

Is this how you want me to do the same? To love, to love at all costs, to love to the extent of hurting myself? It is hard for me to love the way you do, Jesus. Please give me the grace to love you and to love the people around me the way you do. Amen.

If the song suggests the man would do everything for the woman even if she wouldn’t do the same, then how much more meaningful it would be that our Lord Jesus Christ died for us when he has done no wrong and just sacrified himself for the forgiveness of our sins. The man probably loved the woman and so does our Lord Jesus Christ but who are we to deserve such love from Him. We wont do the same and we could never do the same. Thank you Lord for dying for me as i am unworthy of your Love and yet you still and will always do.

Thank you. Give me the grace not to waste it. Give me the grace to feel your love for me. Give me the grace to thank you always.

Dear Jesus on the Cross,
I am so sorry for all the times you did so much for me and I didn’t thank you or give back in return. I thank you for dying for me and my prayer is that you continue to nurture my love for you so that one day, I will take a grenade for you, a bullet through my brain for you. Give me a faith so large that I would die for you.

Dear Jesus on the Cross,
I am so sorry for all the times you did so much for me and I didn’t thank you or give back in return. I thank you for dying for me and my prayer is that you continue to nurture my love for you so that one day, I will take a grenade for you, a bullet through my brain for you. Give me a faith so large that I would die for you.

” Can you do the same” , Jesus is asking? My heart felt sadness and shame, i cannot do the same as Jesus did for us. I pray for courage even a little, even the tiniest i can help to lighten up His cross without fear n hesitation but with courage n love.

Thank you, for your great love for me. I pray that I will be as unconditional, selfless and brave for the love of You and my sisters and brothers.

I love you Jesus. Thank you for what you have done for us. Despite knowing that we are sinners, without the courage to fight for you, you still braved And faced death because of your unconditional love for us. May it spring me to love you more and make the list of the second chance you have given me.

Some of the scenes were difficult to watch. Thank God that the scenes did not show the gore and blood. There were some people who wanted Him to be crucified, some who tried to alleviate his suffering, some He loved who could only watch. And then there is Jesus who is experiencing it all because He knew He had to withstand it for us.
In my head were our health workers who go into the hospital knowing that they have to care for sick people and that they may get sick in the process. They do it because of their dedication, their sense of duty, their love for their fellowmen.
Lord, help me to be deserving of your sacrifice for us. Cover those people who are trying their best to serve us at the risk of their lives.

Dear Lord, thank you for dying on the cross for me. Help me be worthy of your sacrifice. Help me become the person who will catch the grenade to save someone else.

Dearest Lord thank you for saving me .. for saving humanity .. for dying for us to save us.. to save me .. I am so unworthy and I am so very sorry for all the things that I should have done and have not done .. forgive me.. Amen

Lord, I am truly unworthy of your love for I have failed you time and time again. But , I know that you will never tire of loving me. Thank you for this great love. I am speechless. But I ask and beg for your guidance that I may follow your ways always. Use me as an instrument to spread your love. Teach me to love the way you love so your great sacrifice will not be in vain.

Lord for so long I have taken for granted your ultimate sacrifice so that we could be saved. This time of the pandemic has given me a lot of time to reflect and I am sorry for having taken you for granted in the past. I pray Lord that you continue to strengthen my faith and love so that I can be worthy of your ultimate sacrifice.

Dear Lord,
I am so very sorry for causing you so much pain while I have always been washing my hands like Pilate, choosing to embrace sinfulness than your love. How many times have I forgotten that you died for me but I have always turned away from that loving and tender gaze. My sweet Jesus, please lead me to be life-giving in my choices. Wash me from all my guilt and strengthen me as I continue my life’s journey, that I will become truly deserving of your death on the cross, Amen.

Lord i never fully understand why love hurts. Why i always get hurt by the ones i love. Only through your passion i fully understand that unconditional love entails pain like being crucified with you on the cross. Many times my heart turned into stone because of hurt and resentment. But you always brought me back to your path. The path of a heart that knows how to forgive, forget and love again. Lord please help me and heal my wounds in the past. So i would know how to love like you and that through your grace. I will finally earn that love of that person that i have been praying for you all these years. I know that you are the only one who can turn our heart of stone to a heart of flesh that can love. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us your life to save us and to redeem us.

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