This sense of being snatched away
from the Father
was probably one of the reasons
why it was so important for Jesus
to have his disciples stay awake in Gethsemane.




He was grasping at as much fellowship
as he could get to sustain him for the next day.

This was probably also the reason
why the Last Supper meant so much to him–
even if right there with him was the very person
who would betray him to the Jewish leaders.

Let’s do a little flashback
and spend some time in the Upper Room
when on the eve of his death, hours before his arrest,
our Lord Jesus uses the occasion
to leave his friends something precious.

You may want to play this piece of instrumental music
to set the mood as you read this Gospel account of the Last Supper.
We suggest you pray in silence
for the rest of the music.




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image from

Music by Julian Lloyd Webber, “Serenade”