Jesus had a lot on his mind
that evening at the Last Supper:
He knew that one of his closest friends
would soon leave the meal
to report him to the Jewish leaders
and bring about his arrest.




Most of all, he knew that his arrest would set in motion
all the events that would lead to his suffering
and death on the cross.

You would think he would have
more than enough concerns
to bother with other things.

Yet during this Last Supper
he was most deeply concerned about his disciples,
those he was leaving behind.

So he took bread, blessed it,
and said, “This is my body.”

We’ve heard this so many times before,
but this Holy Week, we realize that these words of Jesus
are actually his answer to Martha.

To Martha
and to all of us who who have found ourselves
in situations where we couldn’t help crying out–
not without hurt, not without disenchantment:
“Lord, if you had been here…” or
“Where were you?”

This is what the Lord has to say
in response to our accusatory questions:




“I’m right here
in this bread and
all things ordinary,

every single thing
that earth has given and
human hands have made–
now offered, broken, and shared.”


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image from lds.org, reflectgrace.wordpress.com, soul-candy.info