Easter is more ordinary and commonplace than we think. That seems to be the message of Jesus’ Easter appearance to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias. This encounter happens over breakfast–and the breakfast is prepared by the Risen Lord no less!

Simon Peter and a group of disciples have decided to go fishing. And before they know it, they get a deja vu experience. Just like their very first encounter with Jesus, they catch nothing, but are told to try again. When they do, they get a miraculous catch of fish. Familiar? This has been Jesus’ way with them; and that’s how they recognize Him.

By the time they get to shore, dragging with them a net full of catch, Jesus, whose appearance, we are told, is again different, is ready to serve them breakfast!

From this story, we learn three important things about the Risen Lord:

First, we can run into Him in the most ordinary places in our lives; we just need to peel our eyes open and watch out for Him. So don’t restrict Him only to the so-called “holy places.” He will show up whenever He wants to in the most unexpected–and most ordinary–times and places. Be ready!

Second, the Risen Lord will show up when we most need it. Of course in the story, the disciples have not at all recovered from the traumatic experience of the crucifixion. But more significantly, they are about to give up. Going fishing isn’t just something they are doing just to pass the time. Remember, this used to be their profession. Going fishing for Peter and his colleagues this time implies that they are considering going back to their former lives.

Third, the Risen Lord shows up because there is something He wants to give us. And it is that one grace, that one blessing, that we most need. This is quite evident in this particular Resurrection Appearance in the case of Simon Peter.

Once again, play this instrumental piece as you read the passage when our Lord takes Peter aside after breakfast. Remember, don’t rush. Linger in the scene and pay attention to as many details as possible.

Julian Lloyd Webber (“Marble Halls”)

What do you think is that one grace that the Risen Lord is offering Peter here?

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