A Season of Washing and Cleaning

We’ve been talking a lot about washing.
And why not?

1806595228 Lent, after all, is a season for “general cleaning”:
A time for sorting things inside us
and tossing out what we identify as rubbish.
We’ve done a bit of that these past two days
examining our capital vices and deadly sins
and trying to figure out the needs and fears
that may enslave us and lead us astray.

It’s not easy to identify them,
so don’t worry if you had a hard time.
The important thing is to start thinking about them–
and to keep watching out for them.
We’re all “works in progress.”

When you think about it,
Lent is really all about a major cleanup job–
when God decided to do the cleaning up Himself
even if it got His Son into all our mess.

jesus-sealed-tombSo today, Black Saturday,
we stand before Jesus’ tomb,
where he lies dead,
buried hurriedly by his friends
to beat the Sabbath deadline.

But as family and friends do
whenever they visit the cemetery,
we gather our memories
of the beloved departed

and try to piece together
the meaning of that person’s words and actions.

This, too, is how we will spend Black Saturday
as we look forward to the Lord’s resurrection.

Image sources: eieinstruments.com, wearethesalt.blogspot.com