A Scripture Reading: John 9:1-12

Let us begin with the following account
of Jesus healing a man born blind.

Read the Scripture passage prayerfully.

Try to imagine the scene like a movie in your mind.

If you wish, play this piece of instrumental music
as you read the text slowly and contemplatively.

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This healing miracle, unlike others,
did not happen instantaneously.

While the other healing of our Lord
was achieved with almost just one word or a single touch,
this one involved several steps,
even requiring the blind man
to find the Pool of Siloam
to wash his own eyes.

If we read between the lines,
as we are always expected to do
when we read the Scripture,
we will realize that in this particular instance,
the blind man was not merely a receiver of his healing;
he was also an agent of it: Our Lord asked him
to do some work so that he would be healed.

What kind of healing do you need in your life?
And are you willing to do your part
to achieve this healing?

Think about this for a while
before proceeding to the next section.

Music: E.P. Hontiveros SJ “Dapithapon”
Painting: “Christ Healing the Blind Man” Eustache Le Sueur – c1652