Let us begin.

We begin our online Holy Week Retreat by a ritual of washing.


In many religions, washing the hands is a ritual of purification
to prepare for worship and for encountering the Divine.

When we enter our churches, we dip our hand into holy water
and make the Sign of the Cross–
a gesture that we make
to express our desire for God’s blessing
as we enter His holy place.

As you begin this Holy Week retreat, ask yourself:
What do I desire most from the Lord right here and right now?

In this heartbreaking picture,
a little girl was asked that same question,
and she drew her answer on the mirror.


What about YOU?

What kind of blessing do you desire the most from the Lord?
Given whatever season you are going through in your life,

your deepest hopes and aspirations,
your strongest fears and troubles,
what special grace do you seek from God–
for yourself,
for your life,
for your loved ones?

Pause for a moment as you reflect
about your answers to these questions.

If you wish, play this piece of instrumental music
as you reflect.

When you are ready,
speak to the Lord
and tell Him what it is you desire most
from this Holy Week retreat.


When you finish your conversation with the Lord,
click on NEXT to proceed.

Music: Arnel Aquino SJ “How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place”