Your Prayer at Siloam

At this point, pause and turn to the Lord
who–more than you–desires your healing.

Let your heart speak:
What would you say to the Lord Jesus?

You may want to tell him why you want this healing…
What have been the consequences of this weakness in your life?
How has this vice enslaved you?
How has this sin kept you away from God?

healing 3

You may wish to play this piece of instrumental music
to help create a more prayerful atmosphere.

Feel free to waste time
for your Prayer at the Pool of Siloam.

Whenever you are ready,
listen to the suggested song.

Here you have a choice…

If you have more traditional tastes,
you may want to listen to “COME TO THE WATER”
by John Foley SJ of the St. Louis Jesuits

Click here.

If you prefer to listen to something less conventional or less “religious,”
click here to listen to “WASH ME CLEAN” by kd lang.

Whichever song you pick, make the words of that song your prayer.

Make sure to listen to the song of your choice 
by clicking the links ABOVE.

Music: Arnel Aquino SJ “How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place”