A Scripture Reading: John 13:1-15

Let us now read the Gospel account
of the “Washing of the Feet” during the Last Supper.
John’s Gospel is the only one that mentions the washing of the feet.

Read the passage slowly and prayerfully.

Imagine that you are there. What do you see, hear, and feel?

If it helps, play this instrumental music in the background.

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wash feet pic

The Last Supper is one
of the most emotional moments
in the life of the Lord.

Imagine: You know
that it’s the night
before your death.
And you know it’s going to be
a very painful death.

It’s literally your last supper!
So like our Lord,
you surround yourself
with your dearest friends.

But instead of trying
to get their support,
you decide
to give something to them!

And this gift will take
every ounce of love and humility
on your part to give:
You wash their feet!

As our Lord tells the disciples,
it’s a grand gesture
of humility and service.

And if He Himself,
Who is their Lord and Teacher, does this–
submitting Himself to this lowly gesture,
so too should the disciples who want to follow Him.

And so should we as well.

 Painting: Ford Madox Brown
Music: Arnel Aquino SJ “Hide Not Your Face”