Thank you for joining us at this Advent recollection!

angel Thank you!

Let us continue to pray for one another, especially our fellow retreatants whose sharing may have touched our hearts.

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Once again, many thanks for your support and participation!

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A blessed Advent and Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Pins of Light

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9 replies on “CLOSING”

I ended my recollection on New Year’s day and I find it very appropriate that the last module was about the three wise men -refuse your fears and resume your journey. There are many uncertainties both in my business and in our country. Thank God for this recollection, I will go back to work tomorrow ready to embrace what is in store for me for 2019, with God’s care, Mama Mary’s guidance and the better angel in me.
Thank you and have a grace-filled 2019.

Thank you, Pins of Light. You have always helped me find God through you. Thank you for helping me find hope, no matter what challenges I face.

Merry Christmas and God bless you.

Thanks for a very meaningful retreat while waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ . Looking forward in your Lenten season retreat. A blessed Merry Christmas to each everyone of us. More power to you Father Johnny and good health always these coming years. Amen.

Thank you Father J for this opportunity for being a part of this online recollection, which I believe is the Lord’s gift that He wants me to receive this Christmas. God is never outdone in generosity. I am truly grateful and inspired. God bless!

Thank you for this very meaningful advent retreat. It really does make a difference from what I think I’m going through. I feel so blessed as always to be part of this. May everyone here have a wonderful Christmas.

I was touched by an angel.He shared THIS and I did undergone all 3modules .IT was spiritually refreshing & faith is reaffirmed .I refuse my fears and revise my journey.The “angel” is my parish priest named ANGEL GAMBOA.

Once again, thank you very much Fr. Johnny for this wonderful and inspiring Advent recollection! It has truly made this year’s Christmas celebration more reflective and meaningful. Merry Christmas Fr. Johnny and to all my fellow retreatants as well!

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