is a traditional hymn
with more explicitly religious lyrics.

Let this be your prayer
as you gaze upon Jesus on the cross.

Linger here awhile.

When you feel up to it,
share what you thought
and how you felt.
You may write your prayer
to our Lord below.



Your pain, suffering and sacrifice is nothing compared to our pain. Thank you for bearing this pain for us. Thank you for this reminder that our ‘pain’ is nothing compared to Yours. I am sorry for the times I’ve complained about the little incoveniences I am experiencing in the comforts of my own home. I have no right to complain, no reason to think I am already sacrificing when it’s not my whole life that I am sacrificing for you. How petty we are, how undeserving of your love. Yet I know because you are good, we are still loved by you no matter what. I pray to always send that grace to us to remind us how blessed we are, that the small discomfort we are experience now is nothing, so we need to be more grateful, we need to be more positive and serve you more by serving others. I love you. Lord!

Lord Jesus Christ i feel so ashamed. So unworthy of being died for by you. Lord wash me with your precious blood and water which gushed forth from your side and empower me to go and preach this gospel of yours. Amen.

“Unless a grain of wheat falls upon the ground and died, it shall remain a single grain and not give life.”

LORD, I am offering you my brokeness and woundedness..
That’s all I have..
It’s all I am..


Behold the man.
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your merciful love teaching us the sacrificial love. On that Cross, your language of love. Showing us the way to become courageous and to persevere. “It is finished.” In our own journey of life, we will follow you carrying our mission of love, carrying our cross, in times of this in our earthly life trusting you Lord Jesus Christ that you are always with us helping us to bring into completion our mission here on earth. As a woman like your Mother Mary, our Mother who is with you from womb to the foot of the Cross, I will drawn strength from how to a disciple mother raising children following you Jesus Christ. Thank you so very much my Beautiful Saviour and Glorious Lord Jesus Christ-my way, my truth, my life.

Lord, I am sorry for my sins… thank you for my redemption, I am forgiven, I am set free… Give me the grace to walk through the path of holiness daily and help me love others as you have loved me unconditionally. Wash away the guilt and memories of past sins that keep coming back. I love you Jesus, my Lord and my Savior

Thank you will never be enough, Lord. I am sorry for distancing myself from you. In my arrogance, I led myself to believe that I was not doing anything wrong. Please Lord, forgive me. Yet time and again, despite of my sins, You never failed to show me Your unparalleled love. Thank you for the gift of Salvation.

Dearest Lord,

I feel so empty. Please give me the grace to understand things fully and freely.
You have died in the cross to save your people, a radical way to show your love.
Thank you for saving us, for forgiving us despite our sins.

I have no word, Christ. Nothing can describe what runs through me, as you go through what you needed to go through – because you chose to love us.

I am empty. Please fill me.

I am totally undeserving of Your sacrifice for me, Lord! I am ashamed and cannot look You in the eye.
Help me Lord. I want to return fully to Your fold. Lead me to You every moment of every day. Let me become deserving of Your love.

Lord, I am deeply sorry, and I thank You so much. From my ancestors to my descendants. Your sacrifice will provide salvation, hope and healing to all of us. I love You Lord. Let me not be separated from You, not even for a day or a second Lord. Will You grant that request, please?

Thank YOU so much for YOUR GREAT LOVE for us.
Be merciful to me O Jesus please give me a meek and humble heart

Lord, it is Your passion and death on the cross, the last stretch of Your invitation for me to accept and put my trust completely in Your unconditional love for and acceptance of me (You taking in all of my light and sinfulness) that is going to save me every single time I fall into temptation and sin; from my fears, anxieties, and blindness. Your blood washes away all of my worldly and fleshly cravings for attention and approval from various people. Your blood washes away all the self-pleasure and self-glory that I keep fantasizing about and indulging in my thoughts and in my heart. Your precious blood clears my mind and heart from all the distractions that keep me from offering my whole heart and mind to You. Your precious blood washes over me to wake me up and bring me the clarity I need as to who I really am and who I am really trying to love and serve in my one short life. My dearest Lord Jesus Christ, help me bathe in Your precious blood and water each waking moment of my life, that I may always live in clarity of mind and heart. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for being Yourself. Mercy.

Lord, perhaps your terrible suffering was not only the physical pain you felt but perhaps the inner feelings of futility and frustration that You would have to undergo this experience, knowing that in the future, mankind would exchange You for materialism, moral degradation and many more evil doings. For me that was your pain on the Cross. Am I right, Lord?

Lord, help me to be humble and to follow you, to trust in you and to have faith in you, and to love you. Thank you for coming down and dying on the cross for our salvation. May we be worthy of your love for us.

Lord Jesus Help us carry our daily Cross remembering that You who is sinless died for us to redeem us . Forgive us for we are weak . Thank you for your Love.

Lord Jesus, may I be able to behold your wood, the cross which had redeemed us from death. Teach us to endure like You, always, to the Father’s Will.

Thank you, Lord for giving us a chance… that no matter how many time we falter and fall You will come to save us with Your most precious blood. We are humbled and are grateful for your eternal and unparalleled love for us.

We contemplate Love so pure, and we are overwhelmed. How can we ever doubt His love? Thank you, thank you and thank you, Lord.

I’ll never be able to understand God’s ways. No matter how hard I think about it, I’ll never understand why God had to allow Jesus to go through so much, when we are such ingrates. I can only feel God’s love and be grateful.

Your blood on the cross has saved me from sins, and i pray that i will not add further injuries in the form of our sins.
Thank you Lord for giving us your unconditional love

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