We begin with an event in the life of Jacob. Jacob is the Old Testament character who is best known for wrestling an angel. In this passage, we are told of a strange dream that he had.

Play this instrumental piece to help you slow down and read the passage mindfully, and prayerfully.

Resist the temptation to skim. Read slowly.

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Reflect quietly on the following question:

“What are some recent places in your life
where the Lord has been present,
but for some reason, like Jacob,
you have failed to recognize it?”

Respond to the Lord in prayer. You may use these words if you are so moved:

Dear Lord,

Advent is the season
we are called to wait for You.

Help us to make room for You
in our busy lives,
so that like Jacob,
we may recognize the places
in our lives that You have blessed
with Your Presence.


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