XI. Jesus is crucified.

Play this music as you prepare for prayer.

Behold your heart and the world that it holds.

Station 11

Handing himself over to his enemies
was an act of trust–
trust that his suffering and death
would actually lead to something good,
trust that his Father would not abandon him.

We can only imagine how difficult it was
to make this decision back in Gethsemane.
It’s easy to pay lip service to doing God’s Will
when it doesn’t require much sacrifice.
But it’s much tougher
when things start going wrong,
when the world begins to turn into a dangerous place–

That’s how it was for Jesus then.
That’s how it is for us today.

Nothing says “helpless” like a crucifixion.
To be crucified to the cross means no turning back.
Once he permits himself to be nailed to that wood–
both hands and feet–that’s it.

But nothing also says “trust” like a crucifixion.
When Jesus stretched out his hands and feet,
he was surrendering himself and turning over his fate
not to the Jewish leaders and their mob,
not to the Roman soldiers,
but to his Father.

Jesus’ prayer during his crucifixion
might have sounded something like this:
“Here I am.
I’m not sure what awaits me.
I don’t know what you have in store.
But I’ll hang in here.”

Like the Lord, we’re afraid.
Like him, many of us are heartbroken
because we’ve lost loved ones.
Many more are worried
about where to get food for their families tomorrow.

But unlike Jesus,
we didn’t choose this crucifixion.
We never said we were okay with this pandemic.
But as we’re being led to a fate we don’t know,
could we bring ourselves
to say his prayer?

“Here I am.
I’m not sure what awaits uw.
I don’t know what you have in store.
But I’ll hang in here.”

There’s a line towards the end
of the song “One Day More”
from “Les Miserable”
that captures the spirit of this prayer:

“Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store
One more dawn.
One more day.
One day more.”

“Behold the Wood” (St. Louis Jesuits). Image for Station (Fratel Venzo). “One Day More” (Les Miserables)

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11 replies on “XI. Jesus is crucified.”

I missed so much of what life has to offer. I did not trust You well enough to live life in the present. I was always busy with work. Time passed, growing alone. But I trust You Lord, it’s not yet late.

“Here I am.
I’m not sure what awaits uw.
I don’t know what you have in store.
But I’ll hang in here.”

I will wait Lord, for the husband You will bring to me. For a bright future. I Trust Your Will.

The world will be a much better place to live this May.

I can only pray to ask for the grace of strength, that when my back is pushed to the wall, I may still find strength to say Lord Stay with me.

Lord indeed I do not know what lies ahead. ButI am here Lord and I know you will carry me all the way.

Lord, you know how hard it is for us to trust and hang in there when everyday of this pandemic we see more people die. But as we remember how you stretched your arms and feet on the cross in total surrender to the Father, we are called in deep faith to put our trust in you hoping that tomorrow we will discover what’s in store for us. One day at a time we live awaiting for your glory.

Dear Lord I know that you know what we need even before we ask… i leave my fate into your hands. I know that you will give us what we need at the right time… at the right place… Lord we trust in you

I do not want to wake up afraid anymore, O, Lord. But then, I realized, I have been afraid for a long, long time for many reasons – afraid of failure, embarrassment, worried about being shamed. I fear rejection by people and by You in prayer. I also become terrified of not fulfilling my dreams and of growing old alone, of dying alone.
For the past years, I have been afraid so I have moderated everything in my life especially happiness. Because even that, I fear, You would take away. It can’t hurt that much if I wasn’t that happy (for something that was truly wonderful).
I do not want to be afraid anymore. I wish I weren’t.

I just sent a “hang in there” note to a friend who is going through a rough time. Linking this expression to Jesus’ crucifixion makes it more meaningful, that in God’s time, all shall be well. Thank you for this reflection.

Good day, May I know if I missed the Twelveth, Thirthteenth and Fourthteenth Stations?
Thank you.
God bless!
LB Chan

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