VII. Jesus falls again.

Play this music at the start of each station as you contemplate the image.

Hold your heart and the whole world in your hands.

Station 07

Here we go again:
Second fall.
It’s easier to get up
after the first fall–
but after the second?

Something else is going on here.
Something else is keeping us from getting up.
Something else is tempting us to give up.

It’s not the fall, but that voice in our head
telling us: “See? It’s not going to work.
You can try and try and try,
but you’re just going to take another spill.
What’s the point?”

In case you don’t recognize it yet,
that voice is from the Evil Spirit,
that force that will take advantage of us
when we’re at our most vulnerable
and resort to anything
to lead us farther from God:
Discouragement, resentment,
bitterness, and especially despair…

If you think our Lord didn’t experience these temptations
when he was at his most vulnerable,
think again.
The Letter to the Hebrews tells us:
“He was like us in all things
except sin.”

He went through it all:
exhaustion, pain,
disappointments, including temptations…

As we know, our Lord didn’t give in.
He didn’t give up.
Even on his second fall,
he picked himself up.

Sometimes what causes us to fall
isn’t so much our cross,
but all these additional weights we carry with us:
these inner voices that taunt us,
these negative thoughts that discourage us.

So what to do?

Refuse them.
Don’t listen and don’t fall for them.
We can actually select the thoughts we listen to.
You can change your thoughts.
They need not define your day.

Don’t give these voices the power
to get you down or to ruin your day.
Exorcise them.

Make the decision to stop carrying

these unnecessary burdens.
Drop them.

Our Lord’s second fall on the road to Calvary
could well be a symbol for psychological falls.
These are falls caused not so much by the burden
of the actual cross we carry,
but by the additional unnecessary worries
that we heap upon ourselves.

(It may help to consider
shielding yourself from those negative tweets
and paranoia-inducing messages!)

We need every ounce of our energy
just to get through this pandemic.
There’s no point making it tougher
for yourself.

So the next time you find yourself on the brink

of falling into discouragement and hopelessness again,
tell yourself it’s understandable.
But ask the Lord to help you fight them.
Don’t drown in them.
Pray to the Lord to give you the faith
to keep your head up.

“Behold the Wood” (St. Louis Jesuits). Image for Station (Fratel Venzo). “Keep Your Head Up” (“Andy Grammer”)

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12 replies on “VII. Jesus falls again.”

Lord, I have fallen many me to always get up and not to fall again…In Jesus name I pray. Amen?✝️

Lord, grant me wisdom to rule over my mind. Protect me from evil that I may finish all the tasks You assigned to me.

Oh Lord you fell the second time and still you chose to stand again. Pls help me not to give up, not to make any more excuses. Calm my restless spirit and help me to do your will ???

I know Lord that Your grace is constant and consistent. I know Your grace is greater than the sins I have committed. This time Lord, grant me the grace to cooperate with Your grace. Amen.

Lord help me not to worry about my health and income during these times because I know that there are others in worst of situations than I. Forgive for my selfish thoughts. Pls do not allow me and my family to become victims of this virus. In Jesus Christ name. Amen

Lord, how many times I fall down committing repeated sins. Forgive me, Lord. I will not give up I will not stop struggling to rise once more even though I often commit the same mistakes and sins. Lord, you know the struggles I’m going through. Your effort to rise again is my inspiration.

Lord help us to get through this trying times. I know that you will never leave us alone… please be with us always… Amen?

Dear Lord,

Every day, I wake up worried and every night I sleep with some fear and I wake up at night hoping all would be better. But every day remains the same. I worry; I am afraid but I also hope that things would be better.

Keep us company, Lord, as we fall and cheer us on as we rise and when we rise, may we always be better and stronger and worthier of Your love.

Thank you dear Lord for picking me up right when discouragement and fear almost took a grip on me. Pls
help me to focus at all times on all the blessings that You have and continue to shower on me, on us all.

Special blessing and strength for Josie Aliwalas who has been rejected by several hospitals. Please look for one who will accept her. Don’t give up on her.

Lord, forgive me for the times I have given in to my weakness, for failing you, for not being strong enough for you. Sometimes I allow myself to fall even though I know I shouldn’t be listening to the evil spirit. He really knows how to take advantage of the situation when I am at my weakest. Stay with me Lord & make me strong.
Help me to resist, to fight & to stand up for you. I love you Lord & thank you for loving me always.

Everything is grace!
Thank you Lord for always helping me to get up whenever I fall. Keep me always grateful for all your blessings.
May I always see Your presence in all things.

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