What better way to prepare for Christmas than an online Advent recollection?

Take some time out before Christmas this year and join us for: AN INTRUSION OF ANGELS.


Advent is a season of angels. The time preceding Christmas is full of heavenly visitations–and disruptions.

Each angelic appearance offers a message or a mission. Find out what’s yours this Advent.

The online recollection¬†“An Intrusion of Angels” has three parts that you can take¬†anytime and anywhere–at your convenience. It will be available starting the 15th of December in time for the first Simbang Gabi.

Wherever you may be in the world this Advent, join our international virtual faith community in our pre-Christmas reflection and prayer.

Start the Advent Recollection HERE.



I have joined the three parts of the Advent Recollection. It was great. I thank those who initiated and make this possible and for all those who participated.

As we are ending the year, I would like to share an unexpected thing that happened to me last Christmas when my mother 90-year old mother was hospitalized and treated with pneumonia. She is miles away from me, but after internal struggles, I made the difficult decision to go home during those days when I really expected to take some time for myself.

I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me with my decision to go home. With God’s kindness, my mother got out of the hospital and is on her way to full recovery. With mission fulfilled, I am now returning where I live. But with a bleeding heart, I miss my mother and wish I could stay longer with her.

On another note, I am extremely sad about the pathetic situation of my aunt who is abandoned by her supposed loved ones.

I take this opportunity to say a little prayer for my mother and her sister that they may, in their twilight years, enjoy life to the full and enjoy the bounty of your love, in many different ways.

As I return home, I pray that my mother and my aunt will be safe in their homes and that I may enjoy the last day of the year with the hope that the new year will bring a better life for me, my family and the whole of humanity.


Thank you for sharing the spirit of Advent to all. We are grateful to the Xavier community and most of all to our Almighty Father for this wonderful experience.

Fr John thank you for providing us this online advent recollection. It will be a spirit-filled celebration of Christmas if i can follow this spiritual activity religiously from the start to end. Hoping for a grace-filled reflection from your disturbing inputs.

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