Pre-Online Holy Week Retreat Survey 2014

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To prepare for our online retreat, let’s think about what we are giving up this Lent.

Lent comes from a Latin word that also means “length.” Lent is a season when days are lengthening in time for spring. But it is also a season for lengthening our souls. One tradition we have is fasting and making sacrifices.


To make the most of Lent, it might be a good idea to give up something, to make a meaningful sacrifice.

For a sacrifice to be meaningful, it should not be something easy to give up. And just as importantly, giving it up must be good for me and for others.

What are YOU giving up this Lent?

Be willing to share this with your fellow retreatants. Who knows? You might encourage someone to do the same.

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18 replies on “Pre-Online Holy Week Retreat Survey 2014”

I am joining the online retreat. This is my 3rd time to join since I retired from Xavier School.

please include us to the retreat. God bless.
my prayer request too for my brother albert Tapiador and Tatay Inocencio Renegado for healing.

Hi Father Looooonnng time no see. I’m joining! BTW my family (including my parents and siblings with their families) visited Xavier Nuvali Chapel last Wednesday. Ang ganda Father. 🙂 I hope to see you soon.

Joining. It’s my third year to join your retreat Fr Johnny and it had always been thought-provoking, soul-satisfying and I dare say life changing.
Thank you for allowing yourself to be God’s instrument and channel of His grace.

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