This homily is on Matthew 6:24-34.

In today’s Gospel reading, our Lord Jesus repeats what is probably God’s favorite message in the Bible: “Do not be afraid!”

Think of the times when God showed up for the first time before his prophets–or when He sent His angel Gabriel to Mary at the Annunciation, or to Joseph in his dream, or even to that flock of shepherds on the very first Christmas night.

There are claims that this phrase–or its equivalent–occurs 365 times in the Bible–one for each day of the year!


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textThis homily was delivered on March 2, 2014 at Mary the Queen Parish.

These days I’ve been quite fascinated by this so-called text or chat language. I’m referring to all these acronyms and abbreviations that young people seem to be using all the time when they message each other on their phone and on the Internet. It’s an ever-growing, ever-evolving language, and it’s really not easy keeping up with some of the new stuff that’s coming out.

For example, many of us probably know that LOL stands for “Laughing Out Loud,” but did you know what A-LOL means? It means “Actually Laughing Out Loud.” I didn’t know that either! Continue reading WORRY NOT