This homily is on the healing of the blind man as recounted in John 9:1-41.

This healing miracle, unlike others, did not happen instantaneously. While the other healing of our Lord was achieved with almost just one word or a single touch, this one involved several steps–including the use of the bizarre mixture of saliva and spittle.


But what struck me the most about this healing miracle was that after the Lord’s elaborate healing ritual, the man wasn’t healed yet! He had first to find the Pool of Siloam to wash his own eyes. Continue reading WHERE IS YOUR SILOAM?



jesus_healing_blindThis reflection is on the healing of the blind man in John 9:1-41.

There is something awesome, strange, and sad about this story of our Lord’s  healing of the blind man. It’s a very special miracle for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it is one of our Lord’s most astonishing healing miracle. The man had been born blind, so this was a most important moment in this one person’s life–someone who had never seen anything all his life, who probably did not even have a grasp of the concept of colors, and now for the very first time, was going to see! Continue reading BEYOND HAPPY ENDINGS