In the 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ,”
the director Mel Gibson reads
between the lines of the gospel
and exercises artistic license:
He decides to include the woman
caught in adultery
in the story those last hours in Jesus’ life,
portraying her as companion
to the mother of Jesus.

The Gospel is actually silent about her.
Some people confuse her with Mary Magdalene,
whom biblical scholars insist
was a different person.

When we think about it–
when we read and pray between the lines–
it is not at all far-fetched
that this woman might have been there
at Calvary.
Surely the fate of Jesus must have pierced
her heart
because she had, once upon a time,
been such a recipient of Jesus’ mercy
and protection.

By no means did her relationship with the Lord
begin under very ideal circumstances.

Recall this life-changing event
by reading the following account.
Again, make sure to play the music
as a reminder to read slowly and mindfully.

“A Gift of a Thistle (from Braveheart)” from Unexpected Songs by Julian Lloyd Webber/Pam Chowhan/Catrin Finch/Steafan Hannigan. Released: 2006. Track 18 of 20. Genre: Classical.

We never hear from the woman again.
Reading between the lines, however,
what do you think was the impact
of this encounter with Jesus
on her and on her life?
What would this impact be like
if you had been in her place?
Imagine what your feelings would be
towards the Lord.

Think about this for a moment
before proceeding.