Accompanying Jesus

Yesterday we focused on the broken bread and what it could mean for us today. Today we shall linger at the foot of the cross and accompany our Lord in his last moments in Calvary.

Take one deep and slow breath before you begin reading this account of the very last moments in Jesus’ life. Try to imagine yourself in his place: Not only is our Lord in extreme physical pain, but he is also a most heartbroken man, rejected by his own people and abandoned by his closest friends.

As you read this passage, wrestle with the question: “Why would he choose to die in such a manner? Why go all the way? What for?”

If you wish, play this instrumental piece to accompany you in your prayerful reading of Matthew 27:46-51. It’s a relatively short reading, selected for the specific details it offers us, so make sure to take your time, pausing whenever you feel moved to do so.

Julian Lloyd Webber

What struck you? Feel free to go back to the verses that moved you and linger there in prayer.