We will now read one of the accounts
about the death of Jesus.
Needless to say, as we recall this holy moment,
we need to summon
all the silence and reverence
that we can from within our soul.

On his cross in Calvary,
our Lord goes all the way:
He gives up his deeply cherished intimacy with the Father
in order to identify completely with us sinners
and to take our place.

Read this passage as prayerfully as you can,
putting yourself in the scene.
Try to imagine the details
of what you see, what you hear,
what you smell, even what you touch.

Consider playing this piece of instrumental music
to pace yourself in reading the account.
We suggest you pray in silence
for the rest of the music.



Feel free to pause and pray here
for as long as you like.
Whenever you’re ready to move on,
click NEXT below.


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Music from Julian Lloyd Webber, “L’Heure Exquise”