The second big message of Holy Thursday is:
“When things turn out really bad
especially when they seem to be falling apart,

Jesus will still be there.”

Embracing the sinner’s lot,
our Lord Jesus was left alone
to endure the indifference
not only of society,
but also of God.
This is what Jesus embraced for our sake.




Jesus is, therefore, no stranger to the silence of God,
to God’s non-interference,
to the apparent Divine Indifference.

He knows the fear, the uncertainty,
and the disenchantment that we feel.
He’s “been there, done that.”
He understands us
when we sometimes feel
that we are far from God.

When we find ourselves in situations
where God doesn’t seem to care
or He seems beyond our reach,
remember that He is, in fact, quite near
because Jesus, the Son of God,
is right there with us.

Because of what Jesus went through,
every experience of estrangement from God

is an opportunity to grow closer to Him.


silence of god


The next time we feel alone,
the next time we feel that God doesn’t care
or that He is too far away,
we need only to turn our heads
to see who is standing right next to us:
the Lord Jesus.

No matter how far we’ve strayed,
or how lost we feel,
Jesus will still be there,
trying his best to find us.


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