is a song from the 70s
that speaks of unconditional love.
It is a very fitting song for us
from the Crucified Lord.
By going all the way, he is telling us this:
“Nothing you do will ever diminish
my love for you.”

Listen to the Lord:
What is he trying to tell you
here and now?

Linger here awhile.

When you feel up to it,
share what you thought
and how you felt.
You may write your prayer
to our Lord below.


62 replies on “NEVER MY LOVE”

Thank you Jesus for dying for me…I’m sorry for all the sins I have caused you… I love you my Lord and Savior! Lead me to the path where I can bring you Great Glory! It is my mission to serve you always!

Lord, you endured torture and death for us. We were savages to you and you still endured the pain and died for us. You didn’t have to do this but you love us so much. I thank you and hope I can love others more like you love us. Come into my life so I can do your will more and more. I love you.

Lord, thank you for your unconditional love and mercy. You have constantly manifested your love, protection and guidance over me, even when I stray and get distracted. Thank you very much for all your blessings. You have given me so much and have surprised me with things I never thought possible in my life. I love you and ask you to never leave me as I continue my journey through life.

“You asked me if there’ll come a time I will grow tired of you.. never my love!”

Lord, make it FOREVER to me not to give up my faith in you. Grant me a heart like that of a child that never gets tired of finding you in all things with an endless anticipation of meeting you everyday.


Lord, you are my only consolation in this world. When the world has turned against me, comfort me with Your Presence and Your Word. Enable me to love you and serve you in the way you have loved unconditionally as a return. Amen.

Sorry Lord if I hurt you.
If am wrong correct me
I love u God!
Thank you Lord for all the graces.
And please always protect my family.
If I start to give up, keep me going.
Help me to leave frustrations, bitterness, anger and sadness.

Loving a sinner
Dying for a sinner
Dying by loving
Never ending love
Never ends, my love.

Thank you my Savior.
Sorry my Savior.
Grateful for your mercy.
Loving my Savior.
Never ending love.
Never ends, my love.

Coincidentally this has always been one of my fave love ballads. Now, listening to it again in the context of your love for us, it has deepened in meaning. Seeing clips of Calvary in the video highlighted your love for us inspire of the pain, the sacrifice, the distancing. Lord, thank you. We are humbled and in awe of how much you love us—how you “never tire” and how you “never change your mind” about loving us even in our dirtied, sinful state.

Thank you Lord for being with me all my life. Thank you for your guidance and enlightenment in all my decisions and for not letting me down in time of hardships and troubles. You have been my constant companion in this challenging journey. Forgive me for all my sins and always lead me to the right path when I get distracted. Thank you for your undying love. Please be with me forever until I see you in heaven.??

My dear Lord
All through my life, I have managed to dirty myself with my constant attachment to worldly possessions and misguided belief in my capabilities. And yet, you never turned your back on me. Cleanse me Lord. I need you.

Your unconditional love is my source of strength. May I also reciprocate that undeserved love. Thank you!

Thank you Jesus for loving me despite of and in spite of who i am and my sinful ways. I want to love And cherish myself The way you see me. Despite my sins and negative ways, you still love me for all that I am. Thank you for seeing me with fresh eyes and never distancing yourself from me no matter how many times I sin and hurt you. I pray for your grace to always be reminded to do things according to your will. I understand that when I hurt myself and others, it is you I am hurting as well. Thank you for your love that is all encompassing. Teach me to know your ways. I want to be always aware of your presence All the days in my life. With everything that I do. Thank you

Your forgiveness Lord, I constantly seek. Your Love, I constantly yearn. For without them, I become fish out of water, grasping for breath. My heart, my body, my soul – my very being is because of You.

After playing the song several times and listened as if the Lord is singing the song to me, I just emptied myself of all my worries and my fears so He can fill the emptiness with hope and love. Thank you, Lord, for your assurance when you say “What makes you think my love will end….Never my Love”

PS. I cried my eyes out?

My husband would sing this song to me, that’s why I chose it. While listening to it now and watching this video, I realized that if my husband can love me deeply, how much more can our Lord Jesus Christ. While watching it, I was shedding tears, tears of gratitude and love for a God who gave His all for me.

Jesus is truly, madly, deeply and passionately with me. He gave His all for me. In return, He asks me to spend my whole life with Him.

“How can you think love will end, when I’ve asked you to spend your whole life with me.”

Dear Jesus, thank you so much. Thank you for giving your all for me. All you want from me is give myself to you fully and to fully trust and have faith in You. Dear Lord, grant me the grace to muster all the courage, trust and faith I have towards You. Amen.

Lord, i believe you want to tell me that thou i have sinned so many times, but your love for me will be till the end.. You want to assure me that you are always be there for me, loving me unconditionally.

You will always come back to me and you are mine- that is the Lord’s message to me through this song. However big or small is your sin, when you ask for forgiveness and repent from all your sins, our Lord will always be there to accept us wholeheartedly. He loves us dearly.

“How can you think love will end
When I’ve asked you
to spend your whole life
With me.

Never my Love.”

I love you Lord and during this ECQ I now realize that I must love you unconditionally through my partner whom you have given me as my cross to bear and yet also as my path to holiness. I must sing this song to her too. Today, tomorrow, and even after I die.

Thank you for this retreat, Jesus, where you show me once again that your love is unconditional and without limits.

“Nothing you do will ever diminish my love for you.”-Lord, your unconditional always saves me. I am sorry if I don’t feel worthy of such kind of love, I will help myself up and run to you, I miss shouting out that I am your beloved.
Your love is greater than my sins. Thank you.

Thank you for dying on the cross for me…. Thank you for going through the pain and suffering just to save me. You endured all the mocking and humiliation so that you can invite me to have a relationship with you…..
Grant me your grace so that I can focus on what is essential and true.

Thank you Dear Lord for sacrificing your life for our sins. As we contemplate over this and the world’s suffering due to the Covid 19, may Your sacrifice have more meaning as we live a new normal – a life that will be more accountable for our brothers and the environment and not for profit and commercial gain alone.

Nothing can change your love for me and for all. I have to believe that so that I can see our president in that truth and stop cursing him and change me as well. Deep thanks to you Loving God!

I’m sorry it’s all because of us sinners that you have to suffer a lot. Your never-ending love for us is so great. Reminds me to slow down to temptations. Weak as we are, I’m so grateful for everything you have done for us. For that, i will try harder to be a better person.

I am a Barry Manilow fan, so I chose this song.
What a promise that only the Lord can give. I smiled.
Never My Love. May theme song na tayo na hindi yung usual na pangsimbahan. Personal natin ito, Lord.
This song will also be part of my examen later.
Maraming salamat, Lord. Ngumiti talaga ako. Nakita mo?

Thank you Lord for loving me, despite my sinfulness. In spite of the times I have taken you for granted and ignored you, you never gave up on me. Thank you so much for this gift of redemption and for inviting me, once again, during this Holy Week to follow you. Guide me Lord, to be a better person and remind me to lead my life in service to you, through my fellow (wo)men.

I can never bear to see you crucified on the cross my Lord. It pains me so much to see you suffer like this. Forgive me for all the wrongdoings that I have done against you. Have mercy on me Lord, a sinner. Thank you always for the Love that you have given to me, for giving me the chance to love you back and see the true meaning and beauty of life. Stay with me Lord and let me always remain faithful to you. Amen. Love you!

I’m sorry, Lord for all the sufferings you experienced on the cross. Please forgive me for all the sins that I have done. I know, I am not worthy of your sacrifice but your great love led you to saving me. Thank you, Lord for saving a sinful person like me. I am forever grateful of your love.

Thank you dear Jesus for not getting tired of loving us And for your mercy and forgiveness that are new every morning, your steadfast love that never ceases. May i be true and faithful to You till my last breath.

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross to redeem me of my sinfulness. I adore You for opening the gates of heaven that I may one day enter the kingdom of Your Father and our heavenly Mother, Mama Mary.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your unconditional love. I know that I have given you a love with conditions. Promises that I will be more faithful, more loving, more giving if my requests are answered favorably.

Please grant me the grace and teach me to love You with my whole heart, my whole strength and with my whole mind unconditionally.

Your divine and everlasting love O Lord redeems our unworthy lives. I pray for the grace to make my life deserving of your love in everything that I face and do in this world. Guide me always, dear Jesus, that I may never lose my way to you. Amen

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word that I might be healed.

I believe in your love for me.

It is very inspiring and moving to think of the unconditional love of Jesus for me and for all of us as he went through his passion and death. He allowed himself during that period to suffer what was most unbearable for him — to take on our sins and be “distanced” from his father in order for him to be able to bring us all back to the father. I pray and hope that I will always remember what Jesus did for me and for all of us and to be forever grateful for this supreme act of love.

Thank you Lord for always assuring me of your unconditional love, for your infinite forgiveness and generous blessings. May I always be reminded of them whenever I’m hurt and lost. May Your love continue to overflow that I may able to share it to everyone. May I have the grace to know you more and rest in you.

You ask me if there’ll come a time when I grow tired of you? “Never, my love.”

You never grow tired, Lord, even if I keep on sinning. I am so sorry. But then I know, after this, I will sin again. Help me, Lord.

You have been so faithful to me all throughout my life even at times I’ve been unfaithful to you. Never allow me Lord to be separated from your love. Strengthen me to reclaim what was lost in me due to my weaknesses and sinfulness. Heal me with your love and mercy. Amen.

Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for your never-ending love for me, for asking me over and over to spend my whole life with You. I love you, Lord.

Thank you my Dear Jesus for not letting go of me especially at my most desolate moment. You offered your arm so I may hold on back to you and never fall. It is your love that reassures me that I’ll get through all my painful experiences and emerge victorious at the end just like your resurrection as you defeated death on the cross.

Lord, may all your sacrifices be a reminder to me to be a better person always. Thank you for your unconditional love for us. I PRAISE YOU O LORD and I LOVE YOU?

Thank you for Your reassurances, my Lord. Forgive me for my weaknesses and insecurities, for I still need to be constantly reminded of Your unconditional love.

HE – Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God – chose me 1st. Thank you for not letting go of me – at my worst, at my weakest.

May I never forget all the ups and downs we’ve been through, together, so I will be consistent and constant in being mindful to treat others as you treat me.

Please indulge me as I share this very apt “poem” I saw in one of my viber groups:
“What made me love Christ
wasn’t that all of a sudden –
I started figuring out
how to do life.

What made me love Christ
is that when I was at my worst,

when I absolutely could not
clean myself up – and there was nothing
anybody could do with me,

right at that moment, Christ said,
“i’ll take that one.
That’s the one I want.”

– Matt Chandler, Relevant Magazine

Thank you for sharing! These lines encapsulate the unconditional love that the Lord has shown me. Instead of forsaking me when I was at my worst, He reached out both His hands not just to guide me through — but to lift me up from where I was. And perhaps to me that was a testament of how God has never counted our mistakes; He would always welcome us with open arms whenever we want to go back to Him, and especially when we need Him the most.

“Go tired of you, never my love ❤️“
“Fear I’ll change my mind, never my love❤️“
It reassures me your constant and unconditional love eventhough I have failed you in so many times???

Yes Lord Jesus Christ, you are on my only love that will not leave me behind. Have me in your great kingdom. Amen.

Thank you Lord for your self-emptying and steadfast love. Thank you for not changing your mind in spite of my weaknesses. May I allow myself to be loved by You and love others as You have loved me. Amen.

Lord for the last 73 years of my life i have been given unconditional love by you. I was aware of it but i have not given back to that love. For the remainder of my life ihope i can make youfeel also the extent of my love.

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