Martha, Mary, and their brother Lazarus
were among our Lord’s closest friends.
Every time Jesus was in the neighborhood,
he made it a point to visit their home in Bethany.

And then one day, Lazarus fell seriously ill.

It was a time when his friends needed him to be around,
but as it turned out–
and as it happens to us even today–
the Lord Jesus just wasn’t there.

At precisely the time his friends needed him the most,
the Lord was absent.




We know that feeling, don’t we?

Try to imagine how Martha and Mary must have felt–
the disappointment that their close friend Jesus
could have saved their brother–
but didn’t or couldn’t
because he was nowhere to be found.

Here’s the Gospel reading
that recounts Jesus’ arrival on the scene.
It’s a short passage,
but read it prayerfully.
Make an effort to put yourself
in the shoes of Martha.
Stand with her
and feel what feels like desperation.

You may want to play this piece of instrumental music
to set the mood and to pace yourself as you read the Gospel passage.
We suggest you reflect in silence
for the rest of the music.




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music from Julian Lloyd Webber, “To A Wild Rose”

image from