Do you recall the last time
you felt that God let you down?




What was the miracle
you were saying your prayers for
and holding your breath for–
the miracle that never happened?

Why did it mean so much for you
to get what you were praying for?

How did you feel
and what you did you think of God
when you realized that
His answer was going to be “No”?

Pause and try to remember.

How did that unanswered prayer
affect your faith?

Did you lose a little bit of your faith
when your prayer wasn’t granted?
Did you grow bitter or perhaps rebellious,
as so many in similar situations
so understandably end up doing.

You may want to get your journal
and write about that time.
If you wish,
you can complete the following statements:

  1. “I remember praying very hard for…  I really needed God to…”
  2. “And then God…”
  3. “And then I…”

You may wish to play some instrumental music
to set the tone as you write in your journal.



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image from axisministries.org

music from Piano Guys, “Jurassic Park Theme