Welcome back to our online Holy Week retreat!

If you haven’t done the Holy Thursday module,
feel free to click HERE.

For Good Friday, we begin with a prayer
that dates back to the fourteenth century.
Because the prayer is so dear to him,
it is often associated with St. Ignatius of Loyola.

The prayer is “Anima Christi”
(or “Soul of Christ”).

“Christ” (Heinrich Hofmann)

More than anything else,
it is a plea to the Lord Jesus
to sanctify us,
to save us,
and to defend us
against all the evil that surrounds us.

It is a most fitting prayer
not only for Good Friday,
but also for this time of the pandemic.

Let us make this song our opening prayer.

This music video pays tribute
to our brave and generous doctors,
nurses, and medical workers.

Make sure to say
a special prayer of blessing
for them and our other unsung heroes.

Proceed whenever you’re ready.


Anima Christi
Composed by MV Francisco
Performed by Bukas Palad Music Ministry