What is remarkable about the passage
is the emotion that the women experienced
as a result of their discovery of the empty tomb:

We are told that the women were so afraid
they said nothing to anyone–
exactly the opposite
of what the angels had requested them to do.

Of course we know
that they eventually overcame their fear
and disclosed their discovery to the other disciples.

Easter is supposed to bring joy,
but isn’t it funny that the initial reaction
of the women was fear?

There is something about us
that is reluctant–if not suspicious–about good news.
It’s almost as if we are more accustomed
to fear and sadness than to joy.
We often end up doing what the women
did after their encounter with the angel:
We flee from good news!

The poet Hafez has written a beautiful line
that is worth thinking and praying about:


It’s hard to believe what the poet is telling us:
that happiness has been pursuing us.
It’s astonishing!

Too often it doesn’t feel that way at all!
Happiness seems all too elusive.

But this brings us to one important truth:
Happiness is a choice,
a decision we have to make,
but too often we fail to make that decision.

Imagine Happiness
running down the streets
in pursuit of you,
as the poet Hafez says.

Why would you be running away
from Happiness?
Could you be pursuing something else
that you are mistaking for Happiness?

Or, is there anything in your life
that is keeping you from dropping
your fear,
your anger,
or your sadness?

What would you lose
if you made the choice today–
right here and right now–
to leave all that behind
and to be happy?

Think about that.
And if you can,
do something about it.

Decide to let Happiness find you.

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