Let us recall what our Lord Jesus has done.

He really died the way he lived.
He spent all of his Public Ministry
with what we would call “the dregs of society”:
the marginalized and the rejects.

Jesus was notorious–and was hated by his enemies–
for his friendships with the tax collectors and prostitutes,
the lepers and the poor.




Jesus spent all his life
tearing down fences
any barrier that divided and separated people.

And that’s also exactly what he accomplished
in his death:
By himself becoming the ultimate outcast,
he eliminated the ultimate separation
between God and humanity.

If nothing else, our Lord Jesus
did all he could all his life
to break down fences and build bridges.




We who are recipients of his redemption
are called to do nothing less in our lives.

Take some time thinking about your life here and now:
Are there fences that need to be broken down?
Could there be bridges that need to be built?




You may wish to play this instrumental music
as you do your reflection.



Can you name one person
for whom you can begin the work of
breaking down fences or building a bridge
this Easter Sunday?

Who is this person?
What baby steps do you plan to take?
We all have to start somewhere.

It’s not easy doing this: It takes courage and humility.
And it sometimes takes that most painstaking of tasks:

Pray that the Lord grant you
a dose of his courage and humility,
manifested so distinctly in his Passion and Death–
most especially his spirit of forgiveness.


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Music from Arnel Aquino SJ (“Hide Not Your Face”)

Image from cnn.com, askgramps.org, trekearth.com