There is a Coldplay song
that seems especially appropriate for Jesus.


maxresdefault (2)
It’s called “Everglow” and it goes:

Oh they say people come
They say people go
This particular diamond was extra special
And though you might be gone
And the world may not know
Still I see you celestial
And I should but I can’t let you go

But when I’m cold, cold
When I’m cold, cold
There’s a light that you give me
When I’m in shadow
There’s a feeling within me,
an everglow

Let this be our prayer
addressed to the Lord Jesus,
the Light of the World.

He is risen and ever near.
Never let go of him.

Let us contemplate on some of the scenes
from the life of Christ
as depicted in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

It begins with a single teardrop falling from heaven:
The teardrop is from the Father,
Who has never abandoned His Son,
Who stood watch over His Son
as we were being redeemed.

And at the foot of Jesus’ cross
was his mother Mary,
ever in pursuit of Jesus,
never giving up
even when she did not understand,
perhaps repeatedly disillusioned,
but never quite disenchanted
and certainly never dismayed.

Let us be there at the scene
of our redemption.



Stay here in prayer
as long as you wish.
until you are ready to move on.

If you wish, you may want to say the following prayer:


Dear Jesus,
Light of the World,
Thank you for your gift of self.
Help me always to know
that you are ever near
even in the darkest, loneliest moments
of my life.

Thanks to your love,
we can never stray too far,
and we can never fall beyond
the embrace of the Father.

Keep us always in your everglow.



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