Jesus in the Upper Room began the painstaking process of mastering himself, transcending his instincts and needs, in order to open his heart to our wretchedness.

He did all that because of his Shepherd’s heart and his strong desire to seek the lost sheep in us.

End your retreat today with the song, “Gather Me.”

It’s a song to Jesus the Good Shepherd, and it’s a prayer asking him to gather the scattered sheep within us–all our different needs and wants that both lead and mislead us.

Listen to the song and make it your prayer to our Lord. You may want to look at the words of the song provided below.

Gather Me from Pins Light on Vimeo.


Gather me; every scattered sheep in me.
I’d rather be waiting here for Your voice.
I’ve seen the life outdoors,
I think it’s time to make a choice.
There’s no other course – only Yours.

Shelter me; every shattered self in me.
Better be waiting here for Your touch.
I’ve been out there in the rain,
I’ve hurt myself far too much.
Come and ease my pain again.

Such a weary world
All its ways gone wild
Save this child from the storm
I’ve been tossed, I’ve been lost, I’ve been broken
All my wounded days
All the bitter tears
I have shed for all these years
But You were there all my life
Gather me, shelter me
Safe in Your arms

So please gather me;
the scattered laughter in me
Only You can make me whole.
Come and ease my battered soul.
Shepherd me –
Come and lead me home to You.

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