Due to numerous requests, we are coming up with a follow-up program to this year’s online Holy Week Retreat. The program is called “SUNDAY FOR SEEKERS: A DEEPER DIVE INTO FAITH.”

SUNDAYS FOR SEEKERS is a virtual gathering space for believers who seek a deeper faith and understanding, and who are willing to ask questions and think out loud in order to appreciate their faith better.

We will regularly post bite-sized ideas—and questions—about our faith that we hope will provoke thought and talk about God, life, and the world.

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“Cast your net into the deep” (Luke 5:4)

12 replies on “SUNDAYS FOR SEEKERS”

My relatives who are senior don’t have Fb nor gmail. How can i copy link and send to their viber?

A friend who is a Buddhist attended the three days retreat last week! He texted me to thank me. I told him i will send more materials on Divine Mercy. He said sige!

The holy week retreat was enlightening, enriching and made my faith more alive. Thank you @pinsoflight.

My family was able to attend the Holy Week Online Retreat . The spiritual renewal is something that I wish to continue .

I attended Fr. Johnny’s triduum on LETTING GOOD, LETTING EVIL and LETTING GOD. Finding these enriching and encouraging, I repeatedly listen to them via GOOGLE/YOUTUBE. Am elderly attempting to be as tech-y as possible. Not active in FB as I don’t know how to manage strangers, scammers, bullying and the like. I will understand if I am not accepted. No harm done. no hard feelings. Kudos to Pins of Light and Fr. Go. His classmate JAKE YAP and his English teacher MRS. ESTAGLE are brethren in Christ in our covenanted community. God bless Everyone.

GREETINGS from New York! Deeply grateful for Holy Week Retreat 2021 and for the Sunday for Seekers follow up. I sincerely hope those without FB accounts like me could still access Sunday for Seekers.

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