As usual, our annual online Holy Week retreat will be conducted from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday. This year, however, since a lot of people use Zoom, we will have a live session from 9:30 am to 11 am Manila time. We will post details on this blog, as well as on the PINS OF LIGHT Facebook Page.

Our Holy Week retreat has an intriguing title: “LETTING GOOD, LETTING EVIL, LETTING GOD.” Find out what it means by joining our online faith community this year.

Let’s all gather virtually in prayer and reflection.

“Letting Good, Letting Evil, Letting God” is the fifteenth (not fourteenth) online Holy Week Retreat of Pins of Light.

You may join the synchronous (live) sessions on Zoom, or you can access the recording and slides here on this website, where we can also hold an ongoing conversation.

Catch up with Day 1 (HOLY THURSDAY) by clicking HERE. Recordings, slides, and videos available.

Catch up with Day 2 (GOOD FRIDAY) by clicking HERE. Recordings, slides, and videos available.

Catch up with Day 3 (HOLY SATURDAY) by clicking HERE. Recordings, slides, and videos available.

21 replies on “Join our “LETTING GOOD, LETTING EVIL, and LETTING GOD” Retreat”

Fr Johnny, the three days have clarified and strengthened my faith that it inspired me to cascade the learnings to my employees. But in Tagalog, so for every day you give, it’s taking me 3 days to explain. Thank you so much!

Thank you Fr Johnny, to you and your team. I experienced The Risen Christ, the Consoler. It was very healing. Hope was restored. Easter this year is truly a new beginning for me. Thanks be to God. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to pause, reflect, and pray, especially, during this time of pandemic.

Fr Johnny, thank you for this wonderful retreat. Each year never fails to give more than the last. I cannot but see the hand of our Lord in your work. Prayers for you. God bless you more.πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

The retreat indeed made me think.
It was mentioned that Faith is more in the moral actions. Again, the question of morality. Most are basing it in the Bible but it was mentioned that we should not be fundamentalistic about it.
I guess what really want to ask is – how should I view my lesbian relationship?
I have prayed for years for a serious relationship and I feel this is my answered prayer.
How do we really view morality in that aspect?

I just have a question on Fr. Johnny’s second day retreat. I realized I am guilty of Relativism, believing that we have our own opinions and as long as what you’re doing makes you a better person and is not at the expense of anyone, then you’re on the right path. Critical thinking, especially with people who’d want to engage in a healthy debate with me, is what I avoid. Because my beliefs start being unclear for me and I could not easily articulate why I believe what I believe in, putting me at a stressful state. My question is, is it okay for me to choose not to engage in healthy debates with persons of different beliefs simply because I think I’m not the best person to defend/share clearly what I believe in?

For this 2021 Pins of Light, what is the song used by Fr Johnny at the end when we have our silent prayer?

Hello, I’d like to get the materials from Day 1 but your Catch up with Day 1 link is not activated. It cannot be clicked. Please have a look. Thanks

Hi Fr Johnny and the Pins of LIght Team, This was such an awesome Holy Thursday retreat. Very timely. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for using the zoom platform and turning it live. Iba pa rin compared to the past years when we had videos and the “do it at your own time” forum. The human connection (albeit virtual) still creates the feeling of community.
As we proceed to Good Friday, one thing that always baffled me about the Triduum is Jesus’ dying and lying in the tomb. For years I have grappled with the question “Why did you have to die?” as I contemplate the scene inside the cold, dark, damp tomb. If you die I (and you did) – what was it all for? The discomfort of that death is a visceral one Was He in fact dead during those days? And where was God while all the disciples quivered in fear?

Thank you for a very meaningful day 1 of Letting Good, Letting Evil, Letting God.
I very much love to ponder on the points for reflection, and would appreciate it if a written text will be posted in this site and in the FB page as well. Thanks.

I could not open the Facebook live link to Day 1 of the Holy Week retreat. Please, where can I find the recording? FYI, “Catch up with Day 1 by clicking HERE” is not a link. I have been attending these retreats since 2008. I would hate to miss it this year. Thanks.

I wish you could also do the old format. I attended Fr. Oliver Dy’s Triduum for Lent. I could not access the live pinsoflight retreat. πŸ™

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