In this episode of SUNDAYS FOR SKEPTICS, Fr. Ernald Andal SJ shares with us his timely reflections on this encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

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11 replies on “JESUS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING (Sundays for Skeptics)”

Very inspiring homily. In the context of the virus outbreak, we hear the phrase everywhere “social distancing”, and yet we have the face of God in today’s gospel who never practice any form social distancing. I pray all those work in health care today who are in front line looking after the sick, risking their very life.

Many thanks Fr. Ernald for this spiritual nourishment for today! May we keep on trusting in God who fulfilled our ‘thirst’ in many forms especially at this uneasy situation everywhere.

Thank you Fr. Ernald for your blessed eye opening and reassuring message. Makes one feel good and more accepting of others… Keep well and spread the love…

thank you, Fr Ernald. This is deep yet simply and chewably put for further and deeper reflection.God bless your
and your ministry.

God bless you profoundly, Fr. Ernald. The power of the Holy Spirit radiates in you through the reflections you shared with us. Happy Sunday ?

Thank you Fr . Ernald for the reflection on “social distancing”. Looking forward to more reflection on Sundays. God bless your ministry.

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