WALK ON THEIR SEA OF GREEN (Mark 4:35-41): 21 June 2009 (Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

WALK ON THEIR SEA OF GREEN (Mark 4:35-41):  21 June 2009 (Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Today’s Readings

Dearest Lord Jesus,

“Do you not care that we are perishing?”  Those words from your disciples as you lay sleeping in a storm-tossed boat that dark night make me think of the brewing turmoil in Iran.  

That night, Lord, you stirred from your sleep.   You rose and faced both wind and sea, and in a voice that summoned obedience, you commanded both to be quiet, to be still.  And there was calm.

Lord, as I pray this moment, there has been a sea in turmoil in Iran.  You know the story:  The recent presidential election, the declaration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,the declaration of the incumbent president’s victory, and the last six days of protests.  Protests have been unfurling in the streets, and the movement has been called a sea of green, the color of opposition candidate, Hossein Mousavi.  Their sea is far from calm.

On the evening of June 19, after their Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah, declared the election a definitive victory of the incumbent president, shouts of “Allah-o Akbar” rose from the rooftops of Tehran.  The desperation is heartbreaking, but the people’s brave protests, now on its seventh day, despite the violent crackdown, continue.

Lord, hear their cry.  Stir from your sleep.  Rise and face their storm. Lord, walk on their sea of green!  Walk with the people in green.   Protect them, give them courage as they fight for justice.  Out of your great love, bring peace, bring justice to the people of Iran.  Amen.

How about a Quick Prayer?  Let us pray for the people of Iran and join our voices to theirs as they shout to God for mercy and help.

Note:  This heartbreaking video clip is a poem about the shouts from the rooftop of Iran.

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