And now we begin our reflections
on Holy Saturday
in preparation for Easter.

Read this short passage
on Jesus’ rushed burial.
It features Joseph of Arimathea.
There is much that Scripture does not say,
an abundance of meaning hidden in its silences…
Imagine yourself in Joseph of Arimathea’s shoes,
allowing whatever feelings or questions to surface.

Play the instrumental music to pace yourself.

empty tomb.134 empty tomb.135

We don’t always ask this question, but
what do you think did Joseph of Arimathea feel
during this whole incident?

Surely, he was saddened and shaken
by the fate of his beloved teacher and friend.
He was shaken enough to do something
we can only imagine as daring:
To run the risk of being exposed
as Jesus’ disciple when it wasn’t safe to do so–
in order to provide a decent burial
to his friend and master.

Jesus’ death gave Joseph the courage
to ask Pilate for Jesus’ body.
It also summoned all the love and generosity
within him to offer his friend his own grave.

Joseph of Arimathea is an example of a disciple
who was emboldened by the death of Jesus,
an early proof that Jesus’ death is powerfully transformative.

How would you like your reflections this Holy Week
about the death of our Lord
to transform you as His disciple?
What virtues do you hope to receive as a result?
Say a short prayer for this transformation?

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